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  1. Thanks man! I'm gonna probably be posting an update after this weekend cuz there's quite a bit of progress I've got banked right now. 🙂 Just waiting 6 weeks for that x4xp weekend bby ^_^ Yessir! I'm gonna start on Hunter sometime soon but I cba to start on farming yet. xD
  2. Thanks man! I've always been one to enjoy a good grind. And yeah I'll be adding more to this list as I figure out more stuff I want to actually accomplish!
  3. Hey guys; I used to have a Goals page up but I think I ended up deleting it when I went through a lot of personal matters thinking I wouldn't be on for quite some time, and I finally decided I would make a new one! I'm gonna be listing my goals for my Legendary account, including skills/drops/etc. If you guys could think of any other reputable goals that I haven't or aren't in here, feel free to leave some feedback! All is welcome! I will leave an update section at the bottom so you guys can keep track of what all changes each time I update this post, which will probably be about once a week or so hopefully. ^_^ Current Account Info KEY COMPLETE IN PROGRESS NOT STARTED *** = Pet Achieved Skills 99 Attack (86/99) 99 Strength (77/99) 99 Defense (80/99) 99 Ranged (89/99) 99 Magic (76/99) 99 Prayer (84/99) 99 Hitpoints (87/99) 99 Summoning (61/99) 99 Runecrafting (3/99) 99 Construction (6/99) 99 Agility (50/99) 99 Herblore (99/99) *** 99 Thieving (75/99) 99 Crafting (99/99) *** 99 Fletching (99/99) *** 99 Slayer (93/99) 99 Hunter (3/99) 99 Mining (50/99) 99 Smithing (85/99) 99 Fishing (99/99) *** 99 Cooking (99/99) 99 Firemaking (85/99) 99 Woodcutting (84/99) 99 Farming (1/99) 99 Divination (33/99) 120 Dungeoneering (68/99) ITEMS / GOLD (Cash will be updated based on max stack ever) 100M Cash (134m) 250M Cash 500M Cash 1B Cash 2B Cash Dom Tower Glove Set Glacor Boot Set Upgraded Glacor Boot Set Superior Elite Void (All Sets + Gloves + Deflector) Chaotic Set Drygore Set Ring of Death Amulet of Souls Ports Armor Sets Ports Superior Armor Sets All T70 Armor Sets All T80 Armor Sets All T90 Armor Sets Fire Cape All 3 Kiln Capes MISC. All Boss Pets Easy Achievements (9/16) Medium Achievements (2/13) Hard Achievements (0/16) Elite Achievements (1/18) Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member ($50/100) Platinum Member ($50/250) Diamond Member ($50/500) 3 Forum Guides (1/3) 5 Forum Guides (1/5) 10 Forum Posts (5/10) 50 Forum Posts (5/50) 100 Forum Posts (5/100) These are all of the goals I wish to achieve at the moment; nothing spectacular but being a Legendary, it'll take a while! As I mentioned earlier, if anyone has any sort of feedback regarding other potential goals (Once I start bossing, I may introduce Boss KC's as a few), don't hesitate to say something! I'm practically always online for the most part, and I'm going to be a lot more active here on the forums, so if you see me, say hey! I'll respond, I promise! ^_^ ***Update Log*** Jan 9, 2019: Created a Very Basic Goals List; Much more to come soon! Jan 15, 2019: Updated Smithing/Firemaking/Woodcutting/Herblore; Wasn't on much over the bxp weekend but got my Venosaur
  4. GREAT guide, 2gp! It's laid out really well, and I love how you set it up! More More More! 😄
  5. Awesome video! It will really help the community understand how rare some of these pets actually are! I love it! Keep the content coming, Zach!
  6. So I hear we needed some guides. Being that fishing was the first skill I got any XP in, and the first skill I got 99 in on my Legendary account, I figured I could go ahead and slap up a Fishing Guide to make things easier for those who don't know the best way to get 1-99 Fishing... Though it's pretty self explanatory, I'll go ahead and make one to be aesthetic and help out the community! If there's anything that I missed, or you could help put some information in this guide, especially regarding various XP rates, let me know either ingame or over Discord PM, and I'll add the information, and give thanks to you at the bottom of the guide! So without further ado, here's how I got 99 Fishing, though there are multiple ways to do it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents I. What to fish from 1-99 II. Fishing Locations III. Required Tools IV. XP Rates (Will be continually updated as I get more information) V. XP Boosts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. What to fish from 1-99 So everyone already knows that you can LITERALLY fish anything in the game from 1-99, but I'm here to explain how I did it, when I started fishing at another spot, and the most efficient way to train your Fishing skill so you can impress all the RSPS ladies (Ash? Chloe? Talkin to you. ) Levels 1-15 - Shrimp (Small Fishing Net) Levels 15-40 - Anchovies (Small Fishing Net) Levels 40-50 - Lobsters (Lobster Pot) Levels 50-62 - Swordfish/Tuna (Harpoon) Levels 62-76 - Monkfish (Small Fishing Net) Levels 76-99 OR 76-85 - Sharks (Harpoon) Levels 85-90 - Cavefish (Fishing Rod + Fishing Bait) Levels 90-99 - Rocktails (Fishing Rod + Living Minerals) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. Fishing Locations This is going to be a super simple, easy-to-follow picture, that shows you exactly where to fish from 1-99 Fishing! All of your fishing, unless you want to move to LRC (Living Rock Caverns) for Cavefish and Rocktails after you hit 85, will be done at the Fishing Guild! To get there, you'll go to your quest tab, and click the Skilling Tab! Then you'll click on the very first option you see, the Fishing Guild! Lastly, you'll run north to this dock, directly East of the Bank. ^^^ (Peep Division trying to get the ladies by getting 99 Fishing) ^^^ This is the dock, with the camera facing West (Towads the bank) Levels 1-40 (Net Option) Levels 40-50 (Cage Option) Levels 50-62 (Harpoon Option) Levels 62-76 (Net Option) Levels 76-85 OR 76-99 (Harpoon Option) *****If you decide to go with the Cavefish/Rocktail method to 99, read below***** To fish Cavefish/Rocktails, you will be spending your home stretch in the LRC. To get there, first, again go to the Skilling Tab, though this time you're going to click theMining Teleports option instead of the Fishing Guild. From here, you'll click the 3rd option, Living Rock Caverns (LRC) You will arrive HERE, and you will be fishing Cavefish/Rocktails HERE. Once you get here, there will be two fishing spots. One for Cavefish, One for Rocktails. Levels 85-90 (Bait Option) Levels 90-99 (Bait Option) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. Required Tools On your journey from 1-99 Fishing, you will be required to use several different tools to acquire your various sea people for the desired Ex Pee. This is a list, in order, of which tools you will need to use and which fish you are able to catch with these tools. All tools can be bought from Bob at home, up the staircase closes to the Wise Old Man, EXCEPT for living minerals, which you will have to farm by killing LRC monsters. - Small Fishing Net (Shrimp, Anchovies, Monkfish) - Lobster Pot (Lobsters, duh...) - Harpoon (Tuna, Swordfish, Sharks) - Fishing Rod + Bait (Cavefish) - Fishing Rod + Living Minerals (Rocktail) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. XP Rates This XP Rate Chart will forever be getting constant updates, as I get more information on different XP Rates. If you play on a mode that has an XP Rate missing, let me know and I'll add it and thank you! Novice **NO XP RATES YET** Expert **NO XP RATES YET** Legendary / IM / HCIM (No Well Bonus for IM/HCIM) ***ALL XP RATES PROVIDED ARE WITHOUT ANY DONATOR BENEFITS*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. XP Boosts Unless another item is added that affects the amount of experience gained in the Fishing skill, the only items that you can currently use to boost your XP gain is the Fishing Outfit. The Fishing Outfit consists of 4 pieces: The Hat, The Jacket, The Waders, and The Boots. Each piece adds an additional ~1% XP Boost while fishing. Wearing the entire set grants you approximately 105% Fishing XP from every source of experience. And the best part? It's completely free! While fishing, you'll notice a counter in your chatbox telling you how many fish you've caught. A Sea Troll will appear every so often to grant you some money along your journey to 99 Fishing. The first time he appears after milestones 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000, you will receive ONE piece of this outfit! ***As I was making this guide, I sat here with it finished for about 30 minutes, and caught about 15 inventories of Sharks trying to get this Sea Troll to appear to get a screenshot of him, and he just seemed to be super camera shy... So if I ever capture this mysterious creature, I'll add his picture to this post. 😂*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I hope you guys enjoyed this overly detailed guide for 1-99 Fishing that really wasn't needed! But I hope this helps at least one person understand how to achieve their goal of 99 Fishing! Feel free to leave absolutely any and all feedback about this guide, what I did well, what I could've done better on, so on and so forth! More guides to come in the future, if this one gets some positive feedback! I'm almost always on ingame, and I'm on and off of Discord, so you may see me on there. If you have any questions or simply just want to say hey, feel free to message me on either, and I'll respond eventually! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Hey y'all! It's nice to be back on Ataraxia! I played for probably 6-8 months prior to the reset, and absolutely could not get enough of this server. I loved every bit of it, and was pretty well known in the community. My old name was 'Skiller4lyfe' for anyone that remembers me. I love the fact that the server is back and better than before, with so many bountiful updates. My name is Nick, I'm 20 years old, and live in Tennessee. I loved hopping back on and seeing all these old names that I remembered having so much fun with back in the day. I love grinding and taking the time and effort that's necessary to obtain my goals. I hope to be able to comp out 'Craftwork' -- My first account since reset, and it's a Legendary. 😛 I've already gotten my little Fishy Boi (Bubbles -- The Fishing Pet) and I hope to obtain all of them by the time I'm finished. I hope everyone enjoys seeing me around both the server and the forums, because I'm going to be active on both every chance I get. May even post a few guides every now and then like I used to. 😄 Anyway, Short and to the point. A kinda "Welcome Back to Ataraxia" Post. Hope to see everyone around and get to know everyone again! Peace! Craft