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  1. Makes me want to grind for Diamond rank! Great work once again developers, we worship you.
  2. I've already been missing your presence! Please do stop by in discord, we all love Slim. 😞
  3. Great job development team. You're all doing great work here. 😄
  4. Ragdoll/ Ragdoll Siamese mix, if I remember correctly. The one on the left is very large, and the one on the right is extremely small. It's funny to see them play or sleep near each other because of the size difference.
  5. Welcome to the party! Hope you have a great time. 😄 These are my cats:
  6. Welcome officially! Hope you've been having a great time so far. 😄
  7. Been working on those moves for years, thanks for the neat showcase!
  8. I'd love to see most of these implemented, but #2 and #6 would be a little bit tricky. By that, I mean client work would need to be done for probably both, which unfortunately isn't likely to happen given that we use a very specific client to allow us to play this revision.
  9. Yes. After reading the comments in the last post, there were many fair arguments that emphasized support and reasoning for having gambling. Even though I have my own views that might've been conflicting with some of these ideas, I shouldn't prevent people from doing something they really want to partake in; especially if it's completely fair to each player, and managed well.
  10. I appreciate the support. Thanks everyone for the kind words. 😄
  11. For transparency's sake, I do have the ports perk. I understand where you're coming from. In my experience while playing on the Legendary game mode, the progression towards earning the ports armors is pretty well paced. If I were on any other game mode though, I would also think it wouldn't be worth my time necessarily. With that being said, I currently do not have any of these armors yet, so I haven't been able to evaluate if their stats are appealing to me. Even so, I've only been doing ports for perhaps a week+ and have made considerable progress. (Just grabbed my third boat) This was a bit of a mixed message, but I'm not sure if speeding up this process of earning high tier gear would be a good thing. Just to me personally, it's felt fast enough to tolerate.
  12. I think the highscores work fairly well at the moment. Even though there are people with "bloated" exp values being high ranked; there isn't anything wrong with that to me, personally. I would suggest adding another "button" or tab like each one of the skills; that ranks with total level, and then if two players have the same total level, total exp will rank one above the other. This will give the best of both worlds to anyone that wants to see who is getting close to max, and also still be useful in the future.
  13. Appreciate the guide! I'll use some of it's knowledge to help myself with leveling for sure. The only things I wanted to throw out there, are that some of these item prices are slightly off. Additionally it was difficult to follow which charms were used for which pouches, since all the text is the same color. 😄
  14. In-Game Name: Arachnid Timezone: GMT/UTC -5h Why do you want to be Support?: I didn't think I'd ever be able to get into another private server again. I still don't really know why but I really enjoy playing this server with everyone. I will very likely continue playing for a very long time, given my past experiences with private servers. If I can help people while I'm playing, everyone comes out happy. What experience do you have?: I haven't played a wide range of private servers, but rather just 2 specifically where I invested close to 2,000 hours collectively. Around 1,500 hours of my playtime I spent as a staff member. I never applied for support (this server was basically the same revision) but was assigned it when they needed someone on the team. I was eventually promoted to moderator and served out my time until that server was closed, then relaunched. Upon that relaunch, I was assigned as administrator. Much sooner than I expected, that server closed due to insufficient funding. Chance, Sanders and Jordan should remember my time as a support and/or moderator. I've dealt with all kinds of people, situations, and problems. There was a point at which I reworked all T70+ armors just because ganodermic armor played too big a role, casting a shadow over the Ports armors. This was what I created with a little help from another staff member: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iX4S3Vqy_tiWGgcyYI66dTa6zG7MrUmDL8B5NI3b-68/edit?usp=sharing How much free time do you have?: I currently only have classes in college on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I currently use the majority of my free time playing the server, with all my other free time being spent with friends or at the park. I've accumulated 225 hours of play time over the course of 4-5 weeks as of writing this. Other notes: I REALLY hated writing this, just reading it back to myself makes me seem so conceited. I'll just look at myself as a jaded ex-cop. Send me a message if you have questions about anything mentioned above.
  15. Ataraxia has a unique way of acquiring skilling outfits and certain specialized tools that either give % boosts to EXP gained or can offer up new routes of training. This guide I will try to make as straightforward and accurate as possible. Please don't hesitate to comment any corrections below. First thing, make sure you have Random Skilling Events enabled. The NPCs that randomly show up are the ones that will be rewarding you with skilling items and outfits. Most Skilling Outfit pieces can be obtained after 1,000 actions. Please note that the random NPCs will not always appear after exactly 1,000 actions. The first one that does appear after 1,000 actions will reward you with the item. Additionally, if your inventory is full at the time of being rewarded, your item will be sent into your bank. Some others have extra pieces or compensate for how long they take to acquire. If there are no additional notes after how many pieces are listed, those pieces are obtained every 1,000 actions. Edit: "Add-on" pieces that modify headgear for Crafting, Herblore, Divination, Farming, Prayer, and Cooking are all rewarded after 25,000 actions! Smithing receives it's add-on piece after 10,000 actions. Summoning receives it's add-on piece after 5,000 actions. Outfits included are: Mining / Golden Mining Outfit = 5 pieces Smithing / Blacksmith's Outfit = 5 pieces Fishing / Fishing Outfit = 4 pieces Cooking / Sous Chef Outfit+Cooking Gauntlets = 6 pieces *Gauntlets at 500 cooked food* Firemaking / Ring of fire+Flame Gloves+Inferno Adze = 3 pieces Woodcutting / Lumberjack Outfit = 4 pieces Farming / Magic Secateurs+Farmer's Outfit = 6 pieces *Secateurs at 500 produce* Summoning / Shaman Outfit = 5 pieces at *500; 1000; 1500; 2000; 2500 pouches* Agility / Nimble Outfit = 5 pieces at *50; 150; 250; 400; 500 laps* Herblore / Botanist's Outfit = 5 pieces Thieving / Black Ibis Outfit = 4 pieces Crafting / Artisan's Outfit = 5 pieces Fletching / Fletcher's Outfit = 5 pieces Divination / Diviner's Outfit = 5 pieces Prayer / First Age Outfit = 5 pieces *Only burying or offering at altar* Runecrafting / Master Runecrafter's Outfit = 4 pieces+13 Staves *Crafting runes with essence* -Note that Staves are received after crafting 2500 of each rune type, minus Souls. After your 12th staff has been obtained, you will automatically be rewarded with the Omni-talisman staff.