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  1. Welcome to Khitarra's Ataraxia Starter Guide (In Progress) I will attempt to provide an all-included guide to getting started on Ataraxia for all game-modes and play styles. Below you will find detailed guides and explanations for every skill, important locations and a list of items purchasable on the Grand Exchange that are provided by the server. Starting Out When you log in you'll be greeted by the town crier. Speak to him to get started on Ataraxia! Your first step is to choose your game mode: These are the game modes of Ataraxia. They are included as an attempt to fit every player's individual needs. Novice mode is for those who don't care to spend hours on end training, and want to get right into the good stuff. Expert mode is for those who like a challenge, don't mind spending some time training and want a sweet 10% drop rate boost for their efforts. Legendary mode is not for the feint of heart! The XP rate is grueling and you will earn every point of XP, but your reward is grand. 20% drop rate boost and an emblem signifying your dedication to GAINS. Iron-man mode is as difficult as Legendary mode, with the added restrictions of no trading and limited shop availability. Choose this mode if you want to be entirely self sufficient and enjoy doing everything on your own. Hardcore Iron-man mode is similar to Iron-Man mode except if you die you will be stripped of your Hardcore status. Once you've chosen your game mode you'll be ported to the Ataraxia home area. This will be your hub for resting from all your adventures out in the world! Since it's not possible to obtain a World Map image of Ataraxia's home area, I will compile a list of NPCs/activities and their functions below: I will group them by sections, moving clockwise around the home area assuming you're facing north. Main Entrance: PoH Portal: Used to visit your own house or a friends house. For use with the Construction skill. Also includes the Construction shop for materials you'll need to begin training. PoP Portal: Used to engage in activities regarding Player Owned Ports. (Not sure if in working order yet) Estate Agent: Speak to him to purchase, move or redecorate a Player Owned House. Scoreboard: Used to view the high scores for Votes, Donations, Dominion Tower and PvP. Nastrath: Speak to him to trade in Ancient Artifacts, Change your game mode, reset your combat stats or view the Pk Points Shop. Central Hub: Grand Exchange Clerk: Speak to these NPCs to access the Grand Exchange and purchase starter items from the server or engage in trade with other places via buying/selling gear and supplies. Mysterious Cape Stand: Used to check Max/Comp Cape requirements and obtain your Max, Comp. and Trimmed Comp. capes. Elf Hermit: Speak to her to travel to Priffdinas. (Requires a total level of 2,250 or higher) Solomon: Speak to him to view the webstore and make purchases. Wise Old Man: Speak to him to view the Trivia Points shop and purchase skillcapes. Xuan: Speak to him to access the Aura shops which use Loyalty Points as the currency. Every 30 minutes of gametime you receive 10 Loyalty Points, increasing by 1 extra point for each half hour you remain online. (10 points for 30 minutes, 11 points for an hour, 12 points for an hour and a half, etc) Lowe: Speak to him to access the Ranged shop. Horvik: Speak him to access the Melee shop. Kuradel: Speak to her to access all things Slayer. Death's Portal: Enter Death's Portal to speak to Death and obtain special Slayer tasks. Altar: Used to restore Prayer points and train Prayer by using Bones/Ashes on it. Father Aereck: Speak to him to purchase a Grave Stone. (Not sure if its even needed) (Behind Father Aereck) Chef: Speak to him to start the Recipe for Disaster Miniquest which rewards tiered Culinaromancer Gloves. Culinaromancer Chest: Used to purchase rewards from completing the Recipe for Disaster Miniquest. Crystal Chest: Use Crystal Keys here to get random loot. Upstairs(Starting East): Furnace and Anvil: Used for training Smithing/Crafting. Zaff: Speak to him to acess the Magic shop. Bob: Speak to him to access the Tools shop. (Skilling Tools) Wydin: Speak to him to access the Consumables shop (Food and Potions) Aubrey: Speak to him for the same shop as Zaff, or to teleport to the Essence Mine. Shop Keeper: Speak to him to access the General shop (buy teleports, sell your Thieving supplies) Diango: Speak to him to access the Rare Item shop. Party Pete: Speak to him to access the Vote Point shop. Fancy Dress Shop Owner: Speak to him to access the Fancy Cosmectics shop. Scavvo: Speak to him to access the Pure Equipment shop. Telescope: Used to pinpoint the time until and location of the next Shooting Star landing. Thieving Stalls: Used to train the Thieving skill and obtain gold/items. Unique Features of Ataraxia Ataraxia has a number of unique features. Let's start with the Account Manager which can be found at the top of your Control Panel in the Quest Journal. I suggest going through each of these options just to familiarize yourself with what you can do. Next I'll list some other notable features of Ataraxia: XP Well Ataraxia contains a well of good fortune which, when filled with coins, provides an XP bonus of 1.5x for 2 hours and will become active once 100m is deposited. Vote Points / Vote Party Voting grants you points which are used to purchase items from the Vote Point shop run by Party Pete. Also, every 100 votes that are submitted for the server there is a 'vote party' where every player online is granted a Book of Knowledge. Players are granted an additional book for each subsequent 100 vote milestone. (1 book at 100, 2 books at 200, etc) The Book of Knowledge gives you the option of choosing money, XP, or a combination of both. Ataraxia Coins Ataraxia coins can be used in the ;;cosmetics shop. They are obtained from reaching Play Time milestones or donating to the server. Loyalty Points Every 30 minutes of gametime you receive 10 Loyalty Points, increasing by 1 extra point for each half hour you remain online. (10 points for 30 minutes, 11 points for an hour, 12 points for an hour and a half, etc) These points can be used in Xuan's shop to purchase Auras. Note: Only Normal and Greater Auras are available to non-donors. Trivia Points Trivia points are granted by correctly answering the Trivia questions that pop up periodically in the chat. They come every 3-6 minutes and up to 7 players can answer before the round is over. The reward is greatest for whoever answers first, and becomes smaller as more players submit an answer. These points can be used at the Wise Old Man to purchase some nifty trinkets. Daily Tasks Daily tasks can be completed for rewards twice every 24 hours. (Need info on the rewards) Recommended First Steps In order to proceed with your journey, you're going to need some coin. The best money for a new player in Ataraxia regardless of game mode is undoubtedly Thieving. I recommend that you use ;;empty for everything from the first 2 stalls (Crafting/Food) unless you want to keep some of the food for leveling. Bank all of your items from the General stall as they will help with crafting XP later on. Periodically while thieving a random event will appear in the form of a Rogue. Speak to him and he will give you various amounts of cash. To my knowledge, after every 1000 actions there is a chance the Rogue will give you a piece of the Thieving skilling outfit. Now that you've got some money in your pocket, depending on what your goals are you can do a few things: Buy starting gear for combat (Melee, Range, Mage) and head to Rock Crabs to start training. Getting to 50-60 in Combat stats then starting Slayer is a great way to go. Proceed to train other non-combat skills. Keep thieving! 99 Thieving will net you some great gains and there's always a chance of getting the skilling pet! From here you are pretty set up to proceed with the next steps of progression. Skills Below will be a detailed list of locations for training specific skills and information about their corresponding Teleports. Combat Combat can be trained in a number of ways. The best way, however, is to get a decent level in your preferred combat style and begin training Slayer. To begin training your combat stats, grab your gear and find the Training option on your Control Panel located in the Quest Journal. There is a nice list of places to train, but I would avoid the other areas until you are trained up with some decent gear as Rock Crabs/Yaks are the only things easy to kill early on. Agility Agility is a fairly straightforward skill to train. All you have to do is Teleport via the Control Panel which is found in your Quest Journal and complete the obstacle courses! Note: 77 is the Requirement for the Hefin Agility course in Priffdinas. If you do not have the required total level, you will have to remain at the Wilderness course or the Agility Pyramid until 99. Construction Construction allows you to spice up your Player Owned House by building things. You can find a thorough guide to training Construction here. (Click the word 'here'.) Thanks to @Clumsy for the guide! Fishing & Cooking Fishing and Cooking work well together as you can cook the fish you reel in. To begin Fishing & Cooking, find Bob and purchase your tools. I suggest a Small fishing net, a Fly Fishing Rod, a Lobster Pot, a Harpoon, and around 100-500 feathers depending on game-mode. Proceed to the Control Panel located in your Quest Journal and click Skilling > Fishing Guild. Don't forget to add your tools to the toolbelt. (The unmarked spots are duplicates and are farther from the bank, so pointless to use them.) 1-30: Shrimps & Anchovies 30-45: Salmon & Trout 45-65: Lobsters 65-80(99): Monkfish 80-99: Sharks Depending on the speed at which you catch Sharks, Monkfish might be faster to 99. It's up to you in the end, though. Sharks are more valuable. Just west of the fishing spot is the bank, and once you've banked all your raw fish you can cook them at home right in the center on the fire. Crafting Crafting will allow you to make jewelry, armor out of hides, and is required for repairing/crafting some high end equipment. You can find a thorough guide to training Crafting here. (Click the word 'here'.) Thanks to @Clumsy for the guide! Divination @Clumsy also has a sweet Divination guide! Click here to check it out. Dungeoneering Dungeoneering grants you access to some great rewards and is also pretty good for training other skills. To begin training, proceed to your Control Panel via the Quest Journal and click Minigames > Dungeoneering. Once here, run north and speak to the Dungeoneering Tutor, he will give you a ring required to enter the dungeons. To enter a dungeon you can form a party by clicking the ring and choosing your settings, or just clicking the dungeon entrance and set it all up from there. If you click Form Party in the ring's settings, you'll see this: To begin you must select a floor and a complexity level. For the sake of training quickly, the most common method is to: Rush to floor 43 on Complexity 1. Afterwards, set the Complexity to 6 and continue. Make sure to bind the best equipment you can use inside a dungeon before going to Complexity 6, because you will start with no gear at this Complexity level. It's your choice of dungeon size, however each has its pro's and con's. Smalls are faster but less xp, mediums are ok duration and ok xp, larges take the longest and grant the most xp. Another tip for efficient Dungeoneering is to have 67 Magic and 59 Runecrafting. This will allow you to craft Laws/Cosmics and Gatestones for easier navigation of the dungeon. Dungeoneering Rewards(Significant): Farming Farming allows you to grow herbs for potions that are a must have for any medium-high level PvM! @Clumsy has provided a nice Farming guide here. Firemaking Firemaking is a simple skill to train. Burn those LOGS! Firemaking provides a buff to HP when adding Logs to a Bonfire. To begin training, gather logs via Woodcutting and add them to the fire at the home area in the center. 1-15: Logs 15-30: Oak Logs 30-45: Willow Logs 45-60: Maple Logs 60-75: Yew Logs 75-90(99): Magic Logs 90-99: Elder Logs Fletching Fletching allows you to craft bows, arrows and bolts for use in training ranged. It also allows the creation of gemmed bolt tips for crafting bolts that can be enchanted with special effects. The tools you will need for fletching are a knife and a chisel (for cutting cut gems into bolt tips). They can be bought from Bob. To begin training, gather logs via Woodcutting. 1-5: [Normal Logs] Arrow Shafts 5-10 [Normal Logs] Shortbows 10-20: [Normal Logs] Shieldbows 20-25: [Oak Logs] Shortbows 25-35: [Oak Logs] Shieldbows 35-40: [Willow Logs] Shortbows 40-50: [Willow Logs] Shieldbows 50-55: [Maple Logs] Shortbows 55-65: [Maple Logs] Shieldbows 65-70: [Yew Logs] Shortbows 70-80:[Yew Logs] Shieldbows 80-85: [Magic Logs] Shortbows 85-95(99): [Magic Logs] Shieldbows 95-99: [Elder Logs] Shieldbows Herblore Herblore is perhaps one of the most important skills in the game if you don't want to blow your entire cash stack on potions! To begin training you're gonna need Vials of Water.. lots and lots of Vials of Water. Next you're gonna need Herbs to put in them. There are 3 methods of gathering these herbs: Buy them from players, Plant and harvest them yourself, or kill monsters that drop a lot of herbs. Assuming you know how to use the G.E., and that you've taken a gander at @Clumsy's Farming guide, I'll go ahead and list monsters that drop a good amount of herbs. Chaos Druids[CB 32]: Located at Control Panel > Training > Slayer Locations > Taverly Dungeon Moss Giants[CB 51]: Located at Control Panel > Training > Slayer Locations > Brimhaven Dungeon Cave Crawlers[CB 53, 74, 78]: Located at Control Panel > Training > Slayer Locations > Fremminik Slayer Dungeon (Req. 10 Slayer) Black Demons[CB 98]: Located at Control Panel > Training > Slayer Locations > Taverly Dungeon Aberrant Specters[CB 72]: Located at Control Panel > Training > Slayer Locations > Slayer Tower (Req. 60 Slayer, second floor East side) Lastly, once you have Herbs and Vials, you will need your secondary ingredients. They can be purchased on the G.E. for +%5 over Guide Price. Notable Potion Combinations: 3-12: Eye of Newt + Guam (Attack Potion) 12-26: Limpwurt Root + Tarromin (Strength Potion) 26-38: Chocolate Dust + Harralander (Energy Potion) 38-45+: Snape Grass + Ranarr Weed (Prayer Potion) 45-55: Eye of Newt + Irit (Super Attack Potion) 55-63: Limpwurt Root + Kwuarm (Super Strength Potion) 66: White Berries + Cadantine (Super Defence Potion) 63-72: Red Spiders' Eggs + Snapdragon (Super Restore Potion) 72-81: Wine of Zamorak + Dwarf Weed (Super Ranging Potion) 76: Potato Cactus + Lantadyme (Super Magic Potion) 81-88: Crushed Birds Nest + Toadflax (Saradomin Brew) 88-99: Super Attack(3) + Avantoe (Extreme Attack Potion) 89: Super Strength(3) + Dwarf Weed (Extreme Strength Potion) 90: Super Defence(3) + Lantadyme (Extreme Defence Potion) 91: Super Magic Potion(3) + Ground Mud Runes (Extreme Magic Potion) 92: Super Ranging Potion(3) + 5 Grenwall Spikes (Extreme Ranging Potion) 96: Extreme Att+Str+Def+Range+Magic Potion(3) + Torstol (Overload Potion) Note: Each of these potions can be used on a Potion Flask to create 6 dose potions. Hunter Hunter is the art of tracking and trapping wildlife so as to benefit from the materials they provide. In order to begin training hunter visit Bob and purchase 5 Bird Snares and 5 Box Traps, then teleport to Taverly via the Lodestone Network. Begin by setting up a Bird Snare near one of the Crimson Swifts and wait for it to get caught in your trap. If you are unsuccessful, you'll have to dismantle the trap and set it up again. You can reach important Hunter teleports at Control Panel > Skilling > Hunter As you level up Hunter you will be able to set more traps. 1-20[Taverly]: Crimson Swifts 20-27[Feldip Hills]: Tropical Wagtails 27-46[Tree Gnome Stronghold Hunter Area]: Cobalt Skillchompas 46-68[Port Phasmatys Hunter Area]: Veridian Skillchompas 68-77[Rellaka Hunter Area]: Azure Skillchompas 77-89[Isafdar]: Pawyas + Grenwalls (Unsure if bait is required, Papayas are on the GE) 89-99[Desert Quarry Hunter Area]: Crimson Skillchompas Mining Mining will allow you to gather ores to train Smithing and even mine gold and gems for Crafting! To get started visit Bob and purchase an Iron Pickaxe and a Rune Pickaxe. (If you're on a harder game mode, Nurmof in the Falador Mine sells mid-tier pickaxes) After obtaining your pickaxes, head to Control Panel > Skilling > Mining teleports > Al Kharid Mine You're going to spend most of your time here as the devs have placed a Deposit Box right next to the ores you'll be mining. 1-30: Tin/Copper Ore 30-55: Iron Ore or Pure Essence ( Home > Aubrey > Teleport) Note: Pure Essence does not count towards ores mined for skilling outfit progress 55-77: Sandstone (Lodestone > Bandit Camp > Southwest) 77-85: Granite (see above image) or Concentrated Coal deposits 85-89(99): Granite/Concentrated Gold Ore Deposits located at LRC 89-99: Corrupted Ore in Prif (2250 Total Required) Concentrated ore deposits are located at Control Panel > Skilling > Mining teleports > Living Rock Caverns The monsters here are aggressive, so be careful. In order to mine here with no trouble, acquiring the full mining skilling outfit will make the monsters here passive. (Achieved by mining 4000 ores, 1000 for each piece) (In Progress)