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  1. 1.+ 2. prob 3.+- 4. 5.? 6. For real somehow sirenic should be boosted, no way t90 can cost that low. maybe add str range bonus. Sirenic should be much better than sup elite void.(maybe void still op?) 7.+
  2. Donating helps server, gambling no? hard to understand?
  3. Gambling makes community toxic, players gonna make easy money just doing nothing and so gonna hoard items, also if they lose bank they will leave server. Never liked gambling and overall its bad thing. I would only accept gambling if it have 50% or more tax, only this way it would give something good and that would be money sink.
  4. Pls Legendary, Ironman, HCIM hiscores should be based on total level, that would be much easier to track whos going to max next and these fisherman's going out of the way.
  5. I 100% agree with this, comp cape is too good to be easily achievable, now its actually easy reqs for comp and hard for comp t, reqs should be hard for reg comp and very hard for comp t and my idea for comp t reqs would be that comp t reqs should touch every content of game we offer.
  6. Kusiaka


    only if high taxing is added, for now no.