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  1. thank you How are we even supposed to compete?
  2. *Not sure if this is right section....* Ironman Banks Hey guys, I thought it would be a fun idea to start a thread of Ironman showing their banks off. I always like to see what other people have because it gives me the motivation to work more. I hope people find this cool, and post theirs below. I'll start with mine. 😉 (even though it's not that impressive) Main Tab Skilling Tab Loot Tab (not good) Food, Pots, Herb, Farming Tab... Skilling Outfits and Such Tab 2nd Bank Hope you find this enjoyable, Nemo
  3. Nemo

    Ironman Diary Video

    Thank you! @Moo @Nemesis It was late when I was recording, but I will turn it up 🙂 @Nemesis In the process of making a second!
  4. Nemo

    Ironman Diary Video

    First Video 🙂 Hope to get better...
  5. Nemo's Ironman Diary Hey guys, my name is Nemo and I recently re-joined the server. I used to play Ataraxia but stopped for some reason (not sure why). When I came back, I could not remember any of the details of my account, so I made Nemo, the Ironman. On this thread, I will be posting my goals and achievements, and I will update my progress as I continue to play. I hope you find some of it interesting, and if you have any questions pm me in game. Sincerely, Nemo