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  1. "Speak to Gaius in (Taverly/Burthorpe)" Forgot which of these it actually says but it was reported that this didn't work. Either the NPC isn't there or it doesn't progress the clue step; though likely the former.
  2. Welcome back to the server! Hope you have a great time while you're here, even if it's just through discord or forums. 😄
  3. Doors at The Grand Tree need to be able to be opened in order to access an NPC inside. (Sorry forgot exact clue step)
  4. I will ascend by consuming all feathers. It is my destiny. 40k each via GE otherwise we can work something out in PMs.
  5. Melee spelled wrong, guide ruined. May as well throw in the towel. 😉
  6. Arachnid

    Hello :P

    Seen you around on the forums and online. Welcome officially; hope you've been having fun so far!
  7. Arachnid

    Hey, Im Jax!

    Welcome to the little party we got going on! Glad we could have you. 😄
  8. Abyssal whips can be obatined by newer players for "free" via our achievement system; by completing 25 slayer tasks in total. I made a suggestion about this via our ;;suggest command to lower it to 10 tasks. One thing that would also help would be allowing these newer players to find out that our achievement system even exists. Our ;;help command doesn't really enough information, and can be revised for more crucial info. Chime system once again, newer players aren't aware of it because there really isn't anything that points it out other than players in the friends chat. We need an information source for these things that make up a big part of the server. The clue system is slowing getting ironed out, but I would suggest lowering the bracket range of clue steps based on the difficulty of the clues. No one wants to go through over 10 steps for any single clue just to get an awful reward. An alternative could be revising some of the rewards given by clue scrolls so that the junk rewards are actually somewhat useful. I haven't hosted a trivia event yet, but I had participated in one early on after the re-release. The questions were all over the place and anyone could win any amount of times in a row or within a subject field. I really didn't enjoy it as much as I could've because of the speed demons with 200 IQ. (Lmao) I think in the future, there should still be some questions about the server and more generalized question that you've suggested. Also, I would like to see the possibility of a limit of 1 win per subject area with many questions within it so that everyone can and will win. This allows the slow pokes or not so wise to have the ability to actually win. Thanks for reading you big nerd!
  9. I know that name..! Welcome to the party. 😄
  10. Love this. Well thought out and in-depth; shows you really care about making this a thing. I always wanted an alternative option than simply thieving or making potions endlessly as a source of money while skilling. I support it!!! 😄
  11. There was a recent update that changed the way clue scrolls work. Any clue scroll you had before the 13th of January cannot be completed anymore. Just drop all clue scrolls you have banked to start obtaining new working clue scrolls. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. "Search the drawers in a house in Draynor Village." The drawers in question cannot be opened so that you can search inside them.
  13. Elemental shield is unobtainable, resulting in the clue step it's needed for impossible to complete.
  14. This has already been looked into and taken care of. If the solution that we've found still produces these results we'll try something different again ASAP; I know the pains of the loadout right now.