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  1. Introduction Alright guys. It's me. Back with a more detailed and very in-depth description of this event, with all the numbers worked out and everything. My Google Docs link will be included at the bottom so you can see the up-to-date changes I may continue to make after posting this thread. This is just to get this idea out in the open and receive some all around feedback from the community about this idea, to see if there's any potential flaws I could tweak, or any additions/removals that may need to be done. So I guess without further ado, here it is! What is Skilling Hour? Skilling Hour is an event that would take place 4 times a day, every 6 hours, allowing players to skill for a 15 minute session in a new area, providing them with a SLIGHT xp boost, less than that of ;;mz, to gain points based on the amount of skilling actions you perform in this 15 minute period. These points can be used to buy items out of the shop, including custom XP Lamps, Protean Packs, Small/Large Rune Pouches, and more! There are some higher priced items that will be well worth the time you'll spend participating in these events that you'll see as you read later down in this thread! This event was thought of in the hopes of bringing some of the community together for something other than a Boss Mass or LMS, or anything combat related really. This would be the first Skilling-Based community event in Ataraxia, and I would love to be a part of helping it come together and be implemented! Not only would players be able to grind for 15 minutes with some extra xp gain, but they would be rewarded for it. How does it work? Well each skill, because of the different rates at which you can perform actions, has a specific "rate" of which you acquire points. For example: Crafting can yield you roughly 1100-1150 actions in a 15 minute session, which would be granting you 10 Points per 45 Actions. While Fletching, only able to grant you roughly 300-350 actions in a 15 minute session, would grant you 10 Points per 13 Actions. Each skill was given a rate to make it to where, if you work at near max efficiency, you should be able to yield a point total between 200-300 Points per event. More realistically, 225-275. Each event would be a random skill out of the pool of available skills for the event. During that event, only actions for that skill would be counted and points awarded for. 60 Seconds prior to each event, there would be an announcement saying which skill had been chosen, that way all players planning to participate would have some time to get some necessary supplies if they weren't already in the bank. Once the announcement had been made, players would be able to use a command similar to ;;lms, that would teleport them to a waiting room with a 2-3 minute timer, allowing players to finish what they're doing, JUST like LMS. Once this "Waiting room" timer was up, all players in the waiting room would be teleported to the Event Zone, which would have all the skilling necessities you would need. Bank Booths, Trees, Fires, etc. No matter what skill is chosen, you would be able to do it in this zone. There would be a separate zone for fishing, also with a Bank booth added. Media will be showcased later in the thread. As soon as players are teleported from the waiting room to the Event Zone, the 15 minute session begins. Players will essentially "race" to see who can get the most points in a 15 minute period of time, for a bonus KotS-Like reward from a prize pool of a few items, along with a bonus 50 Points. The winner of this award would be recognized with a World Announcement, similar to if someone got a Pet Drop, or anything else. This incorporates a bit of competition into the event, rather than just a "I'm gonna grind solo and take my time" mentality. Also, the more efficient you are, the more points you earn, which makes getting shop rewards faster, which makes you happier. The items in the KotS-like reward pool currently are as follows: Medium Protean pack Various # of Random Portables (1-3) Small Amounts of Cash (20-30m per event) Viswax (15-20 per event) Chimes (100-250 per event) Mystery Box SoF x2 Ticket 250k XP Lamp (Tier 1 of event lamps)** Skilling Cache (Rarest KotS-Like Reward*** **This could be a 250k XP Lamp for the skill showcased in the event won by the player, rather than being a 250k XP Lamp for any skill, so the reward is more based around what the player did that event. Ex. If Kusiaka had the most points in the Fletching Event, and he won the 250k Lamp as a bonus reward, he would receive a 250k Fletching XP Lamp. ***Skilling Cache would include: -50x Uncut Red Topaz - Diamond -25x Uncut Dragonstone -1-3x Herb Boxes -100x Ores Adamant / Rune -250x Coal -50x Logs Yew / Magic Some skills, such as Herblore, would have a specific action that is the ONLY action that would count for points. For example, given Herblore, making actual potions would be able to give points, while afk-grinding mud runes would not, as it would absolutely and entirely skew the whole system. These points would be bound to your account and displayed in the Task Tab, similar to how Loyalty/Trivia/Vote Points are now. They would be spendable at a new NPC that would be located at home, slightly north of the ;;home teleport location, most likely on the other side of the Leaderboard, opposite Nastroth. What's the shop look like, Craftwork?? Glad you asked! The way the rates are set up at the moment, a player should be able to earn roughly 250 points per event. Shop prices are obviously just a rough idea of what they would be/how long it should take to obtain these items. So here's a list of the items I currently have and their respective prices. Keep in mind these can always be changed if a good majority may deem it "ridiculous" per se. Item Price (in points) Events Needed 250k XP Lamp -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event 500k XP Lamp -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events 1m XP Lamp -------------------- 750 Points -------------------- 3 Events Mystery Box -------------------- 200 Points -------------------- 1 Event SoF x2 Spin Ticket -------------------- 200 Points -------------------- 1 Event Viswax ----------------- 10 Points/1 Wax -------------------- 1 Event for Divine Loc Reset Small Protean Pack -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Medium Protean Pack -------------------- 750 Points -------------------- 3 Events Large Protean Pack -------------------- 1000 Points -------------------- 4 Events Small Rune Pouch -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Large Rune Pouch -------------------- 1000 Points -------------------- 4 Events Divine Herb III -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Rune Rock -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Magic Tree -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Box Trap -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Sumilicrum II -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Rocktail Bubble -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Hard Clue Scroll -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Elite Clue Scroll -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Supply Cache -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Crystal Pickaxe -------------------- 2500 Points -------------------- 10 Events Crystal Hatchet -------------------- 2500 Points -------------------- 10 Events Herbivore Perk -------------------- 10000 Points -------------------- 40 Events Divine Doubler Perk -------------------- 10000 Points -------------------- 40 Events Again, this is just a rough sketch of what the shop would look like. The 2 perks are based off the amount of time it would take to get them via Voting, which would be 10 days of on-point voting on all 5 sites, every 12 hours religiously. This is the same concept. If you participated in every event, at near max efficiency, for 10 days, you would have either perk as well. The introduction of the Crystal Tools in the shop is just an option. It's a second method for players to obtain these tools without afking at Harps for 2-3 hours at a time. Yeah it'll take longer, and is spaced out, but you're actually accomplishing something while being able to save up for the tools. Also, for players unable to donate for ;;prif perk or who don't have a 2250 total level yet, it offers them a step up in equipment from Dragon Tools. How could this be expanded? Well if this event were to get implemented, my thought would be that maybe sometime later down the line we could create a perk or two for this event, benefiting players. Both of which would be added to the shop regarding their price in ;;store. I've got two ideas so far for potential perks, if this became as popular an event as I'm anticipating. Perk 1: % Chance to occasionally double points received in event. (20 points instead of 10 @ action threshold occasionally) ----- $5 Perk 2: Enhances the XP-Boost in the Event Zone, making the xp gain slightly more worthwhile for participants. ----- $5 These 2 perks could instead be combined into one perk, granting the player slightly more xp in the event zone, AND giving a chance to occasionally double points. ----- $9/10 These are the skills that would be easy to implement at the moment. I'm working on ways to figure out how to configure rates for the left-out skills, aside from Hunter and Divination, both of which would require either a hefty amount of NPC's making the Zone crowded, or a LOT of space to put each tiered object. Those are things I'm trying to find ways around. Smithing is also hard to configure a rate for, due to the varying amounts of coal needed to make different tiered bars. Also finding a way to work around that. There are plenty more options of expansion for this idea, which is the whole point of making this thread. I want everyone who reads this to leave some sort of feedback as to what you think about this idea in general, along with possible fixes, or work-arounds to the skills mentioned above. Or anything, even. ALL feedback is MORE than appreciated. I can't get this perfected without some help. ^_^ Media This first one is the intended zone for this event. I have coordinates for all, if this is seriously thought about and they are needed to start working on implementing objects into the zone. This is a very wide open area with plenty of room to work with. There are no pre-existing objects to remove, which makes the coding part easier, as there are no pathing issues we would run into. This next one is another possible zone for the event. It's also a wide open area, with no objects to remove. Plus there's SNOW! Who doesn't love snow?... Me and E36 were testing what some of the zone could look like, hence the Crystal Trees and Soul Altar in the picture. Finally, the last picture is what the event zone would look like if the chosen skill were Fishing. I feel it would be easier to add in fishing spots to an area like this, and it also just fits the whole "Fishing" vibe. This is just optional. Depends on what you guys think! Extra Notes This took a long time to produce and get information/numbers/locations for, so please do me a favor and at least leave SOME sort of feedback, whether positive, negative, or neutral. I want to hear what the community thinks of this idea, and if you guys would actually be willing to participate. I'm going to be leaving a poll at the top of this for you guys to vote on which of the two initial event zones you guys would prefer, just to get an idea, so I could start mapping out the zone with objects. Huge thanks to everyone mentioned below for helping me out with minor things, and keeping me semi sane while developing this idea. They are all great people, and offer GREAT ideas, if you ever have any suggestions of your own you may want to have some help with! ***I'm looking for a way to make this more competitive, aside from the KotS-like reward! Give me ideas!*** Credits Craftwork - Started construction the idea. Found skilling action rates, and converted to point rates per x actions. Xolifar - Helped with a good portion of the base framework. Assisted in finding approximate action rates, along with some input about the shop items. Ash - HUGE help; Revisions made to framework of the event. Helped avoid potential flaws and provided possible fixes. Helped with item suggestions and pricing. Insisted on the Specific-Action skills, such as Herblore, so players couldn't abuse the system by grinding mud runes for 30 minutes. Arachnid - Provided the idea of the 1h timer after LMS to prevent overlap. Great idea that I hadn't thought of myself. Assisted in some pricing. E36 - Helped a huge amount in finding coordinates for possible event zones, along with ideas of how they would look once objects were added in. Provided a bit of clarity as to how each zone would be mapped out. Will - Pretty much a brainstorming buddy through this process. We ran through ideas, and he helped establish what ideas would and wouldn't be too game-breaking, also what could and couldn't be abused. Xenthium - Helped provide some QoL changes to the framework, also allowing the event to be more unique to itself, and slightly more balanced. Edit Log 2/7/19: Changed prices of Divine Locations to require at LEAST 2 events, maybe 3 if you're performing under expectation for a single Location. 2/7/19: Changed price of Viswax from 20 points per wax to 40 points per wax, requiring a minimum of at LEAST 3 events, maybe 4, in order to have enough for a Divine Location reset. This is feesable, as most Ataraxia players aren't on for 8 hours at a time. It would most likely be done in different sessions. 2/8/19: Revised interval from 2h to 6h, changing frequency from 12x per day to 4x per day. This forced a change in prices due to how long it would be between each event. Got a dev's input and the frequency of 2h would result in players essentially expecting bonus xp more often. This provides more of a wait, and more of a uniqueness to the event. 2/28/19: Been a while since I updated this; I've had a lot going on. There have been plenty of additions/changes to this since the last time I did it. Added in the items I've configured for the KotS-Like reward for the highest scoring player each event, along with editing some minor things, just to make the thread more consistent with my notes. Public Suggestion Log Skylark Wolf -- Instead of points per actions, create a Stealing Creation-like system where you can deposit items for points. **In this sort of system, where making potions using herblore would cash in for maybe 1 point per 1 potion, ground mud runes would cash in for 1 point per 10, due to the speed difference, just to provide an idea about how this would work.** LOVE it
  2. So I decided to run 100 kills at Normal Mode Nex, and record every single drop, including Ancient Ceremonial Pieces from the minions, to see what it looked like. The rate at the end of this kill log, was exactly 1/10, however 4 of my 10 drops were boots. Soooo salty about it, but whatever; just gotta do another 100 kills I suppose. But Here's what I ended up with after these 100 kills. The droplog will be included as a "Spoiler" so I don't spam the forum post for everyone with a wall of text. ^_^ Enjoy! I've been told that Nex: Hard Mode has increased drop rates, so I may do another 100 kill Drop Log for Hardmode just to test the difference in RNG/Drop Rates to see if it's noticeable enough to even worry about. Stay tuned! ^_^
  3. Hey guys! So I've been on the server since pre-reset, and pretty steadily since the relaunch, and I've yet to introduce myself though everyone pretty much knows about me. However, I'm just gonna delve a little deeper into myself as a person instead of an Ataraxia player so maybe you guys could get to know me a little more and we could find more things to connect on and talk about. To start, my name's Nick, and I'm 20 years old (21 in May; can't come fast enough xD). I'm from Nashville TN, but recently moved to Louisville KY over some personal shit that I had to take care of over the course of about 2-3 months. I've been through the ringer in terms of a shitty life. I'm not going to explain it all on this public of a post, but if anyone is genuinely curious, you can either message me on forums or ingame and I'd be more than happy to talk to you about it. I've had a pretty rough family life, and I've never really been in the most stable environment, being that I had to raise myself practically since I was 14/15 years old. I feel like it's both a blessing and a curse. It sucks because I didn't really get the guidance I felt, at that age, I needed the most from my family and friends. However at the same time, I also feel like it's the biggest reason I am who I am today; it's why I have the drive and motivation to succeed that I do. It's why I have such a level head, I had to teach myself how to deal with shit my own way, and nobody else's. I've been involved with the RSPS scene for several years, I couldn't even tell you when I got into it for the first time. I believe is was DF-Scape back in like 2009 or something where "Bob The Godsword" was the best custom ingame. xD Ever since, I've been pretty steadily playing various RSPS's, and I found this one back in September / October of 2017, and haven't left since. I took a break when I found out the server had been reset, and was pretty upset because all the stuff I had worked for was gone. However I overcame that and decided to just restart on a more time-consuming difficulty, to give myself more of a challenge and something to work for. I feel like I've become pretty well known in the Ataraxia community especially in the last month or two, since I've changed as a person since the shit I went through prior to Christmas. I've always loved the staff team involved with Ataraxia, and the leaders never fail to make good calls. I've always been fond of the work this team does, and the content they produce, and I feel like that will never change. As for hobbies, aside from this, I really don't have much. I'm a singer and a bowler, though most people don't consider bowling a sport sooooo. We'll just leave that one alone. :smug: I've bowled for 7 years, and have been singing since I could understand what singing was. I've always thought about trying to go a more serious route with it, though I've always been too afraid to go public with it, assuming people would judge me for not being what they wanted to hear or see. I've turned my life around a few times, being that 2 years ago I was 265lbs, and I'm now at a steady 170lbs. I'm in the best shape, mentally and physically, I've been in a long time, and I couldn't be happier in the position I'm in right now. I'm a conversationalist and love to talk to people about just about anything, so if you need someone to talk to, I'm definitely your guy. All you've gotta do is shoot me a PM. I'm very social, and love meeting new people, which is why I'm excited to meet all of you guys that I haven't met already. As for the people I have, I've loved meeting every single one of you and talk to a good majority of you every time I'm online. (E, that means you too, bby) I'm just kinda rambling at this point, but yeah, that's me. If anyone wants to know anything else, feel free to either drop a reply or PM me about anything, and I'll more than happily respond with anything you wanna know! Thanks for reading if you read all of this, and happy grinding! ❤️ -Craftwork
  4. So this is a longshot, but I figured it would be worth an idea to see what the community thought. In the current state, our Slayer Point shop consists of minimal useful items... Slayer Helm, Fighter Torso, Weapon Seed, and XP. Along with ring imbues, that's about it. So here's what I and a few other players had been discussing. Could we possibly implement a custom shop where you could use these Slayer Points to buy nothing but LUCKY items, that maybe start at 50% degradation, and unrepairable? This wouldn't be abusable in the sense of buying and selling to players, as Lucky items are untradable. And by putting all these items at 50% degradation would make them just a slightly temporary item for players to use if they don't have the money to purchase the real thing. By making them unrepairable (Degrading to dust), this will also keep the current economy about as stable as possible, as players won't be able to just buy a t90 weapon for instance, and keep repairing it. To add to this, We could maybe cap it at t70/t80 weapons, with the higher tier weapon you buy, the more degraded the item starts at? (T60 - Starts with 75% charges, t70 - 50%, t80 - 25%) or something similar? This is obviously a very brief and dull idea, but with thought, I feel like it could be made into a wonderful custom system that we haven't seen on Ataraxia before. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Yeah we're not talking like Drygores/GWD2 weapons. Maybe like GWD1 gear max? Bandos/Arma/Subj/ACB would be like top tier in this shop if it were to get used.
  6. Thanks for your support, guys! I love doing stuff like this, and I'm semi-OCD about banks. 😛 I don't do it for the money, hence why I charge so little. ❤️ Glad you guys enjoy the outcomes.
  7. Hey guys, Craftwork here! ^_^ It's been a while since I've made a post on here, aside from my Suggestion about the Skilling Event, and figured after a few trial runs with some close friends here on Ataraxia, that I would make a service out of it. I've gotten great reviews, per se, from all 4 people I've done this for so far, and they all love how their bank(s) look after I'm finished! It's a really straightforward process! --- I log onto your account --- --- I organize your bank, no matter how messy, to your exact specifications regarding tabs --- --- You pay me based on messy-ness of bank and/or time taken to organize --- (Time taken doesn't play a huge part cuz if I'm not super focused or I mess up somewhere, it could take longer and I'm not taxing you for my mistakes 🙂) Below are some GIFs of the banks I organized tonight as trial runs. Enjoy! I don't have Before GIFs for all of them, as I kinda jumped right into it. :oof: Cheffie Before https://gyazo.com/ccd82ecf8b7e5c01364b5fdf2498af72 Cheffie After https://gyazo.com/94e96f18ff986a727e8819ecd7c338d5 Primal Nova Before https://gyazo.com/12369879f27d6d99db5f3ff636c33335 Primal Nova After (He didn't have much to work with) https://gyazo.com/480fefacb06b8cab33c03730285aacac Awls Before https://gyazo.com/ccd82ecf8b7e5c01364b5fdf2498af72 Awls After https://gyazo.com/94e96f18ff986a727e8819ecd7c338d5 The Flow After https://gyazo.com/fb0281504492b9bd6bc7efdd409a0fae?token=b88739b9118a2888e4ab5a4fa8b8cfd4 The Flow's Reaction Rent Before https://gyazo.com/6c28aebd7175146db2b55b48455ea4f0 Rent After https://gyazo.com/8b93bc1edaa0d1a92a0f146f04a5dd9f Hav0c After https://gyazo.com/0569acfc9f23ed341705b48555186e9e Ely Sia N After https://gyazo.com/5eef4e48d90fe3acf52c641e6acb6b21 https://gyazo.com/625231d655cab21cbb0cb085251902c8 Sommc Before https://gyazo.com/69608932f929f103633d0a6528568003 Sommc After https://gyazo.com/7c3d0485cd865d2978619f358fcc9281 Shrimpie Before https://gyazo.com/030a0284d84e7a0da3501bc8e673bfe8 Shrimpie After https://gyazo.com/29ff0179b3f183dd7ff8017407e269f2 Placeholder GIFs won't load straight to the forum post, but screenshot links will. If anyone knows how to get a GIF directly on the forum post itself, please let me know. But there's just some basic media of the banks I've organized in the last bit of time, and they've all had good things to say. ***PM Me on either the forums or ingame (I'm almost always online) if you're interested in figuring out some prices!*** ***Also, if you have any doubts, just ask any of these people above how they liked my service, to get an outside opinion to help you decide*** #Craft4President2020 #MakeYourBankGreatAgain
  8. Yessir. And I'm doing the same for my 100 Kill Hardmode Nex Log. Still got a ways to go on it. I'm taking a break cuz I'm kinda burnt out on Nex for now. xD
  9. Thanks man! Just figured I'd give people a brief look at my life outside of RSPS. 😛
  10. Hey guys; I used to have a Goals page up but I think I ended up deleting it when I went through a lot of personal matters thinking I wouldn't be on for quite some time, and I finally decided I would make a new one! I'm gonna be listing my goals for my Legendary account, including skills/drops/etc. If you guys could think of any other reputable goals that I haven't or aren't in here, feel free to leave some feedback! All is welcome! I will leave an update section at the bottom so you guys can keep track of what all changes each time I update this post, which will probably be about once a week or so hopefully. ^_^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Account Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pet Trackers (Credits to Will) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comp Reqs ///// Comp(T) Reqs ***Will only be posting the Comp(T) Reqs from now on, as I'm already Comped*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KEY COMPLETE IN PROGRESS NOT STARTED *** = Pet Achieved ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills 99 Attack (99/99) 99 Strength (99/99) 99 Defense (99/99) 99 Ranged (99/99) 99 Magic (99/99) 99 Prayer (99/99) 99 Hitpoints (99/99) 99 Summoning (99/99) 99 Runecrafting (99/99) 99 Construction (99/99) *** 99 Agility (99/99) 99 Herblore (99/99) *** 99 Thieving (99/99) *** 99 Crafting (99/99) *** 99 Fletching (99/99) *** 99 Slayer (99/99) *** 99 Hunter (99/99) 99 Mining (99/99) 99 Smithing (99/99) *** 99 Fishing (99/99) *** 99 Cooking (99/99) 99 Firemaking (99/99) 99 Woodcutting (99/99) 99 Farming (99/99) 99 Divination (99/99) 120 Dungeoneering (120/120) 2595 Total (2595/2595) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS / GOLD (Cash will be updated based on max stack ever) 100M Cash 250M Cash 500M Cash 1B Cash 2B Cash (1805m) Dom Tower Glove Set Glacor Boot Set (Steads + Glaivens + Ragefires) Upgraded Glacor Boot Set (Glaivens) Superior Elite Void (All Sets + Gloves + Deflector) Chaotic Set (Rapier) Drygore Set Ring of Death Amulet of Souls Ascension Crossbow Decimation Bow Nox Weapon Set Ports Armor Sets (Tetsu) Ports Superior Armor Sets (Death Lotus) All T70 Defenders (Melee + Ranged + Mage) All T80 Defenders (Ranged + Melee) All T90 Defenders Fire Cape All 3 Kiln Capes (Melee) Max Cape Completionist Cape Completionist Cape (T) Master Quest Cape ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC. All Boss Pets (1/29) -- (0/8 Araxxor Pets) All Skilling Pets (8/18) Easy Achievements Medium Achievements Hard Achievements (11/16) Elite Achievements (4/18) Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member Diamond Member ($287/500) 3 Forum Threads 5 Forum Threads 10 Forum Threads 25 Forum Threads (12/25) 10 Forum Posts 50 Forum Posts 100 Forum Posts (69/100) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accolades and Achievements Player of the Month - January 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honorable Mentions E36 One of the best friends I've made on this server. Always very helpful and friendly. Gz on well-deserved mod, bb ^_^ Hot Milo Another great friend; also part of our incredible staff team. Never fails to do a tremendous job. Will Is always drunk and is fantastic to have conversations with at like 2am when he's ever online that late. xD Hillbilly Let him leech 99 Slayer... Twice.. Once on Expert, and once on Legendary. xD Great friend and always has great conversation. 😛 Awls/Nut Such a nice guy, always fun to crack up with, and kept me driven to get my goals, even if I wanted to give up a few times cuz nex was being a little cuck. The Flow Flow's been there for me since Day 1, and has always been my go-to for bankstanding sessions. :PPP Great friend ^_^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all of the goals I wish to achieve at the moment; nothing spectacular but being a Legendary, it'll take a while! As I mentioned earlier, if anyone has any sort of feedback regarding other potential goals (Once I start bossing, I may introduce Boss KC's as a few), don't hesitate to say something! I'm practically always online for the most part, and I'm going to be a lot more active here on the forums, so if you see me, say hey! I'll respond, I promise! ^_^ ***Update Log*** Jan 9, 2019: Created a Very Basic Goals List; Much more to come soon! Jan 15, 2019: Updated Smithing/Firemaking/Woodcutting/Herblore; Wasn't on much over the bxp weekend but got my Venosaur Jan 22, 2019: HUGE gains this past bonus xp weekend. Added about 4 99's, got 2 or 3 pets including Crabbe ^_^, and been saving up some money for an ascension soon. Jan 28, 2019: Even bigger gains. A solid 50 hour increase in playtime, with plenty of progress to show for it. Maxed combat, obtained an asc bow, made some cash, achieved my glacor boot set (Time to work towards upgrades), and have hit 42m Slayer XP. Also added in 2 more sections to this thread. Feb 6, 2019: HUGE Update to the thread. Massive XP gains, and we've broke the 300 total level mark til Max. Also added in a few screenshots to make the goals a bit more visual instead of just text-based. Put in a lot of hours this past week, and the xp gains show. I've also hit roughly 70m Slayer XP and the grind to 120 continues. Plan on maxing within the next 2-3 weeks. Feb 12, 2019: Another massive update to the thread. Got another 2-3 99's, along with 2 skilling pets (Smithing and Construction). Also obtained my first boss pet, Chik'arra! ❤️ I've also broken the 100 Total Level mark before I max out my Legendary Account. It's been such a grind, and the last skills I have are the most "grindy" of them all. I start my new job the night of the 18th, so I'm going to try to max before then, but I doubt it. If not before, shortly after. I'll definitely be maxing over the x4 Weekend (Feb 22-25). Love the Support! Feb 19, 2019: Probably the most grind-heavy update to the thread I've made yet. I got Hunter, Mining, and Thieving to 99, along with getting 2 or 3 more pets in the last week. I've made some massive bank gains, and have even started my own HCIM as a side project, but this thread is about Craftwork. 😛 115 Total Levels until I'm completely maxed, 94 until I can obtain my Max Cape! We're getting so close! Thanks for the continued support with these goals. I plan on getting Farming to 99, and big chunks of Agility/Div done before 4x. Should be on track with my goal from last week of maxing over 4x weekend (Upcoming weekend). Also got plat this week. ^_^ Feb 28, 2019: I accomplished so much this week. With 4x XP Weekend being last weekend, I both maxed AND comped! All of my skilling grind is over, but not the action grind yet. Still got plenty of Comp(T) requirements to obtain. Achievement Hunting will also be on the list for the next few weeks. I managed to Comp my Legendary account at 487 Hours, which is a pretty good number to me. Huge gains on the Boss KC list, but no luck on Pet RNG quite yet; just gotta keep grinding and hope I can snag em some day. This thread will continue to get updated roughly once a week until everything on this list is green. We're slowly approaching that all-green thread. Just gotta keep workin towards it!
  11. You should update it! I'm sure players would love to see your progress, even if it's WAYYYY delayed of an update! Thanks guys! I've made so much progress in the last 2 weeks. Uwotm9. Not my fault Nex loves you and hates me. :C
  12. Thanks guys! And the drop rate itself wasn't bad luck, I agree. But the fact that I got 4 boots, out of my 10 drops, THAT was some pretty bad RNG. xD Hardmode log is in the works ^_^
  13. There aren't many that come to my head at the moment. The 4 main ones I can think of that I would like to be tinkered with are: 1. The Construction fixes that could be implemented, regarding the unbuildable objects, the interface issues where the img's don't match up with the titles of the items, and the fact that practically nothing in the dungeon portion of the PoH works. I understand that the code regarding Construction is a nightmare, and I'm not expecting this to be fixed anytime soon, but it would sure make PoH building a little more enjoyable, and we could implement dungeon events throughout the community. 2. Inside Dungeoneering, if you bind both a 2h/spear along with a Kiteshield, when you start the next dungeon, both will be equipped, and you will gain stats from both. No this is not gamebreaking, but can be abused for faster killtimes on bosses. Would be qualified more as a QoL update I suppose. 3. Since the rate of fire buff on crossbows, the Accurate and Rapid attack styles now shoot at the same speed, and I'm sure this wasn't intended. Again, not a huge bug, but can be somewhat abused to have more accuracy with the same rate of fire, rather than slightly less rate of fire as it should be (If this wasn't intended, which it may have been.) We could revert the attack speed for the "Accurate" style back to what it was originally, or even just make it a tick longer between attacks, that way players actually have to choose between speed and accuracy when it comes to range PvMing. 4. In regards to the multiple banks, if the bank you opened previously, for example, is Bank 1, or B1, and then you're off somewhere and go to open Bank 2 (B2) with ;;b2, and try adding/removing items, it will remove the items from that slot in B1, or the previous bank you opened. If you do ;;b2 and the last bank you had open was B2, it works fine. Should be a minor fix as I feel like it's just a tiny interface error.
  14. I swear my RNG is shit. 1/10 Drop Rate, but 4 boots out of 9 tradable drops? >____> OOOOOF
  15. So I know a lot of you guys have been wondering if there was a chime guide somewhere on forums, and I've heard someone was going to make one, but I haven't seen one yet, so I figured I'd go ahead and throw this together for you guys. There won't be pictures or anything, but you can just ctrl+f and search for the item and see how much it chimes for. This guide is nowhere near 100% complete, as some of the items listed in this guide don't chime (They are edited with the strikethrough option), and it may be missing a few items that do chime, that I may have missed. If that's the case, feel free to let me know, and the guide will be changed! ^_^ I will try to stay on top of this guide as the chime prices change, and/or get fixed, so you guys can have an accurate guide for chime prices. Enjoy! Where is the Chime Shop and how do I access it? The chime shop can be found by talking to "Hazelmere" in the middle of the ;;market zone. He will open a shop with a select amount of items, purchasable by chimes, and while in this shop, you can right click objects in your inventory that are chime-able, and sell them to his shop for said chimes. They are a stackable form of currency that you can have sitting in your bank until you reach the amount you need for your goal Chime Purchase. You may also access the chime shop from anywhere in Ataraxia by right-clicking your stack of Chimes and clicking "Convert", or just left-clicking them. Items in the Chime Shop Cosmetics - Black, Orange, and Pink Partyhats/Hweens, Green Santa Hat, Christmas Cracker, Chromatic Partyhat, Bunny Ears, Easter Ring. (5,000-100,000 Chime) Small/Medium/Large Protean Packs - These offer a Protean material of your choice in the amounts of 75, 150, and 300. (5,000/8,000/13,000 Chime) Mystery Box - Gives a random item out of a list of PLENTY. More or Less RNG based, so good luck. 😛 (1,000 Chime) Annihilation - T78 Melee Weapon; Not used much, as there are better options. (20,000 Chime) Obliteration - T78 Mage Staff; Refer to above statement. (20,000 Chime) Decimation - T78 Ranged Bow; One of the better bows in-game right now, especially imbued. (20,000 Chime) Ancient Warriors' Equipment Patch - This can be used on any PvP Gear Piece to upgrade it to the Superior version of that piece. (20,000 Chime) Superior Morrigans Javelin -> Superior Zuriel's Staff - Superior PvP Equipment; Like the normal kind, just better stats. (All 25,000 Chime) Imbued Gear - Can be used on any of the T78 Gear mentioned above, or any Drygore weapon to increase the stats. (15,000 Chime) Aggression Potion - Very useful afk-training tool; can be sold to players for ~6-8m per full (6) flask. (250 Chime Each) Without further ado, the following items are what can be chimed, and how much they go for! Please leave some feedback as to if I missed anything or any information in this guide is wrong/invalid. I will happily keep up with this guide as it took a good minute to make. ❤️ PVP Armors (Unworn) Statius's Full Helm - 125 Chime Statius's Platebody - 175 Chime Statius's Platelegs - 150 Chime Statius's Warhammer - 200 Chime Vesta's Chainbody - 175 Chime Vesta's Plateskirt - 150 Chime Vesta's Longsword - 200 Chime Vesta's Spear - 150 Chime Morrigan's Coif - 125 Chime Morrigan's Leather Body - 175 Chime Morrigan's Leather Chaps - 150 Chime Morrigan's Throwing Axe - 4 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin - 4 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin (p) - 5 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin (p+) - 6 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin (p++) - 7 Chime Each Zuriel's Hood - 125 Chime Zuriel's Robe Top - 175 Chime Zuriel's Robe Bottom - 150 Chime Zuriel's Staff - 150 Chime Ports Gear (Unworn) Tetsu Helm - 50 Chime Tetsu Body - 100 Chime Tetsu Legs - 75 Chime Seasinger's Hood - 50 Chime Seasinger's Robe Top - 100 Chime Seasinger's Robe Bottom - 75 Chime Death Lotus Hood - 50 Chime Death Lotus Chestplate - 100 Chime Death Lotus Chaps - 75 Chime Spirit Shields Spectral - 200 Chime Arcane - 500 Chime Elysian - 1000 Chime Divine - 1500 Chime Glacor Boots Steadfast - 300 Chime Glaiven - 300 Chime Ragefire - 300 Chime Gloves Static Gloves - 500 Chime Tracking Gloves - 500 Chime Pneumatic Gloves - 500 Chime Razorback Gauntlets - 500 Chime (Unworn) Celestial Handwraps - 500 Chime Ascension Grips - 250 Chime (Unworn) T90 Equipment (Unworn) Tectonic Mask - 1750 Chime Tectonic Body - 2250 Chime Tectonic Legs - 2000 Chime Seismic Wand - 2000 Chime Seismic Singularity - 2000 Chime Sirenic Mask - 1500 Chime Sirenic Body - 2000 Chime Sirenic Legs - 1750 Chime Ascension Cbow - 1500 Chime Malevolent Helm - 1750 Chime Malevolent Body - 2250 Chime Malevolent Legs - 2000 Chimes Drygore Rapier - 1500 Chime Drygore Longsword - 1500 Chime Drygore Mace - 2000 Chime Malevolent Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Merciless Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Vengeful Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Noxious Scythe - 2500 Chime Noxious Staff - 2500 Chime Noxious Longbow - 2500 Chime Barrows Items Linza's Helm - 100 Chime Linza's Body - 250 Chime Linza's Legs - 200 Chime Linza's Hammer - 200 Chime Linza's Shield - 200 Chime GWD2 Items Dormant Anima Core Pieces - 75 Chime Each All Anima Core Pieces - 500 Chime Each All Refined Anima Core Pieces - 1000 Chime Each Dragon Rider Lance - 1500 Chime Shadow Glaive - 1500 Chime Offhand Shadow Glaive - 1350 Chime Wand of the Cywir Elders - 1500 Chime Orb of the Cywir Elders - 1000 Chime Blade of Nymora - 1000 Chime Blade of Avaryss - 1000 Chime Zarosian Essence - 250 Chime Sliskean Essence - 250 Chime Zamorakian Essence - 250 Chime Serenic Essence - 250 Chime Telos Drops Seren Godbow - 5000 Chime Staff of Sliske - 5000 Chime Zaros Godsword - 5000 Chime Dyes Barrows Dye - 1000 Chime Shadow Dye - 1000 Chime Third-Age Dye - 1000 Chime Blood Dye - 1500 Chime Third-Age Druidic Staff - 1000 Chime Druidic Cloak - 1000 Chime Druidic Wreath - 1000 Chime Druidic Robe Top - 1500 Chime Druidic Robe Bottom - 1250 Chime Range Top - 1000 Chime Range Bottom - 750 Chime Range Coif - 500 Chime Range Vambs - 500 Chime Robe Top - 1000 Chime Robe Bottom - 750 Chime Mage Hat - 500 Chime Amulet - 500 Chime Platebody - 1000 Chime Platelegs - 750 Chime Full Helm - 500 Chime Kiteshield - 500 Chime Hydrix Equipment (Unworn) Amulet of Souls - 1000 Chime Deathtouch Bracelet - 1000 Chime Reaper Necklace - 1000 Chime Ring of Death - 1000 Chime Nex Items Torva Full Helm - 500 Chime Torva Platebody - 1000 Chime Torva Platelegs - 750 Chime Torva Gloves - 400 Chime Torva Boots - 400 Chime Pernix Cowl - 500 Chime Pernix Body - 1000 Chime Pernix Chaps - 750 Chime Pernix Gloves - 400 Chime Pernix Boots - 400 Chime Virtus Mask - 500 Chime Virtus Robe Top - 1000 Chime Virtus Robe Bottom - 750 Chime Virtus Gloves - 400 Chime Virtus Boots - 400 Chime Virtus Wand - 500 Chime Virtus Book - 500 Chime Rares All H'weens - 1500 Chime Each All Partyhats - 2500 Chime Each Santa Hat - 2000 Chime Black Santa Hat - 2500 Chime Misc Items Korasi's Sword - 100 Chime Leviathan Ring - 100 Chime Scythe (Reaper Shop) - 750 Chime Draconic Visage - 150 Chime Wand of the Praesul - 5000 Chime Imperium Core - 5000 Chime Berserker Ring - 100 Chime Seers' Ring - 100 Chime Archer's Ring - 100 Chime Warrior's Ring - 75 Chime Attuned Crystal Shield - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Deflector - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Ward - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Halberd - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Dagger - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Bow - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Chakram - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Staff - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Wand - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Orb - 350 Chime Lava Whip - 750 Chime Staff of Darkness - 750 Chime Strykebow - 750 Chime Ripper Claw - 1000 Chime Offhand Ripper Claw - 1000 Chime Camel Staff - 1000 Chime Nightmare Gauntlets - 500 Chime Gloves of Passage - 500 Chime Gemstone Helm - 500 Chime Gemstone Body - 1000 Chime Gemstone Legs - 750 Chime Gemstone Gloves - 500 Chime Gemstone Boots - 500 Chime Dragonstone Helm - 75 Chime Dragonstone Body - 75 Chime Dragonstone Legs - 75 Chime Dragonstone Gloves - 75 Chime Dragonstone Boots - 75 Chime ***If you've gotten this far, huge thanks to @Loure for keeping me going through making this guide cuz it was pretty rough finding each and every item that did/didn't work***
  16. You remain hidden, guest! Keep that identity! ❤️ Thanks for the support! Yeah it's been needed for a while, so I figured I'd spend some time to make it tonight. 🙂 Haha thanks @Kope! Much love!
  17. Would have to give my Vote to Spooder as well for this month. He's done so much around the server, and has been so interactive with our playerbase. Such a great role model Mod to look up to as a leader. And I may be a little biased, cuz him and my Red Spider Guardian in my POH Dungeon are best buddies now, so I can't let lil Gerald in my basement down. 😛 +1 Arach; Keep up the great work bud! ❤️ Much love.
  18. 1. What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? The ever growing community and the absolutely wonderful staff/dev team we have in place, to make this server the best home I've ever been a part of. ^_^ 2. Tag at least one other player that has made your Ataraxia experience enjoyable and tell us why! @Will @Exoz @E36 @Arachnid @Hot Milo @Nut @Nemesis @the flow just to name a few. These players and staff members have made this home the best home I've ever found for a number of reasons. They're always so helpful and kind, and tend to always have the greatest attitudes. I love being able to talk to these guys about absolutely everything and consider them my best friends on the server. Thanks for all you guys have done, bros! ^_^
  19. Love this idea! You mentioned this to me ingame, and I absolutely loved it. We could keep the ;;store the way it is in case players would prefer directly buying perks through the store, but if players would instead prefer to only purchase $1 or $2, they could receive x amount of "$1 Token"s ingame, as a physical, stackable item. These items would be used for currency in the donation shop, including everything that's currently in the ;;store, including spins and stuff also. Maybe excluding the animations, as players could just directly donate for those through ;;store. But I 100% support this idea. I would love a form of ingame currency to translate donations rather than just perk boxes. Especially for those players, as mentioned above, that only have a few bucks to spend and can't afford a whole perk. These items could be sold ingame at the exact rate of gp/$, at 50-60m/$1 token, providing players with less money the same opportunity to make money off of selling donations. Love it Kat, definitely a +1 from me! ^_^
  20. Game Type: Melee Zerker Equipment: Berserker Helm (3751) Rune Platebody (1127) Rune Platelegs (1079) Rune Boots (4131) Chaotic Rapier (18349) Rune Defender (8850) Strength Skillcape (34547) Amulet of Fury (6585) Berserker Ring (i) (15220) Culiranomancer's Gloves 10 (7462) Inventory: Extreme Attack (4) (15308) Extreme Strength (4) (15312) Extreme Defense (4) (15316) Adrenaline Potion (4) (15300) Saradomin Brew (4) (6685) 2 Super Restores (4) (3024) Armadyl Godsword (11694) 250 Earth Runes (557) 100 Astral Runes (9075) 50 Death Runes (560) Chaotic Maul (18353) 16 Rocktails (15272) Magic Spellbook: Lunars (For Vengeance) Prayer Spellbook: Ancients (For Turmoil/SS) Percent Chance: 15-20%, as we don't have a purely melee zerker (Just Brid), and it's a pretty common setup. Stats Inventory + Equipment
  21. I actually really enjoy this idea. Almost replicating the system RS3 has in place. The dev team could release content about what they plan on updating, and then have the playerbase vote on whether they'd like to see said content implemented or not, or how they think it could be changed before implementation. +1 Flow, Love it. It, like you said, would create a little more interaction between the Dev Team and our players, and would get the players more involved with THEIR server, and be able to at least be able to voice opinions about upcoming potential updates.
  22. Welcome nemi! It's been fun crackin up with ya ingame so far! Love to see you hit your goals for our server. Enjoy ^_^ ❤️
  23. Craftwork


    Welcome to my humble abode, Bust a Nut! ❤️ Enjoy your stay and don't die! ^_^
  24. GREAT work guys. Keep it up. I know you guys were working hard this week for this update! ^_^ +1 ❤️
  25. Thanks Couch! Love the support! I'm really hoping this gets thought about on a serious note by the Dev Team. Everyone seems to love the idea. We have another skilling thing in the works, so I'm not pushing anything about my idea, but I would love to see it implemented at some point! ❤️