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    Ataraxia Updates #9 - Last Man Standing Minigame - Nex Instances - Heaps of your suggestions - The Discounter Perk - Voting Buff - Customised Loot beams!! [+] Store Sale Rotation - 25% off the Discounter! & to celebrate having Nex instances, 15% off most of the perks you'll want vs Nex! This includes: Prayer Betrayer, Familiar Expert, Petchanter, The Pyromaniac & Charge Befriender! [+] Squeal of Fortune Rotation - You can now find the Shark outfit in Squeal of Fortune, read up on the details here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Fury_shark_outfit [+] General Changes - Ring of Wealth (c) (Ring of Death & 'Perfect' ring) will now give the Perfect ring effects also - King of the Skill is now fully functional, your old accounts should be usable. There'll be an announcement with more detail but, relog for now and check discord for an announcement shortly. - You can now sell degraded Sirenic/Malevolent & Tectonic for Chimes - There's a new spiffy Completionist Cape interface, check it out by clicking the Requirements on the cape rack at home - The price of godswords to sell for Chime have been increased - You can now sell Dagannoth King rings for Chime - There is no longer a daily cap on the amount you can donate to the Well of Goodwill - Receiving a corruption sigil will now broadcast to the world - Robin Hood Hat/Ranger Boots from KBD now announce - Voting now gives double the coins, you have a 1/100 chance per vote to receive 20 spins, and a 1/500 chance per vote to get a deathtouched dart - Chime price for anima core has been reduced - You can now get an Edimmu pet from killing Edimmu's 1/2500 chance - Glacors now drop custom pets, Enduring Glacyte, Unstable Glacyte & Sapping Glacyte. 1/1500 chance - You can no longer @everyone in the Discord Channel - You can now get Hard clues from Skilling - Araxxor pets (other than Barry/Mallory) will now display the Player's araxxor kc when examined - Halloween Shop & Pumpkins have been removed - Prifddinas Herb patch, Tree patch and Fruit Tree patch all function now, they have no animation but you can still plant there - Wilderness Herb patch functions, ^ - You can now check your bonfire boost with the buff timers command - Red dragons & Aquanites will now track kills - Members promoted to Support will now broadcast - Your constructed objects will now be counted, no outfit yet, but will be in the future - Iffie's Costume Shop has arrived, check her in the Varrock Clothing Shop, she'll sell Lederhosen, Mime, Zombie and more! - Turmoil now leeches properly for Range/mage - You can now Fish Karambwan, there's a Cage-spot at ;;mz and at the Fishing Guild - Melee Barrows Brother's magic defence bonuses have been reduced - You can now exit out and enter the Fremennik cave - Huge XP Lamp exp has been buffed - Slayer task streaks will give more points - Archeron Mammoth tasks have been disabled [+] Nex Instances - You can now create Nex instances, just like other bosses you'll be able to fight Nex by yourself, with friends in the comfort of your personal instance. - A lot of people requested this and Jordan managed to get it done! [+] Last Man Standing - Last Man Standing is our variation on a Battle Royale. Every two hours, a LMS game will begin, you can type ;;lms to join, there are different rewards that you can get and it'll broadcast which it is. - Prizes can range from 25m coins to a Trickster set. - There are 6 different Game modes available and they'll be randomised. Dharoks, Berserker, T80 Melee, T90 Melee & Range/Mage Boxing. Prayer is enabled, as is Multi, so best start finding teams to compete with. - If you are lucky enough to end up the last person alive, you get "Tortured Souls" to the amount of kills you got. You can spend these in the Ataraxian Soul Exchange: - Buy Mystery boxes and try your luck at some good items, or buy patches to create Superior PVP Armour (t88) - Or save for the Tiny Zem pet.. Or even, the Soul Reaper's Blade.. Don't bother asking details about it, you'll find them out if anyone ever gets one. - Good luck, may the odds be ever in your favour. [+] Item Bonuses Changes - Dragon Rider gear has been given more prayer bonus - Superior PVP armour has been given stats, it has slightly less attack bonuses than t90 yet substantially less defence bonuses - All Ring (i)'s have been buffed - Ring of Wealth (c) now has magic damage % - Ripper claws now have stats - Reworked some Magic/Range gear, made most of it give Ranged Str, made Virtus/Pernix stronger - Camel Staff now has stats - Off-hand Shadow Glaive has been buffed [+] The Discounter - The Discounter has been officially added to the store. This perk gives you: - 50% off Instances - 50% off Repairing items - 50% off resetting Reaper Assignments - Substantial discounts on Ports Ships It costs $15 and is on Sale for this week! [+] Hydrix Crafting - You can now buy Hydrix's from the Reaper Store with a purpose. - Simply cut the Hydrix, then use an Onyx Ring, Necklace, Amulet or Bracelet on the Hydrix to create the piece of Jewellery - Then use the Lvl-6 Onyx enchant on it to create the Powerful Reaper Jewellery! [+] Loot Beams & Reaper Store - Someone recently told me that the Reaper Store was boring.. So we've done some stuff to it. - Not only have we coded Hydrix Crafting to work.. But we've added Lootbeams. - These lootbeams look like this: - From left to right: Default Lootbeam, Rainbow Lootbeam, Sunshine Lootbeam, Christmas Present Lootbeam & the Music Lootbeam. - These Loot beams can all be bought from the Reaper store and enabled through your Lootbeam settings. - On top of this, we've added a cute pet for the Reaper store.. Tiny Death! [+] Drop Changes - Pure Essence drops from Glacors buffed along with the rate and amount of Shards of Armadyl - Rune Dragon drops have been buffed (the uniques) - Rockslugs and Cave Crawlers now drop NOTED pure essence as they should [+] Bug Fixes - Baby Trolls won't leave you anymore - 25k Crafting actions will now give the correct item - Ashes from TD's/Abby demons will now be the same - Araxxor reaper task is hopefully fixed - Elder bow now uses ammo and functions properly - T90 armour will now degrade properly, hopefully - Fixed Godwars bosses not counting properly for achievements - Skillchompas now have Ranged Str to prevent op actions - Dragon 2h Cbow now functions as a ranged weapon - Fixed slayer tasks not counting on achievements - Overload salves now have the prayer renewal effect - Vine whip will now spec - Annihilation has been given slash bonus to adjust for the incorrect combat tab Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Xenthium God i hope you guys like this one...
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    SKILLING PETS AGILITY - Dojo Mojo - 1/40000 --- CONSTRUCTION - Baby Yaga's House - 1/15000 --- COOKING - Ramsay - 1/20000 --- CRAFTING - Gemi - 1/20000 --- DIVINATION - Willow - 1/20000 --- DUNGEONEERING - Gordie - 1/5000 --- FARMING - Brains - 1/25000 --- FIREMAKING - Bernie - 1/20000 --- FISHING - Bubbles - 1/25000 --- FLETCHING - Flo - 1/30000 --- HERBLORE - Herbert - 1/30000 --- HUNTER - Ace - 1/30000 --- MINING - Rocky - 1/20000 --- RUNECRAFTING - Rue - 1/25000 --- SLAYER - Crabbe - 1/50000 --- SMITHING - Smithy - 1/30000 --- THIEVING - Ralph - 1/20000 --- WOODCUTTING - Woody - 1/20000 BOSS PETS General Graardor - General Awwdor - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- K'ril Tsutsaroth - K'ril Tinyroth - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Kree'arra - Chick'arra - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Commander Zilyana - Commander Miniana - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Dagannoth Prime - Prime Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Dagannoth Supreme - Supreme Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Dagannoth Rex - Rex Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Kalphite Queen - Kalphite Grublet - 1/2000 --- Kalphite King - Kalphite Grubling - 1/2500 --- Chaos Elemental - Ellie - 1/2000 --- Corporeal Beast - Corporeal Puppy - 1/2500 --- King Black Dragon - King Black Dragonling - 1/2500 --- Queen Black Dragon - Queen Black Dragonling - 1/1000 --- Nex - Nexterminator - 1/1000 --- Vorago - Bombi - 1/250 --- Vorago - Vitalis - 1/500 --- Legio Primus - Legio Primulous - 1/2500 --- Legio Secundus - Legio Secundulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Tertius - Legio Tertiolus - 1/2500 --- Legio Quartus - Legio Quartulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Quintus - Legio Quintulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Sextus - Legio Sextulus - 1/2500 --- Tztok-Jad - Tzrek-Jad - 1/50 Fight Caves --- Har'aken - Shrimpy - 1/50 Fight Kiln --- Gregorovic - Greg - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Helwyr - Lilwyr - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Twin Furies - Ava - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Twin Furies - Nylessa - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Vindicta & Gorvek - Vindiddy - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Vindicta & Gorvek - Rawrvek - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Bill Dave Gavin Lana Pete Steve Barry Mallory Araxxor/Araxxi - 1/800~ Each MISC PETS Frost Dragon - Frosty - 1/2000 --- Edimmu - Eddy - 1/2500 --- Glacor - Enduring Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Glacor - Unstable Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Glacor - Sapping Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Automatons - Cresbot - 1/2500 I KNOW SOME SHIT IS WRONG SIZES, BLAME RSWIKI OK
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    Everything you need to know for changing your accounts PERMANENT name. You must have: - Gold Donator ($100+) - Both accounts for the name you want, if you think the name you want is inactive, I can check. - 250m Coins per Name change OR - Any Donor Rank - $20 Payment that does go towards either account's Donation Total - 250m Coins OR - Platinum Donator ($250+) - Free name changes (don't change it every day i beg) If you'd like to enquire further, contact me on Discord or Forums.
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    Ataraxia is pretty great but it has several tiny quality of life problems that keep it from being the smoothest RS experience out there. In this thread I'll list any I can find/think of and explain my reasoning. Teleporting needs to null damage This happens in any RS server including the real game. Teleporting nulling damage has always been an important part of both PVP and PVM, allowing for close escapes and in some cases (Blink in dung) it's part of the boss mechanics. People always complain about Blink because you literally can't fight him without dying unless you spend 5 inventories on food and pots. You're supposed to teleport when he says "Here it comes!" to escape his attack, but due to how this server handles teleporting you get damaged anyway and that defeats the whole purpose of the boss. Home teleport in Dung should be usable outside of combat Ataraxia's dung is one of the best fully functioning working dungs out there, but there's one huge inconvenience and annoyance that really slows down the dung experience and makes it frustrating, and that's home teleport. Home teleport should always be able to be used for a quick escape to home base or to go on another path./ Requiring you to be outside of combat to use it makes Dung so much slower and fruystrating to do. Combine this with teleports nulling damage and you'll have made the Dung experience probably the smoothestt of all RSPS I've played. Make the healing NPC heal poison The healing NPC was a godsent when it was added but it should heal poison too, because nothign is mroe annoying then resetting your health only to realize you're half HP a few seconds later cause she didn't cure your poison. Seperate Pawyas from Grenwals more at Isafar hunting teleport (and increase grenwal spike yield) While training hunter, pawyas are incredibly plentiful at isafar while there aren't many grenwals, and they mix in with eachother so it's impossible to consistently grind them. It would be much nicer if they were a bit more seperate and if there were some more grenwals. Also, Grenwals should give more spikes to make them less annoying to farm for herblore. Queen Black Dragon loot room teleport The portal at QBD after you defeat her doesn't work and currently thew only way to leave qbd is by teleporting out. Not a huge issue but just a QoL thing. Bork reaper tasks Would it be possible to let Death only give bork tasks when you can actually fight him? I've lost a lot of money skipping Bork reapers simply cause I couldn't fight him due to the time limit. Alternatively, disabling Bork as a task would work too. Dominion tower rework Currently the dominion tower meta is to kill yourself when you get a gwd1 boss or Chaos ely and just do the easy quest bosses. There has to be a better, more balanced way to make dom tower fun and not just a grindy chore. Will add more as I think of stuff. Feel free to leave your own QoL suggestions in this thread as well.
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    In-Game Name: Vengeance Age: 22 Timezone: GMT +0 Why do you want to be Support?: I want to be support as i love helping out new players, and enjoy everything about being involved with the community, these are what i would put down as key importance as being part of the staff team. this would also help as a method of communication from new players, to staff members which could then be passed up higher to improve the ever growing server. What experience do you have?: During my time playing private servers i tend to only stick to one private server, i played emps-scape where i was an admin to which that shut down, so i turned to rs3 which i was co owner of a clan that was quite big on w23, if you would like more details on these please don't be afraid to send me a pm i can give you details and answer any questions you may have. For outside world, i've been a contributing team member to majority of the tasks i've been dealt with as i show a compassion towards other peoples opinions and always think of the best way to deal with things. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: My main reason behind why i think you should pick me over anyone else isn't just my activity or my strive for helping new players, it's the experience i have in the real world i feel like my job is very beneficial to this situation (pm me on details if required) as it gives me the key skills and core values to be a helpful and beneficial member of the staff team, it adds team work, commitment, dedication, integrity, determination, respect, loyalty, these are vital for performing as a positive contribution towards the server in my opinion. How much free time do you have?: I work everyday apart from weekends which is normally 0800-1700, but other than that i'm free all the time. Other notes: Thank you for taking the time to read my application and i hope you take it into consideration. any questions you have about the application i am more than happy to answer via pms.
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    Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder that we DO accept RSGP as donations! Whether that be through Runescape 3 or Oldschool Runescape. Simply Contact a Moderator+ through either the forums, discord, or in-game and they will be able to assist you in receiving what you need! This system is mostly in place for players who cannot donate through the normal process of PayPal, but might have some extra Runescape gold lying around that they wish to donate with. The current rates are (subject to change): RS3 = $0.10c/m OSRS = $0.80c/m Please do not donate with items. Go and sell the items and get raw gold to donate with. unless it's a phat :POGGERS: Also, please come with the gold needed for the donation you want. Do NOT attempt to get discounts because the rates are static and not subject to deals. Thanks, The Ataraxia Staff Team
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    -YES I KNOW ABOUT THE ISSUE WITH BEING SO ZOOMED OUT. IT WILL BE FIXED STARTING EPISODE 8- Here is episode five of my Ironman series. From this episode on I am a regular ironman. :FeelsAutistic: You can find the video here -
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    I will continue updating this thread, but as a normal ironman instead of a hardcore. I've separated the achievement tab, so you can see what I achieved while I was still hardcore. Hello everyone, I decided to make a thread dedicated to my HCIM. This will be an overview of my goals, my progress and of course my accomplishments. I will try to keep this as updated as possible throughout my journey here on Ataraxia. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playtime 275hrs ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Goals - Slayer for Sirenic Body - Chaotic Spear & Arcane Stream - Reaper Tasks for Hood & Ring of Death - 99 Divination (for larger daily divine location limit, makes hunter/farming more efficient towards maxing) As a Hardcore Ironman my goals always change, therefore I'll try my best to keep this list updated regularly. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Stats & Bank MAIN TAB SKILLING TAB unorganized HERBLORE & FARMING TAB PETS LOOT TAB POTIONS & MISC SKILLING OUTFITS & MISC COSMETICS & MISC ITEMS I DON'T USE ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Boss Log ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ports ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Accomplishments & Highlights
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    You should really put effort into your application so that we can properly assess your abilities as a player to become a staff member. If you don't put much effort into your application it tells us that you might not put much effort into your staff work. You also do not meet the minimum requirements to apply. I suggest getting your requirements fixed and put more effort into your applications. Read the proper requirements here:
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    - Remove restore potions except for maybe a dose to use alongside the brew at the beginning. This will allow people to smite down their opponents prayer rendering their protection prayers useless. - I am on the fence about multi-way combat. On one hand it promotes teaming, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand it promotes veteran players winning every time because they know people will team with them as opposed to newer players getting teammates. - Disable individual perks inside of LMS. - Give everyone the max stats corresponding to the loadout. This will allow new players to enjoy the content because at certain times it is difficult to find a full game to play. - Reset HP to 990 every time so that people cannot go into the mini-game with HP over 990, thus giving them an advantage over others. - Add a timer until the next LMS game onto the Noticeboard.
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    These aren't guide videos by the way, just a video for insight on what I do. Enrage was reset on this kill.
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    This was at around 280% enrage also so don't expect to take this much damage.
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    I'm Just gonna get right into it, I will be listing a guide of whats in each and every dungeon that the Quick teleport has to offer how to get your tasks and so on. I will not be inputting anything about duo slayer since i have not done duo so iv'e no clue as to how it works. If you'd like to put in the info, PM me in game or on discord on how it works and i will add it here. This guide will be incomplete since i do not have the proper slayer to complete it, i will complete it when i do! Ctrl + F to find what slayer task you're looking for Where to find Kuradal and get your tasks: Kuradal is at the west side of ::home right beside the bank stands, you can start getting your tasks there You can also find Kuradal at ::market if you're into that, Between the Christmas tree and the grand exchange teller south of the market ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now i will be showing you what are in dungeons listed under slayer locations, but first how to access slayer locations: Next is how to access Slayer Locations: After you click on training a list of options will pop up on your chat bar, Follow these next two pictures to find Slayer locations! Voila! after these two simple steps you'll have access to the slayer locations just like whats below! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now what i will be showing you is a list of what is in each destination starting from Kuradals dungeon going down the list. What to expect to see below: List of monsters (with pictures soon) and level in said dungeon I will be adding pictures of the map that i got off of rswiki and place them here if they have it on said dungeon. Also pictures of what dungeon i'm currently doing so you wont get lost 😄 Almost all my information is from rswiki, if there is any Pm me or leave it in the comments! I will be adding monsters that are not in said dungeons, but i will not be adding pictures for it, just their levels and they will be at the bottom of the page. I will not be adding Guthix Cave until i have done it myself. Kuradal's Dungeon: Hellhounds - Level 84 Greater Demons - Level 82 Blue Dragons - Level 74 Gargoyles - Level 93 Abyssal Demons - Le vel 98 Dark Beasts - Level 105 Airuts - Level 122 And that is everything you'll find in Kuradals Dungeon! off to the next --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jadinkos Lair: Cant access Jadinko yet so i'm not capable of inputting the levels of what is inside. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Polypore Dungeon: I will not be naming whats in each level, but what to expect to find in the entirety of the dungeon Fungal Rodent - Level 26 Fungal Mage - Level 81 Grifolaroo - Level 107 Infested Axe - Level 105 Grifolapine - Level 103 Ganodermic Runt - Level 112 Ganodermic Beast - Level 112 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slayer Tower: Infernal Mages - Level 72 Blood Velds - Level 61 & 68 Aberrant Spectres - Level 72 Bats - Level 14 Banshees - Level 37 Crawling hands - Level 11 & 18 Gargoyle - Level 93 Nechryael - Level 96 Abyssal Demons - Level 98 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Off to the next page folks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ancient Caverns: Mithril Dragon - Level 112 Brutal green Dragons - Level 105 Waterfiends - Level 107 Angry Barbarian - Level 106 Berserk Barbarian - Level 106 Enraged Barbarian - Level 106 Lost Barbarian - Level 84 Confused Barbarian - Level 84 Skeleton thug - Level 85 Skeleton warlord - Level 91 Skeleton Brute - Level 88 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brimhaven Dungeon: Moss Giants - Level 51 Baby Red Dragon - Level 47 Wild Dogs - Level 35 Fire Giants - Level 85 Greater Demons - 82 Bronze Dragons - Level 86 Red Dragons - Level 84 Black Demons - Level 98 Iron Dragons - Level 98 Steel Dragons - Level 100 Adamant Dragons - Level 116 Mithril Dragons ( Resource Dung) - Level 112 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fremennik Dungeon: Cave Crawler - Level 53 & 72 Rockslug - Level 49 Cockatrice - Level 44 Pyrefiend - Level 61 Basilisk - Level 77 Jelly - Level 68 Turoth - Level 64, 66, 68 & 69 Kurask - Level 78 Aquanite - Level 95 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taverly Dungeon: Giant Bat - Level 44 Poison Spider - Level 93 Poison Scorpion - Level 49 Chaos Druid - Level 32 Monk of Zamorak - Level 54 Black Knight - Level 30 Lesser Demon - Level 70 Black Demon - Level 98 Hellhounds - Level 92 Baby Blue Dragon - Level 44 Blue Dragon - Level 74 Black Dragon - Level 100 Chaos Dwarf - Level 45 & 47 Skeletons - Level 15 & 32 Hill Giant - Level 44 Jailer - Level 39 Magic Axe - Level 74 Suit of Armor - Level 19 Ghost - Level 25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As most of these monsters on the next few pages are not in a dungeon or cave i will list them here anyways with their levels once i have reached the slayer level requirement. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If anything is inaccurate, Levels, Names, Missing monsters, Anything like that, let me know in the comments as to what and or where it is and i will fix and add it. That's all folks!
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    Welcome to the first Developer Question & Answer Thread What happens here? Ask the Development team, myself, a specific developer (Noele, _jordan, Xenthium or Arham 4) a question, and they'll answer. Simple as that! No question is off limits, keep it fairly-server related though if possible. Example: @Jaedmo What are the future plans for Invention? To which i'd reply I want it. Let the questions fly. Feel free to tag the relevant person you're directing your question to 🙂
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    Good luck on your application. Strong candidate here.
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    Would stuff like agression potions/unstable essences be something you guys would like to add? Since people like to "afk" and runespan doesn't really have any good rewards atm. Any chance of getting monsters in abyss? Dailies like sink holes/caches? Any chance of getting full ports? The current system is bad imo. If this is something you guys are working on it should be the way to get into "The Arc" Thoughts about "The Arc" and any chance of adding it?
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    Maby try and make different types of lms that change ur stats to pure, max main, range tank etc.
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    Make everyone the same combat level and gear, to make it easier, but i think there should be random drops so it spices it up somewhat. Give everyone basic gear at the start, then drop more advanced gear as time goes on. Also put a time limit on the game, maybe 5 mins? That way people just can't run around and avoid someone. Whomever is last, or most kills at end wins.
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    Not sure if this is possible but when you enter the arena I think every player should have the same stats. On dead hours we don't get enough players to join maybe lower the amount of people you need to start a game? This might not be possible since people might abuse it with alts. Ranged/t90s hits way to hard. If you join with 0 prayer It stays 0 prayer.
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    Pros - very very very very littttttt Cons - People team / Camp protection prayers / hide / t90s too op Possibly scale the rewards down but have lms more often?
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    Reward participation, not just wins, this would make it a viable minigame for the lower levels aswell, not just the maxed combat people. - When you kill someone it drops their food
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    Two winners are @exoz& @widdlewilson! PM me in-game or on discord for your 15$ store credit. Will be doing many more giveaways so stay tuned! Best, Uzi
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    WOAH! What a batch of updates! The discounter perk looks actually very useful long term. And the fact that slayer task streaks give more points now is awesome. I love the concept behind the Last man standing minigame. 😄 @arham 4 Great updates & patches in general, thank you guys! 🙂
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    Gambling will not be added.