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  1. I like the idea of weekly events, when you publish actual times 1-4 Am server time is great for me. Soul wars, trivia night, drop competitions. (First person to obtain ____ wins) -or- (person who obtains the most____ within X time frame wins) and boss masses are things i would look forward to.
  2. The Legio bosses are a horrendous grind. I would rather not AFK content for hours on end, just to acquire a necessary piece of equipment for the more engaging PvM areas. I should think I am not alone in that sentiment. Why not make them much tougher, and buff the drop rate? Or make them vanilla? One key per entry, one kill per key? The click and wait nature of them currently is dull and uneventful. The ascension crossbow is one of the best weapons of the game, and considering its rivals, the drygore set, and singularity from Vorago; are engaging and fun multi-person bosses, it only makes sense to make Legiones a bit more challenging. I am nearly 500 kc on Sextus, and still haven't seen a Signet.
  3. Cheers to a grandiose Ataraxia!!
  4. That is a great idea. Legio are very easily camped, but rather dull imo. Hydrix bolt tips would liven up the drops.
  5. I've seen a lot of millitary-esque rule enforcement teams on RSPS and it is always some authoritative power trip that ruins the community. I don't see that on here. It seems like staff takes things up privately, because I never see any publicly announced issues. While order is certainly necessary, its nice to see it upheld respectfully. If someone is getting a little too irate, a simple "Don't be a dick" is usually all it takes anyway, right? We're all mostly adults here, right? Super stoked for the reboot! You have a good crew keeping this place going smoothly.
  6. I think cut Onyxs and Hydrixs should yield more than 15 tips. I think it should be much much higher, like 500-600 each. Ascendrii bolts are already coded into the game, why not make their creation and usage viable? If an onyx is selling for 40m each, why on earth would anyone make 40m into 500gp via onyx bolt tips? Same thing goes for the hydrix gem. Not only would this make crafting and fletching more useful, it would also drive up the demand for the gems, and provide a solid income for people who get them to the market. Eventually you could remove onyx bolt tips from the G.E inst buy.