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    Introduction Alright guys. It's me. Back with a more detailed and very in-depth description of this event, with all the numbers worked out and everything. My Google Docs link will be included at the bottom so you can see the up-to-date changes I may continue to make after posting this thread. This is just to get this idea out in the open and receive some all around feedback from the community about this idea, to see if there's any potential flaws I could tweak, or any additions/removals that may need to be done. So I guess without further ado, here it is! What is Skilling Hour? Skilling Hour is an event that would take place 4 times a day, every 6 hours, allowing players to skill for a 30 minute session in a new area, providing them with a SLIGHT xp boost, less than that of ;;mz, to gain points based on the amount of skilling actions you perform in this 30 minute period. These points can be used to buy items out of the shop, including custom XP Lamps, Protean Packs, Small/Large Rune Pouches, and more! There are some higher priced items that will be well worth the time you'll spend participating in these events that you'll see as you read later down in this thread! This event was thought of in the hopes of bringing some of the community together for something other than a Boss Mass or LMS, or anything combat related really. This would be the first Skilling-Based community event in Ataraxia, and I would love to be a part of helping it come together and be implemented! Not only would players be able to grind for 30 minutes with some extra xp gain, but they would be rewarded for it. How does it work? Well each skill, because of the different rates at which you can perform actions, has a specific "rate" of which you acquire points. For example: Crafting can yield you roughly 2200-2300 actions in a 30 minute session, which would be granting you 10 Points per 90 Actions. While Fletching, only able to grant you roughly 600-700 actions in a 30 minute session, would grant you 10 Points per 25 Actions. Each skill was given a rate to make it to where, if you work at near max efficiency, you should be able to yield a point total between 200-300 Points per event. More realistically, 200-250. Each event would be a random skill out of the pool of available skills for the event. During that event, only actions for that skill would be counted and points awarded for. 60 Seconds prior to each event, there would be an announcement saying which skill had been chosen, that way all players planning to participate would have some time to get some necessary supplies if they weren't already in the bank. Once the announcement had been made, players would be able to use a command similar to ;;lms, that would teleport them to a waiting room with a 2-3 minute timer, allowing players to finish what they're doing, JUST like LMS. Once this "Waiting room" timer was up, all players in the waiting room would be teleported to the Event Zone, which would have all the skilling necessities you would need. Bank Booths, Trees, Fires, etc. No matter what skill is chosen, you would be able to do it in this zone. There would be a separate zone for fishing, also with a Bank booth added. Media will be showcased later in the thread. As soon as players are teleported from the waiting room to the Event Zone, the 30 minute session begins. Players will essentially "race" to see who can get the most points in a 30 minute period of time, for a bonus KotS-Like reward from a prize pool of a few items, along with a bonus 50 Points. The winner of this award would be recognized with a World Announcement, similar to if someone got a Pet Drop, or anything else. This incorporates a bit of competition into the event, rather than just a "I'm gonna grind solo and take my time" mentality. Also, the more efficient you are, the more points you earn, which makes getting shop rewards faster, which makes you happier. The items in the KotS-like reward pool currently are as follows: Medium Protean Pack, Varying Number of a single Portable Device, Small Amounts of Cash, 1 Mbox Some skills, such as Herblore, would have a specific action that is the ONLY action that would count for points. For example, given Herblore, making actual potions would be able to give points, while afk-grinding mud runes would not, as it would absolutely and entirely skew the whole system. What's the shop look like, Craftwork?? Glad you asked! The way the rates are set up at the moment, a player should be able to earn roughly 200-250 points per event. Shop prices are obviously just a rough idea of what they would be/how long it should take to obtain these items. So here's a list of the items I currently have and their respective prices. Keep in mind these can always be changed if a good majority may deem it "ridiculous" per se. Item Price (in points) Events Needed 250k XP Lamp -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event 500k XP Lamp -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events 1m XP Lamp -------------------- 750 Points -------------------- 3 Events Mystery Box -------------------- 200 Points -------------------- 1 Event SoF x2 Spin Ticket -------------------- 200 Points -------------------- 1 Event Viswax ----------------- 10 Points/1 Wax -------------------- 1 Event for Divine Loc Reset Small Protean Pack -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Medium Protean Pack -------------------- 750 Points -------------------- 3 Events Large Protean Pack -------------------- 1000 Points -------------------- 4 Events Small Rune Pouch -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Large Rune Pouch -------------------- 1000 Points -------------------- 4 Events Divine Herb III -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Rune Rock -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Magic Tree -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Box Trap -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Sumilicrum II -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Rocktail Bubble -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Hard Clue Scroll -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Elite Clue Scroll -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Supply Cache -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Crystal Pickaxe -------------------- 2500 Points -------------------- 10 Events Crystal Hatchet -------------------- 2500 Points -------------------- 10 Events Herbivore Perk -------------------- 10000 Points -------------------- 40 Events Divine Doubler Perk -------------------- 10000 Points -------------------- 40 Events Again, this is just a rough sketch of what the shop would look like. The 2 perks are based off the amount of time it would take to get them via Voting, which would be 10 days of on-point voting on all 5 sites, every 12 hours religiously. This is the same concept. If you participated in every event, at near max efficiency, for 10 days, you would have either perk as well. The introduction of the Crystal Tools in the shop is just an option. It's a second method for players to obtain these tools without afking at Harps for 2-3 hours at a time. Yeah it'll take longer, and is spaced out, but you're actually accomplishing something while being able to save up for the tools. Also, for players unable to donate for ;;prif perk or who don't have a 2250 total level yet, it offers them a step up in equipment from Dragon Tools. How could this be expanded? Well if this event were to get implemented, my thought would be that maybe sometime later down the line we could create a perk or two for this event, benefitting players. Both of which would be added to the shop regarding their price in ;;store. I've got two ideas so far for potential perks, if this became as popular an event as I'm anticipating. Perk 1: % Chance to occasionally double points received in event. (20 points instead of 10 @ action threshold occasionally) Perk 2: Enhances the XP-Boost in the Event Zone, making the xp gain slightly more worthwhile for participants. These are the skills that would be easy to implement at the moment. I'm working on ways to figure out how to configure rates for the left-out skills, aside from Hunter and Divination, both of which would require either a hefty amount of NPC's making the Zone crowded, or a LOT of space to put each tiered object. Those are things I'm trying to find ways around. Smithing is also hard to configure a rate for, due to the varying amounts of coal needed to make different tiered bars. Also finding a way to work around that. There are plenty more options of expansion for this idea, which is the whole point of making this thread. I want everyone who reads this to leave some sort of feedback as to what you think about this idea in general, along with possible fixes, or work-arounds to the skills mentioned above. Or anything, even. ALL feedback is MORE than appreciated. I can't get this perfected without some help. ^_^ Media This first one is the intended zone for this event. I have coordinates for all, if this is seriously thought about and they are needed to start working on implementing objects into the zone. This is a very wide open area with plenty of room to work with. There are no pre-existing objects to remove, which makes the coding part easier, as there are no pathing issues we would run into. This next one is another possible zone for the event. It's also a wide open area, with no objects to remove. Plus there's SNOW! Who doesn't love snow?... Me and E36 were testing what some of the zone could look like, hence the Crystal Trees and Soul Altar in the picture. Finally, the last picture is what the event zone would look like if the chosen skill were Fishing. I feel it would be easier to add in fishing spots to an area like this, and it also just fits the whole "Fishing" vibe. This is just optional. Depends on what you guys think! Extra Notes This took a long time to produce and get information/numbers/locations for, so please do me a favor and at least leave SOME sort of feedback, whether positive, negative, or neutral. I want to hear what the community thinks of this idea, and if you guys would actually be willing to participate. I'm going to be leaving a poll at the top of this for you guys to vote on which of the two initial event zones you guys would prefer, just to get an idea, so I could start mapping out the zone with objects. Huge thanks to everyone mentioned below for helping me out with minor things, and keeping me semi sane while developing this idea. They are all great people, and offer GREAT ideas, if you ever have any suggestions of your own you may want to have some help with! ***I'm looking for a way to make this more competitive, aside from the KotS-like reward! Give me ideas!*** Credits Craftwork - Started construction the idea. Found skilling action rates, and converted to point rates per x actions. Xolifar - Helped with a good portion of the base framework. Assisted in finding approximate action rates, along with some input about the shop items. Ash - HUGE help; Revisions made to framework of the event. Helped avoid potential flaws and provided possible fixes. Helped with item suggestions and pricing. Insisted on the Specific-Action skills, such as Herblore, so players couldn't abuse the system by grinding mud runes for 30 minutes. Arachnid - Provided the idea of the 1h timer after LMS to prevent overlap. Great idea that I hadn't thought of myself. Assisted in some pricing. E36 - Helped a huge amount in finding coordinates for possible event zones, along with ideas of how they would look once objects were added in. Provided a bit of clarity as to how each zone would be mapped out. Will - Pretty much a brainstorming buddy through this process. We ran through ideas, and he helped establish what ideas would and wouldn't be too game-breaking, also what could and couldn't be abused. Xenthium - Helped provide some QoL changes to the framework, also allowing the event to be more unique to itself, and slightly more balanced. Edit Log 2/7/19: Changed prices of Divine Locations to require at LEAST 2 events, maybe 3 if you're performing under expectation for a single Location. 2/7/19: Changed price of Viswax from 20 points per wax to 40 points per wax, requiring a minimum of at LEAST 3 events, maybe 4, in order to have enough for a Divine Location reset. This is feesable, as most Ataraxia players aren't on for 8 hours at a time. It would most likely be done in different sessions. 2/8/19: Revised interval from 2h to 6h, changing frequency from 12x per day to 4x per day. This forced a change in prices due to how long it would be between each event. Got a dev's input and the frequency of 2h would result in players essentially expecting bonus xp more often. This provides more of a wait, and more of a uniqueness to the event. Public Suggestion Log Skylark Wolf -- Instead of points per actions, create a Stealing Creation-like system where you can deposit items for points. **In this sort of system, where making potions using herblore would cash in for maybe 1 point per 1 potion, ground mud runes would cash in for 1 point per 10, due to the speed difference, just to provide an idea about how this would work.** LOVE it
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    In-Game Name: 2595 Age: 21 Timezone: GMT+1, Nationality: Dutch Why do you want to be Support?: When I first joined Ataraxia, I, like most other new players, had two questions. Do I like this server? And do I like the people on this server? Both of these questions were positively answered within my first five minutes of playtime. I was wholeheartedly welcomed by both the players and the members of staff that were online. I was guided by some experienced players until I grew stronger.. Up until the moment they kicked me out of the nest to see if I could fly by myself. Luckily, I was able to. It is that amazing feeling when you get back home after a vacation that I want to provide to anyone logging into the server. Whether they’re completely new, veterans that have been playing for years, and everything that lies in between. Making sure that people enjoy their time on the server is of utmost importance to me, as I enjoy providing the same experience that I have had, and am still having. Ataraxia is an amazing server with a loving and dedicated community, including the Staff and the Developers. I am extremely happy to be a part of this community, and would be excited to be able to take it to the next level. What experience do you have?: I have held staff positions on three different servers, the smallest one was slightly larger than Ataraxia currently is. Does size matter? Well, I guess it’s up to the gentlemen in this case to decide. While this number might seem low, each of these periods exceeded a year and a half, and would end the same day the server closed. I’d like to think this shows my dedication to the places I have considered my online home. In terms of RuneScape experience itself, I have played since 2008. I haven’t played too much for the past 2 years, but when I do, it’s RS3. OSRS, while it’s great to have it, just feels like a RSPS with the EXP rate set to x1.. Meh, I just couldn't be bothered playing it. I love watching it on Twitch, though. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: Every new person that enters the staff team carries a certain level of risk. Do they perform well? How do they affect the rest of the team? Are they here to stay? I, without doubt, can reassure you that these risks are non-existent with me. I am in good contact with the current team and the rest of the community. I’ve played since the old days where Vichy was still in charge, which has ensured me that I know most that there is to know. My current weak spot, and I am completely transparent on that, is End-Game PvM knowledge. Working on it! All other aspects of the game are incredibly solid. I am confident that I hold the characteristics that make a great player; comradery, trustworthiness, honesty, and some lovable banter when the time is right. With Ataraxia improving and growing at the rate that it currently is, I foresee a great many things, continuing for a long, long time. And I’d love to be a part in that. How much free time do you have?: At a bare minimum, 4 hours per day. There might be days where it’s a bit less, but there have been, and will be many more days where my playtime session exceeds 4 hours. I am currently still in university, so exams are unfortunately still a thing. Depending on how the procrastinating monkey in my brain feels, you might see me a lot more or a lot less in the days leading up to those periods. Don't worry, I never suddenly disappear. I hate those people. Other notes: Those who know me already know this, but for those who don’t: I am direct, in a truthful way. This usually works in my favour, but in rare situations it does work against me. I know that, and I try my very best to pay attention to this. I never intend to hurt or offend anyone with what I say, but it has happened in the past. I believe some banter is great, and an absolute necessity to bond with each other. The only condition that must be met, is the presence of mutual respect. When there's no mutual respect, toxicity lurks closely. I really, really dislike toxicity. Thanks to everyone in advance for reading this, whoever you may be. And to the Staffteam, thank you in advance if this application will be taken into consideration.
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    To begin with I was sort of neutral and I had no opinion on you, which is a good/bad thing. Means I don't really see you often, timezones/me working would have a lot to do with that and you did explain that you're quiet. Which in my personal opinion is probably a bad thing as not many people know who you are, or how you act in certain scenarios. So I think having a bigger appearance across the community would be better before applying. But that also means you're not a problem player and haven't caused staff any strife. While Imodz's comment is totally unneeded and immature, you probably would of been better off ignoring him rather then trying to get a response with a witty remark. I can tell that it was made in bad taste. Based on things like that we sort of have to assume that it will be how you will act as a staff too. I think it would have been better to wait longer before applying as new spots are always opening up. A lot has changed since December. So with that being said your application is Denied But I do feel like you potentially have a chance in the future with more time and a bigger presence in the community and would like to see you apply in future.
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    Hello fellow players. My ign is Bluedrycola, Dave irl. Been playing runescape on and off since 2005. Back in elementary school we had ''computer class'' where every student had a computer (the classic Imac g3 haha) most of my classmates played the game, they showed me their bank and stuff and I was really impressed. Then I started playing and to this day I never really stopped haha. I've never had any 99's though, i'm shit at this game haha. Anyway im a legendary ironman, I don't type too much but im online alot these days. Anyway, take care y'all.
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    Ataraxia Updates #17 - Giant Mole - Massive balance changes - Boss Timers - A heap of General & Bug Fixes!!! [+] General Changes - You now receive 1 spin/day for Regular/Bronze, 2 for Silver, 3 for Gold, 4 for Platinum, 5 for Diamond and 6 for Master - Added World message to help newer players understand Hazelmere/Chime shop - Examining Ring of Wealth (c) will now show the Benefits: The best-in-slot ring available, providing the following bonuses: Acts as a Ring of Wealth, Ring of Slaying, Ring of Death and a 'perfect' ring - The experience rates for cooking fish has been changed to match Runescape - You can now Note and Un-note items by using them on Bank chests - T90 armour repairing has been reduced. Sirenic Scales, Tectonic Energy and Malevolent Energy now only repair 5% of the charges, instead of 10% - All Sirenic scale drops have been removed from Drop tables bar the high level Slayer monsters. They were added as Phippzy thought Sirenic was too rare on the previous version of Ataraxia. However, this lead to an overwhelming amount of Scales. They are now Tertiary only with an odd few on Bosses/Late-game Slayer - All GWD1, Ganodermic and Misc Slayer items have been removed from the Chime shop sellables. The intention of this shop is to sacrifice your good armour & weapons for the valuables in the shop. It lead to way too many people just camping Gano's for a few days. - You can no longer repair: Decimation, Annihilation & Obliteration and they also now degrade to dust - Diamond Zone has been added to Member Teleports - Lottery now has a chance to award a player with an Investor bet in the next active Lottery - Drygore mace attack speed has been increased to match the Runescape 3 system - Pest control experience rewards have been increased 3x - Swift gloves will now activate 50% less - The Mining Golem outfit is now in rotation! Check out the benefits here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Magic_golem_outfit - A few items have been rotated out, however, some have been added! Check out the SoF and I'm sure you'll come across the [+] Rare Item Token Rotation Swag. [+] Giant Mole - Giant Mole has been added! - The Mole is Instanced, and you can set spawn speeds just like various other bosses. - There is also hardmode if you're up for a challenge. - Similar to Runescape, the Mole will burrow and run away from you, you'll have to navigate her Caves to find her and kill her. - Giant mole drops various Herblore ingredients and Farming supplies for Ironmen.. As well as this.. awe...some? Pet - Currently an issue with Deathtouched darting the Mole! Don't waste your darts. [+] Boss Timers - Boss Timers have been added - When you begin a kill on any Boss, the timer will begin, and it will end when you deal the killing blow. - You'll then receive a printed time for that kill, so jot them down and get comparing to other people! - In the future, there are plans to add Boss timers as requirements for Completionist etc. - So get those fast kills ready! - There has been limited testing done on the Boss timers so please report all potential bugs you find [+] Item Bonuses Overhaul -- Balancing - Snowie, Nik and I have been working closely in attempt to balance the 3 combat styles. - Now, it's extremely hard to make these things perfect. But after a few days, and countless hours of me changing numbers.. I think we're getting closer. - We're not all the way there yet, which is where you come in. Check the changes out on the Live game and tell me your thoughts. - We want all Combat styles to be relevant, ofcourse some bosses would be better to use Range over Mage or Melee over Range, but overall we want the Combat styles to be relatively interchangeable. - Sooooooooo... Here's what we did - I tried using a Spoiler.. Just didn't work sooo Enjoy the massive spam: Melee 1-Hander Drygore Longsword - Changed to 215 Accuracy & 215 Strength from 245/200 Drygore Rapier - Changed to 215 Accuracy & 215 Strength from 215/185 Drygore Mace - Upped attack speed by one tick, changed to 215 Accuracy & 190 Strength from 255/215 Ripper Claws - Lowered Strength bonus by -20 Blade of Nymora - Lowered Strength bonus by -20 (it's faster) Melee 2h Noxious Scythe - Accuracy lowered to 300 from 345 Ranged Ammo Araxyte Arrow - Lowered Accuracy to 20 from 55 Ascendri Bolt - Lowered Accuracy to 30 from 100 Ascension Bolt - Lowered Accuracy to 20 from 85 Magic Dual wield Seismic Wand - Changed to 165 Accuracy from 65 Seismic Singularity - Changed to 75 Accuracy from 65 Magic 2h Obliteration - Changed to 180 Accuracy from 80 Noxious Staff - Changed to 200 Accuracy from 100 Ranged Armour Sirenic Mask - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 24 & 30 Sirenic Hauberk - Changed to 40 Accuracy & 12 Strength from 48 & 50 Sirenic Chaps - Changed to 32 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 45 & 40 Superior Morrigan's Coif - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 20 & 26 Superior Morrigan's Leathertop - Changed to 35 Accuracy and 12 Strength from 46 & 45 Superior Morrigan's Chaps - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 40 & 30 Anima core of Zamorak Helm - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 5 Strength from 20 & 20 Anima core of Zamorak Body - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from 42 & 35 Anima core of Zamorak Legs - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 38 & 30 Refined Anima core of Zamorak Helm - Changed to 23 Accuracy & 6 Strength from 23 & 25 Refined Anima core of Zamorak Body - Changed to 30 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 42 & 35 Refined Anima core of Zamorak Legs - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from 41 & 35 Pernix Cowl - Changed to 4 Strength from 20 Pernix Body - Changed to 24 Accuracy & 7 Strength from 38 & 35 Pernix Chaps - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 6 Strength from 25 & 30 Melee Armour Malevolent Helm - Changed to 25/25/25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 5/5/5 & 5 Malevolent Top - Changed to 40/40/40 Accuracy & 12 Strength from 10/10/10 & 8 Malevolent Legs - Changed to 32/32/32 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 8/8/8 & 6 Superior Statius' Helmet - Changed to 25/25/25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from 3/3/3 & 3 Superior Statius' Platebody - Changed to 35/35/35 Accuracy & 12 Strength from 7/7/7 & 5 Superior Statius' Platelegs - Changed to 28/28/28 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 5/5/5 & 4 Superior Vesta's Platebody - Changed to 35/35/35 Accuracy & 14 Strength from trash Superior Vesta's Platelegs - Changed to 28/28/28 Accuracy & 12 Strength from trash Anima core of Zaros Helm - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 5 Strength from trash Anima core of Zaros Body - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from trash Anima core of Zaros Legs - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 8 Strength from trash Refined Anima core of Zaros Helm - Changed to 23 Accuracy & 6 Strength from trash Refined Anima core of Zaros Body - Changed to 30 Accuracy & 10 Strength from trash Refined Anima core of Zaros Legs - Changed to 28 Accuracy & 9 Strength from trash Emberkeen Boots - Changed to 15/15/15 Accuracy & 10 Strength from 0/0/0 & 15 Jewelry Brawler's Knockout Necklace - Changed to 20/20/20 Accuracy from 10/10/10 Farsight Sniper's Necklace - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 13 Strength from 25 & 0 Arcane Stream Necklace - Changed to 20 Accuracy & 13 Strength from 14 & 15 Brawler's Blood Necklace - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 15 Strength from 15 & 14 Farsight Blood Necklace - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 15 Strength from 28 & 0 Arcane Blood Necklace - Changed to 25 Accuracy & 15 Strength from 17 & 16 Ring of Death - Changed to 11 Magic & Ranged Strength from 1 & 0 Reaper Necklace - Added 6 Ranged Strength Deathtouched Bracelet - Changed to 20 Melee, Mage & Ranged attack from 0, 20 & 0, Changed all Strengths to 10 Gloves Ascension Grips - Changed Accuracy to 30 & Strength to 10 from 25 & 0 Razorback Gauntlets - Changed Accuracy to 30 & Strength to 10 from 20 & 15 Celestial Handwraps - Changed Strength to 10 from 3 [+] Bug Fixes - Widow's wail is now properly un-usable past 70 attack/str/defence - Calquat Tree seed can now be added to a Plant pot - Legendary title is now working - T87 items will no longer turn to Null when degrading in some cases - Bonecrusher will now take priority over the Drop Catcher (it'll crush bones instead of drop catcher picking them up) - Dreadnips are no longer able to kill other player's Familiars - Fixed an issue with Soul siphoner perk box only adding $10 to your total donated instead of $15, if this happened to you, contact me and i'll restore the missing $5 - The Tree Gnome Village clue location is now accessible - You can now walk across the log on Karamja - You can now switch to the Intermediate game mode via Nastroth Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele
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    first player in game with all 3 codex's :}
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    in-game Name: the flow.What is your time played?: currently at 1,342 hours ingame.Do you have a lot of free time to test?: Yes i do online schooling for a few hours a day but other then that i can test anytime.What content are you looking forward to testing?: to be honest i'm looking forward to testing anything that will make the experience better for both our long term players and newer players to the server.How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: i would say i'm quite knowledgeable on most bosses as my main focus has always been pvm.
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    I definitely support this idea. It's very well thought out and constructed. Hope this gets implemented soon!
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    Would definitely use some fine tuning as people have already replied about in the thread.. But all around I think the idea is really neat and could do nothing but positively add to the server. Hope it gets looked further into, nice job man.
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    As far as the points per actions goes, you run into that problem with most skills, so I may find another way to develop the point system, or make it a skill similar to herblore where only certain actions award points (Making potions during herblore events would, while grinding mud runes would not). But yes, this would be possible. It would just take me finding more rates per different actions. ^_^ I LOVE this idea! Absolutely 100% love it. Very very nice touch, and would provide an easier developing for our Dev Team. Just adding which items cash in for how many points. Thanks for the feedback and great ideas! Love it! ❤️
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    Love this idea! My only worry is how the points based on actions would work, for example, some actions, like cutting gems, is far faster than crafting dragonhide, could you get the same amount of points crafting armour as you could cutting gems? (I would like to point out I have no programming experience so would have no idea if this is even possible but) Maybe impliment it in a sort of 'Stealing Creations' way? points awarded for placeing the item you crafted, cut, or mined into a deposit box and cashing them in for points. Reguardless I love the idea, and would find an event like this super fun.
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    A) Yeah I get where you're coming from with the low amount of events, but you gotta think. They'd be roughly 6h apart. So 18h for 1m XP. And if you want to consider the 2nd part of this, where 24ish events = 99, You'd be waiting roughly 144 hours for a 99, which is extremely long for a 99. That's where the event interval comes into play. Initially, it was going to be 2h intervals, which would've made that extremely broken, making a 99 take roughly 2 days or 48 hours. B) Refer back to the interval timing. Yes it's only 1.5 hours of work, however you'd be waiting nearly 1 full week to have 1 99 by this method. Which, even as an ironman, could be achieved in MUCH quicker fashion outside of this event. And I haven't really thought about the XP Rate Change, but that's a great mention, I'll be sure to think of some options for this! Thank you for your feedback! That's where my head was at when I came up with the idea! ^_^ Every event we have currently is either PvM, PK, or Giveaway based. Adding in a skilling event to the list would create a very unique change, and give players a new way to obtain tools only obtainable through donating/2250 total level, along with another method of getting 2 of the more useful skilling-related perks ingame. And the rewards that are in place right now, as mentioned in the thread, are just a base framework to provide an idea to players about what COULD be in the shop. Any item could be added/removed/changed in price, etc. I just wanted the shop to be nearly 100% skilling rewards, as it's a 100% skilling minigame; this also prevents economical disaster by abusing the event to receive pricy items and such. It's just a work in progress. I appreciate your feedback Opi! Much love ❤️
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    I really like this idea, and nicely constructed with relative information.I am all for a skilling event, there seems to be a lot of events in relation to pvm and combat orientation here. It would be nice for us to have a lil' something for the skillers in us all. I couldn't say much on the rewards, as that would be something to discuss with the staff, but think you're going in the right direction here with this event! Great work Craft 🙂
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    Woodcutting is an important skill because the logs you collect will be used to Fletching and Firemaking. I will add pictures to this guide soon and this guide is a work in progress so I will slowly be completing it over the next few days. I will go over the most practical method to approach Woodcutting if your intention is to eventually max your account. On a side note, I will also include other way to level for those that decide to chose that path. The woodcutting perk is an option if you choose to purchase it. I did not purchase the perk because I found the benefits of the perk weren't really super beneficial to me. I would invest in the fletching perk instead as that will save you SO MUCH TIME. It will be important that you get the Dragon Hatchet as this will help you cut logs faster in the future when you get to those higher tiered trees. To get the dragon hatchet you will either need to kill DKS or get it from the crystal key box which would be the better choice and is less risky. If you wanted to take this a step further I would suggest you crystalize the hatchet if you have access to Prif. If you are unable to get the Dragon or Crystal Hatchet another option is the Inferno Adze which we will talk about when we discuss Firemaking because when start firemaking you will need to do more woodcutting to collect the logs. If you have the ability to get the minimum donor rank and get access to the Memberzone the Dramen tree will be your best friend. The dramen tree when chopped will give you all of the logs talked about in this guide which is really helpful for being able to maximize your time. Woodcutting: The fastest method for Woodcutting isin't really all that practical if you plan to also do Firemaking and Fletching because you will gain little to no logs and will need to spend further time gaining the logs to complete Firemaking and Fletching which will cost you a ton of time. With the fastest method in mind this would require you to drop the logs which would not be optimal if your plan is to max. 1-15: For levels 1-15 I would do normal logs South of Seers Village. The area has quite a few trees and there is a grouping of three that would be a great place to start. 15-30: For levels 15-30 I would highly suggest Oak trees. There is a plethora of Oak trees near the bank south of Seers Village. 30-45: for levels 30-45 I would suggest Willow trees in Draynor Village. There is a bank nearby if you wanted to bank them for use later. 35+: On the off chance you are just doing woodcutting and have no plan to do Fletching or Firemaking Teak Trees would be a decent option. The Jungle teleport under the woodcutting section will teleport you to the enclosure where there is teak trees. If you are planning on doing teaks it would be impractical to bank them and you will most likely be power chopping these. Power chopping is where you chop and then you drop allowing you to stay in the same area and maximize your gains. I would really suggest you stray away from this unless if for some reason you are just looking to maximize your gains. 45-60: Once you reach level 45 Maples become a good option. These logs should be banked as you will need these for when you start fletching and firemaking. 50+: If you are looking into the future Mahogany logs may be a good choice. These logs can only be found at the Jungle teleport under woodcutting and will play a pivotal role in Construction as you will need to make your own planks and to do that you will need to have the logs. 60-75: At level 60 you are able to chop yews. Yews can be found in the graveyard outside the church south of the bank in Seers Village. 66+: If you are only concerned about maximizing your gains for Woodcutting Ivy becomes an option at 66 woodcutting. Keep in mind that Ivy provides no logs so this is purely just for Woodcutting XP. The spot I would choose is in Varrock. There is a million other spots that you can choose to chop. 75-90: Magic trees are further south than the yews in the graveyard south of Seers Village. It becomes important that you have a good hatchet once you start to chop Magics because they are slow and will take awhile to get a full inventory. Using the best hatchet you can will ensure you are collecting at the best rate possible. 90-99: Elder trees are the best trees available in Ataraxia. It is really important you have the crystal hatchet for these as they are very slow to collect so having the best hatchet available to you will be helpful. They are spread around 10 different location. Elder trees can be found in... - The tree gnome stronghold, North of Falador, Near the magic trees in Lletya, North of the Legends guild, South of yanille, South of varrock, West of remington, near edgeville, North of wizards tower, and near the piscatoris hunter area. I am not sure if all of these trees work but figured I would list them here regardless. I had about 17k actions for 99 woodcutting. I have heard of people having less but my 17k includes a lot of woodcutting dailies so maybe that's why mine is quite a bit higher. The other individual I talked to also had the Woocdutting perk and I do not have that perk.
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    In-Game Name: Space but I also play on Woodcutting. Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern United States (GMT-5). Why do you want to be support?: I am interested in the support position because I feel like I could be a benefit to the server in the position. I believe the support role on a server is important to welcome new members and be the initial point of contact for members of the community for issues or questions regarding the server. Supports are able to handle most of the questions and issues and provide assistance to the rest of the staff on Ataraxia. I hope to be that person people feel comfortable going to and having a conversation with about anything and knowing that their question or issue will receive the care and consideration that it deserves because everything is important no matter the content. What experience do you have?: I have been playing RSPS on and off since about 2011. I started in the RSPS scene developing a RSPS with my brother. We used a 317 base and typically the server loaded nothing higher than a 562. Besides that I have been moderators on a few different servers over the years but over the past two years I have really just been a player not having desired any staff roles. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I believe that everyone has something of value to bring to the table so it’s hard for me to tell you what makes me better than someone else. What I bring to the table is a drive to make the community better as a whole. Whether that be through providing support and insight to players in-game or through the discord. Also because of my shift work I have the ability to cover different hours of the day depending on my shifts which allows for more staff coverage at the times where there may be less people on. Like I said above when I am on days I play between the hours of 0700-1900 EST and when i am on nights I play between the hours of 1900-0700 EST. On my days off I play a combination of days, evenings, and late nights it just depends. I know I am not the most boisterous player and I am rather reserved with my communications but because I am reserved I am not quick to lose my temper in times where that may be tested. On the downside, I do not have a lot of experience with the end game content offered on Ataraxia because I have not really invested much time into the PvM aspect of the game. I am traditionally more of a skiller than a PvMer so I lack in ability to assist people with end game content on Ataraxia. I do however have a maxed main on RS3 and much of the content is similar so I could try my best. I also really only utilize my hci account which is great for providing support to the Iron community but methods that we utilize to gain xp may be different than methods normal players use which I may not have much experience with but then again I do play rs3 and methods are similar. I am a quiet and reserved player so I may not be as well known on the server which I hope is not a huge issue. How much free time do you have?: My free time while I am on my rotation is between the hours of 0700-1900 on my day shifts and 1900-0700 on my night shifts. When I am on my days off my free time varies but it could be anywhere from days, evenings, or nights. Other notes: I did just recently come back from a rather large break from the game. I officially started playing in September of 2018 a few days after the server reopened and I played until around mid December. I came back about 2 weeks ago now and I was gone for personal reasons. I also have an interest in assisting people with game related issues or support tickets if that is something you guys need assistance with. Thank you for the consideration for the Server Support rank on Ataraxia and good luck to all of the other applicants!
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    I think this idea is really neat, but if I attend 3 of those events I can get enough points for a 1m xp lamp? That means like 24ish of those events and I can have a 99? How will this affect ironmen? Spending 1.5 hours for 1m xp seems like a lot. How does this scale to the xp rates? Is the 1m lamp for Novice only at the 100% rate so for the ironman rate it would be 5% of the 1m XP?
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    Hey guys; I used to have a Goals page up but I think I ended up deleting it when I went through a lot of personal matters thinking I wouldn't be on for quite some time, and I finally decided I would make a new one! I'm gonna be listing my goals for my Legendary account, including skills/drops/etc. If you guys could think of any other reputable goals that I haven't or aren't in here, feel free to leave some feedback! All is welcome! I will leave an update section at the bottom so you guys can keep track of what all changes each time I update this post, which will probably be about once a week or so hopefully. ^_^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Account Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pet Trackers (Credits to Will) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comp Reqs ///// Comp(T) Reqs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KEY COMPLETE IN PROGRESS NOT STARTED *** = Pet Achieved ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills 99 Attack (99/99) 99 Strength (99/99) 99 Defense (99/99) 99 Ranged (99/99) 99 Magic (99/99) 99 Prayer (99/99) 99 Hitpoints (99/99) 99 Summoning (99/99) 99 Runecrafting (99/99) 99 Construction (99/99) 99 Agility (66/99) 99 Herblore (99/99) *** 99 Thieving (90/99) *** 99 Crafting (99/99) *** 99 Fletching (99/99) *** 99 Slayer (99/99) *** 99 Hunter (80/99) 99 Mining (86/99) 99 Smithing (99/99) 99 Fishing (99/99) *** 99 Cooking (99/99) 99 Firemaking (99/99) 99 Woodcutting (99/99) 99 Farming (92/99) 99 Divination (60/99) 120 Dungeoneering (84/120) 2595 Total (2439/2595) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS / GOLD (Cash will be updated based on max stack ever) 100M Cash 250M Cash 500M Cash 1B Cash 2B Cash (1192m) Dom Tower Glove Set Glacor Boot Set (Steads + Glaivens + Ragefires) Upgraded Glacor Boot Set (Glaivens) Superior Elite Void (All Sets + Gloves + Deflector) Chaotic Set (Rapier) Drygore Set Ring of Death Amulet of Souls Ascension Crossbow Decimation Bow Nox Weapon Set Ports Armor Sets (Tetsu) Ports Superior Armor Sets (Death Lotus) All T70 Defenders (Melee + Ranged + Mage) All T80 Defenders All T90 Defenders Fire Cape All 3 Kiln Capes Max Cape Completionist Cape Completionist Cape (T) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC. All Boss Pets (1/29) -- (0/8 Araxxor Pets) All Skilling Pets (8/18) Easy Achievements (13/16) Medium Achievements (7/13) Hard Achievements (7/16) Elite Achievements (3/18) Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member ($217/250) Diamond Member ($217/500) 3 Forum Threads 5 Forum Threads (4/5) 10 Forum Threads (4/10) 25 Forum Threads (4/25) 10 Forum Posts 50 Forum Posts (48/50) 100 Forum Posts (48/100) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accolades and Achievements Player of the Month - January 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honorable Mentions E36 One of the best friends I've made on this server. Always very helpful and friendly. Gz on well-deserved mod, bb ^_^ Hot Milo Another great friend; also part of our incredible staff team. Never fails to do a tremendous job. Will Is always drunk and is fantastic to have conversations with at like 2am when he's ever online that late. xD Hillbilly Let him leech 99 Slayer... Twice.. Once on Expert, and once on Legendary. xD Great friend and always has great conversation. 😛 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all of the goals I wish to achieve at the moment; nothing spectacular but being a Legendary, it'll take a while! As I mentioned earlier, if anyone has any sort of feedback regarding other potential goals (Once I start bossing, I may introduce Boss KC's as a few), don't hesitate to say something! I'm practically always online for the most part, and I'm going to be a lot more active here on the forums, so if you see me, say hey! I'll respond, I promise! ^_^ ***Update Log*** Jan 9, 2019: Created a Very Basic Goals List; Much more to come soon! Jan 15, 2019: Updated Smithing/Firemaking/Woodcutting/Herblore; Wasn't on much over the bxp weekend but got my Venosaur Jan 22, 2019: HUGE gains this past bonus xp weekend. Added about 4 99's, got 2 or 3 pets including Crabbe ^_^, and been saving up some money for an ascension soon. Jan 28, 2019: Even bigger gains. A solid 50 hour increase in playtime, with plenty of progress to show for it. Maxed combat, obtained an asc bow, made some cash, achieved my glacor boot set (Time to work towards upgrades), and have hit 42m Slayer XP. Also added in 2 more sections to this thread. Feb 6, 2019: HUGE Update to the thread. Massive XP gains, and we've broke the 300 total level mark til Max. Also added in a few screenshots to make the goals a bit more visual instead of just text-based. Put in a lot of hours this past week, and the xp gains show. I've also hit roughly 70m Slayer XP and the grind to 120 continues. Plan on maxing within the next 2-3 weeks. Feb 12, 2019: Another massive update to the thread. Got another 2-3 99's, along with 2 skilling pets (Smithing and Construction). Also obtained my first boss pet, Chik'arra! ❤️ I've also broken the 100 Total Level mark before I max out my Legendary Account. It's been such a grind, and the last skills I have are the most "grindy" of them all. I start my new job the night of the 18th, so I'm going to try to max before then, but I doubt it. If not before, shortly after. I'll definitely be maxing over the x4 Weekend (Feb 22-25). Love the Support!
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    Hi guys Got a bit of a suggestion. I don't know if any one else is of this opinion, but I think that the Dungeoneering armors (Primal, Sagittarian, Celestial) and weapons look fly. It's a bit of a shame that you can only get them in the dungeons. I think it'd be another armor set that we could get or even if it was just a cosmetic you could get from dung tokens or an achievement. Maybe u get all the pieces of the primal equipment, or the cosmetic set, for killing 100 of a certain dungeoneering npc. I don't know how hard this would be to code or if it's even possible. I thought it would be a cool idea if implemented. I know i'd appreciate it, hopefully others would too. As this is my first post on the forums I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you to Jaedmo, to all the mods, developers and everyone who works on this server. It's great coming home to a well built server with plenty of features that i can sit, relax and play. Genuinely takes a lot of stress out of my life. regardless of whether this suggestion makes it through, you guys are seriously awesome! Oblivious2u
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    Really like this! nice work. Trusted rank would be awesome for those looking for services and MM I suppose which is nice to know, also potentially boxing against so nice work!
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    I think this is something that may be better suited for the discord. Roles to distinguish some of the people from others based on gamemode, comp/comp t.
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    Official Ataraxia Staff Team As of 2/14/2019 Owner Jaedmo Administrator Uzi Sysadmin Noele Developer _Jordan Arham 4 lare96 Xenthium Global Moderator Hot Milo Moderator Arachnid E36 Snowie Support Nik 2595
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    Hello all, Below will be some information regarding donations & how they work. Hopefully this can cover up any confusion and answer any questions you may have! First of all, I would like to touch upon how donations actually work here on Ataraxia. The donation system may be unlike other systems that you may be used to. Here at Ataraxia, you donate for anything you'd like in the store and then are awarded the donator rank that corresponds with the total amount of money you have donated. For example, if you purchase Key Expert and x25 SoF Spins, your total would be 20$. You would then be awarded with the Bronze Donator Rank along with whatever you donated for. This system continues all the way through the Master Rank. Donator Ranks Bronze - $20 Silver - $50 Gold - $100 Platinum - $250 Diamond - $500 Master - $1,000 There are two zones here at Ataraxia. These two zones are the Members Zone and the Platinum Zone. The Members Zone can be accessed by anyone who is Bronze Donator + and the Platinum Zone can be accessed by anyone Platinum Donator +. These two zones are both incredibly convenient and are XP wonderlands. Below will be some of the features of both zones along with some media! Benefits Bronze Donors + all have access to a brand new Members Zone exclusive shop. This shop contains items that will make your journey even more convenient. Along with the Members Zone exclusive shop, Platinum Donors+ also have access to the Platinum Zone shop! This store contains some of the same items, but they are noted with a greater stock to make it even easier to purchase. This store also contains the new 'perfect' ring and no, it's not what you think. This Ring while worn has all-around stats, it's approximately a Bring (i)/Seers ring (i)/Archers ring all combined minus a few stats. It also gives you a 4% chance to double the drop you get from monsters. That means if you get Bandos tassets and this triggers, you'll get 2...! Gold Members+ have the ability to toggle all Bones and Ashes to drop noted! So whenever you kill a dragon or a demon/strykewyrm the ashes/bones will drop noted. Making it much easier to get those prayer levels. Diamond Members+ have the ability to toggle all drops to note! This means that if you kill any monster, you'll get noted drops. Have fun camping stuff for days without your inventory ever filling. Platinum Donors+ have access to a Custom Instance. The portal located in ;;pz or the Platinum Member's Zone can open an instance for the following Creatures: Graardor, Kree'arra, Zilyana, K'ril, Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental, Dagannoth Rex, Prime & Supreme, Tormented demons, Ganodermic Beasts, Dark Beasts, Abyssal Demons, Rune, Mithril, Steel, Iron and Celestial dragons, Kal'gerion Demons, Automaton Tracer, Guardian and Generator, Hydrix, Onyx and Dragonstone Dragons! Members Zone Accessed by clicking on "Members Zone" in the quest tab Can also be accessed by typing in the command ;;mz Members Zone Features Convenient Banking Convenient NPC's such as GE Clerk, Herb Decanter, and Hide Tanner Blurite Ore Dramen Tree Rocktail & Cavefish Shoals Gem Stall Smithing Anvil & Furnace Prayer Altar Elemental Obelisks Media Platinum Zone: Accessed by typing in the command ;;pz Platinum Zone Features Convenient Banking Convenient NPC's such as Lady Ithell, Hefin Monk, and Pikkupstix Corrupted Seren Stone for easy prayer experience Dramen Tree & Crystal Tree Shard Blurite Ore & Gem Rock Seren Stone Harp & Glass Machine Hero for Thieving Pre-Placed Divine Herb I-III, Box Trap, Deadfall Trap, Ores, Trees, & Fishing! All of the divine locations are unlimited, but please keep your daily limit in mind! Purchase the Divine Doubler Perk for DOUBLE the daily limit. Media: Diamond Zone: Accessed by typing in the command ;;dz Diamond Zone Features Our most content filled zone yet. Convenient Banking Soul Altar Diamond Ore (Mineable Protean Bars) Dream Tree (Cuttable Protean Logs) Diamond Stall (Protean Items + High Level Skilling Materials) Great White Shark Fishing Exclusive Diamond Zone creature (corpse spider) Multiple Skilling Options Boss Portal Room (;;bp) Contains the following teleports directly to the boss: Legio Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus & Sextus. Godwars: Saradomin/Bandos/Zamorak/Armadyl & Zaros. GWD2: Helywr, Vindicta , Gregorovic & Twin Furies. Media:
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    You actually received all of the rewards.
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