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    After much deliberation, we've decided that it's best to change the death mechanics. We think that we should let you know beforehand, as nothing here is final and we'd like your input. We think this is a good idea because It's a new cash sink It adds a 'risk' factor to the game It can help game modes be more competitive (Ironman, GIM, KoTS, etc.) How it works: Prayers and skulls still influence what items you keep. When you die you'll be taken to death, where you can buy your items back for their store value. Initial costs will range from 0gp to 130M All prices will be based on STORE value, not G.E value A 'tax' of 25% is added to the cost if you die while it's holding items for you. The items you died with will be added the existing items it has. Death will never lose your items You will always keep degradables, but they will lose 25% of their charges Cash stacks that aren't in your money pouch are always lost. Cash stacks in your money pouch are left untouched We were also thinking about adding a perk that disables tax and let's you buy specific items instead of having to buy everything at once. The safe death areas are as follows Pest control LMS Clan wars Fight kiln Fight caves Duel arena Recipe for diaster Dungeoneering Soul wars If you aren't happy with this, please let us know why below or on Discord. Nothing here is final yet.