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    Ataraxia Updates #20 - Skilling contract edits - Aura shop & rework - New skilling contract titles - Healing nerfs - Skilling point shop! [+] General Changes - All players can now use ;;max to check their max hit - Decimation spec will now function properly - ;;lms now takes you to the Tortured soul shop if a LMS game is not active - The "Top score" and "Your score" for skilling champion will now appear on your task tab - Ring of life now functions correctly - Glacor Cave is no longer multi-combat - Portable fletcher no longer requires bowstrings - The Lottery winner's bet type will now show on the winning announcement - You can now type ;;b1, ;;b2, ;;b3 etc.. to open your relevant bank containers. - Ironmen can no longer enter the Lottery - Farming timers have been added, "Inspect" your patch to see how long it has left - Imperium Core has now been given better stats than Seismic Singularity (i) [+] Skilling Point Shop - New shop that you can use your skilling points towards for experience, supplies, protean packs, and more! - The skilling backpack (advanced) will provide 10% extra experience while equipped as well as being a quick method of communicating with the advanced skilling master - The skilling tome can be redeemed to give yourself a chance at better rewards on your current contract [+] AFK Island - After being inactive for 25-30 minutes, you be sent to Bob's Island instead of being kicked - Here you will no longer gain Loyalty Points or session bonuses but you will stay logged on - ZachTX suggested we do this to boost our player count, so we have. My main point against this was that you'd see AFK people at home all the time, now they're sent to Bob [+] Skilling Contract Changes - The Skilling Champion will announce the next game immediately after the previous day's competition is completed - Rewards multiplier for Skilling contracts resets at the same time as Skilling champion. The rewards multiplier increases depending on the amount of contracts completed all over Ataraxia and can be viewed in your Task tab. - New rewards for contract streaks over 100 - The Skilling champion now has a custom title "Skilling Champion" that can be used as long as you're the current champion - It will automatically award the title when the Champion logs on and will disappear when the next player is chosen - Skilling Addict title, complete 1000 Skilling contracts to use this title - You will no longer receive contracts outside of your level requirements - Divination, (more) Construction and Thieving contracts added! - The skilling master will now buy back your spare skilling backpacks for points - New Skilling contract master that only gives higher leveled tasks [+] Aura Rework/Loyalty - You will now gain 10x more Loyalty Points for gametime - Aura prices buffed & edited according to power of the Aura - Irrelevant Auras removed from Xuan - Xuan now sells: Combat Auras, Skilling Auras, $50+ Auras and $100+ Auras. - Vampyrism has been nerfed from 15% healing to 5%. - New auras include: Greater, Master, Superior Vampyrism. Greater, Master, Superior, Legendary Wisdom - Greater heals 7.5%, Master 10%, Superior 12.5% for an hour with a 2 hour cooldown - Greater gives 25% bonus experience, Master gives 50%, Superior gives 60% & Legendary gives 75% for 20 Minutes with a 2 day cooldown [+] Bug Fixes - Kiteshields will no longer be bound with 2h weapons in Dungeoneering - Dreadnips have been fixed against Rax, AoD, Gwd1/2 & Kalphite King - Nature rune runecrafting level requirement adjusted to 44 from 45 - Rune 2h now requires 3 bars instead of 1 to smith - Araxxor Pets will now drop the proper item - Master and Trahaern titles are now fixed - All rewards that were unnoted are now properly noted from skilling contracts - Spending Pest Control points with a full inventory will no longer delete the item you buy - Magic notepaper deleting Degraded items should now be fixed - Blood spells now heal 10% compared to 25% of all damage - Pest Control no longer gives Chimes Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan, Xenthium & Noele Ask the developers questions here!
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    In-Game Name: Witt (previously Awls/Nut) Age: 21 Timezone: EST (UTC -5) Why do you want to be Support?: Since starting in January, I've grown to love this server, but more so the community we have, and I want to help build it more, be it helping new players, returning players, or anyone who needs help with anything. What experience do you have?: I've been playing RS since 2014, in that time I've built a fairly strong knowledge of rs3 related content, from skilling, to most bosses with the exception of group bosses and telos. In terms of Ataraxia, I've gained a fair amount of knowledge in my time here, from the basics to end-game pvm. As for staff experience, I have a little but not much, I was a moderator on a small server for 4-5 months, and an admin on that same server for around a month. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I see myself as an approachable person, I thoroughly enjoy helping others out, and I know how to keep my personal feelings out of the way when dealing with any situation that might come up. I'm also very active during a hard to fill time slot. How much free time do you have?: At the moment, I've got almost all day free and I'm online for usually 10-15 hours a day Other notes: I'm aware my forums activity is low, but I'm constantly lurking on forums and discord, but I'm always active in-game.
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    I'll be posting a dev blog about this sometime next week
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    Nemo's Ironman Diary Hey guys, my name is Nemo and I recently re-joined the server. I used to play Ataraxia but stopped for some reason (not sure why). When I came back, I could not remember any of the details of my account, so I made Nemo, the Ironman. On this thread, I will be posting my goals and achievements, and I will update my progress as I continue to play. I hope you find some of it interesting, and if you have any questions pm me in game. Sincerely, Nemo
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    First Video 🙂 Hope to get better...
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    with the herbivore perk we get herb boxes, more xp and 200% potion duration. i thought about this and there is something what could give more options to players. as we all know, novice players got a huge xp rate. they maybe just want an quick and easy pvm account. Players like this maybe don't want the herb boxes and extra xp, so i thought of a new perk Binge-Drinker 4$-7$: Makes it possible for the Player to drink up to 3 doses of potion. as a result the player will recieve up to 300% time on the potion. this wil mainly be used for prayer renewals and anti-fire/posion, this will not effect the overload timer. for a quality of life addon for this perk the player may recieve 2 extra right click options for the potion, named: Drink 2 Drink 3 I would love to hear all the feedback on my first suggestion on the forums. I'm thinking of more perk splits and other suggestions for quality of life and just plain fun and useless stuff. If you would like to see more suggestions please tell me on the forums or in game! P.S: Sorry for my bad english.
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    +1 from me, i've always found you to be an approachable and friendly player. I would be surprised if you performed anything other than great at being a support
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    Neat idea! I would love a "Chug" option that consumes all doses of the potion and applies the effects for the whole duration.
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    Gambling Yes I'd like to see gambling implemented. It'd bring more players, and more content. You could make the arguement that, it'll make people lose their banks and quit, but then again, just don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. As long as It's implemented 100% bug free, and 50/50 I'm all in favour of it. Death Cost I 100% agree that no penalties when it comes to dying isnt optimal, it works obviously, but adding a fee in coins would serve as yet another great moneysink, and it'll be healthy for the economy in the long run. PVP Yes please.
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    Player of the Month - February 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Voting has been done during the Staff meeting and the Player of the Month is: @Nemesis Your positivity and activity in game hasn't gone un-noticed. You're always a pleasure when online. I doubt anybody has a bad word to say about you and while your Forums activity isn't amazing. Your in-game and Discord efforts are amazing and I look forward to having you in the community further. Regards, Jaedmo
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    Official Ataraxia Staff Team As of 3/16/2019 Owner Jaedmo Administrator Uzi Hot Milo Sysadmin Noele Developer _Jordan Arham 4 lare96 Xenthium Global Moderator - Moderator Arachnid E36 Support 2595 Moo Nemesis
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    Thank you for applying Chris But I feel for right now you're not the applicant that we are currently looking for. I know you're a loyal and active player but I don't believe you will fit well with the current team I think that it is possible in the future but just not right now 😛 Your application has been Denied All the best, Milo.