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  1. Good luck man, if you need any tips you know where to contact me =D
  2. Good luck I hope you will have fun with dungeoneering 😄
  3. Gambling no. IDK why u think gambling will suddenly make ataraxia top 10 in every top list thats not the content which could make it, also if even some ppl will join server for gambling will they be valuable to the server? they probably most of the time will be doing gambling and sitting at home like half server already doing it, they won't vote for server cuz they won't need benefits from voting because they will have tons of cash from gambling only benefit i see from them is +5 to player count thats it and for sure more toxic server, even without gambling I have already received pms "box me what are you afraid kiddo" ? can't even imagine what it will be like if dicing and flower poker would be added and no, stuff team won't be able to control this. Fc and yell spamming with 'dice me' nah I don't want see this shit.People leave now because bored + they will leave because they will loose their banks, gambling is addicting so saying don't gamble what you can't afford to lose won't help. If we reach that shitty 51% for gambling(I hope not) at least add only taxed gambling.. Wild - ye why not, but first we need content in wild that ppl would be forced to go there and risk some nice items, otherwise it would be useless to do something with wild also why we cannot just cap damage dealt by players to players so we don't get 1hitted? it would save a lot time of rebalancing items stats.We are not pking server and we don't need 'perfect pking'. Deaths. yes another money sink and im 100% for it. only would help eco.
  4. These ones bothered me and other dungers after release of dung (way longer than 5 moths xD) statue's is invisible if npc are standing on them If u press gatestone teleport(Not group) gatestone will dissapear if u doing animations/moves/action like dying, fixing pillar, harvesting and so on. many ppl who dont know about this lose their gates due this. also kris added formula for increased primal items drop rate boost from bosses depending on party size, floor size and team members levels. but feels the same rare af, need a boost.(maybe the formula not even working) charms in dung need to be sellable for good ammount of cash, values can be found in rs wikia. key doors blocks/wallblocks/statues/skilling doors blocks etc. should be fixed, very anoying. Overall pathing is not that great should be improved on it. For statues and blocks, for example if u standing at south side of statue it won‘t find path to north, north-west, north-east, it only walks if u press straight west, east or south. spear attack animation is same in all combat styles(always uses stab animation)prob not impossible to change because we in rs3 cache? sometimes over original floor boundaries , can see more rooms, very confusing. example add correct herb skill req for making pots(now I believe u can make all pots with lvl 1 herb) in bulwark beast boss room can‘t take pickaxe and only pickaxes and crush attacks should brake his armour. gluttnonous behemoth dont heal up when eating from carcass can't poison arrows(u can use potion on arrows/ but poison effect is not applied) joining back to dung after u get kicked/log off/dced/ don't work. pretty frustrating when u almost finish dung floor and get dced and can't join back. hexhunter bow is still shit even after kris added accuracy formula for it, something is not working correctly, can be that bosses dont have correctly magic levels(if it this works here same as pre-eoc, not sure what formula kris used for it). My idea would be simply one, just make like a list of bosses and monsters which ones should be affected by hexhunter bow damage and accuracy boosts. That almost would be all bosses except blink, gravecreeper, dreadnaut, Rammernauts and Kal'Ger the Warmonger in range and melee phases. also a Skeletal warrior, a Skeletal archer (and all monsters with magic attacks) actually hex is working on most bosses, problem is the bosses. so bosses on which hex don't work should be looked. bonfire effect should not reset when starting dung. dung pots should be bindable Yk'Lagor the Thunderous don‘t get poisoned from spear(I believe so) Skeletal trio should drop arrows same tier as bow u get. Also saggitare boss dont dont drop arrows anymore .(there is no away to get sagittarian arrows atm) Pushing statue or block or going through toxin maze magical doors cause happearing in random place in dung, but goes back to original spot after some time. I see many is not happy how op blink is (I think blink have to be deadly) maybe it should receive a bit nerf(Im feeling blink is good now, just maybe for noobs it would help a bit). Some said kal‘ger and gravecreeper have to much hp maybe its true im not sure about it too, they are fine for me. If hp numbers was not added manually leave it at it is now. Dung perk should be reworked a bit. It don‘t double hm ammo u can bind. its now 1 pile of runes/arrows with perk but with perk it should allow u bind 2 piles of diffrent arrows/runes.After rework it should be that u can bind diffrent type of arrows+arrows or runes+arrows or runes + runes. Can attack bosses, mobs through doors. World-gorger Shukarhazh weaknesses doesn't work properly. https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/World-gorger_Shukarhazh Dung pet should be auto send to bank when u get it. now its gets cleared. Ring of kinship quick-switch buggy as hell Monsters level is not scaled by party size(boss scaling is good)(u get 140 lvl mobs to kill in gds.. in solo large(1:1) that level mobs should be only foundable at 5:5 size) can't kick last member of party hobgoblin geomancer doesn't heal himself if u using prayers. only draining pray points atm Will add more stuff to this list if I found out more bugs. Ik that Jordan is working on these but at this tempo it will take a year to finish it.
  5. 1.+ 2. prob 3.+- 4. 5.? 6. For real somehow sirenic should be boosted, no way t90 can cost that low. maybe add str range bonus. Sirenic should be much better than sup elite void.(maybe void still op?) 7.+
  6. Donating helps server, gambling no? hard to understand?
  7. Gambling makes community toxic, players gonna make easy money just doing nothing and so gonna hoard items, also if they lose bank they will leave server. Never liked gambling and overall its bad thing. I would only accept gambling if it have 50% or more tax, only this way it would give something good and that would be money sink.
  8. Pls Legendary, Ironman, HCIM hiscores should be based on total level, that would be much easier to track whos going to max next and these fisherman's going out of the way.
  9. I 100% agree with this, comp cape is too good to be easily achievable, now its actually easy reqs for comp and hard for comp t, reqs should be hard for reg comp and very hard for comp t and my idea for comp t reqs would be that comp t reqs should touch every content of game we offer.
  10. Kusiaka


    only if high taxing is added, for now no.