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    Ataraxia Updates #15 - Off-hand T90 Imbued weapons - Ectoplasmator - New Perks in Store - Barrows Amulets - Aggression Potions added everywhere!! [+] General Changes - All seismic wands now degrade properly - Razorback gauntlets now degrade properly - Decimation now degrades properly - Hardmode Twin furies will now drop 1-3 seals - Hardmode Greg now drops 1-3 seals - Hybrid game mode is now Staff of Light instead of Chaotic Staff, hopefully this leads to some more interesting games - ;;checkcreation command, allows you to check when you created your account - Scattering ashes now counts for total bones buried - You can now check Superior PvP Armour's charges - King of the Skill accounts can no longer use Last man standing - You can now use Karil's pistol/off-hand pistol to make a Corrupted repriser - Decimation has got a new Special attack, use your Special for a whirlwind of arrows thrown at your opponent for devastating damage - Supply cache will now give 2 Aggression potions - Voting has been buffed, you now have a much higher chance of receiving the Deathtouched dart & Spins, as well as a 40% chance to get a Mystery box instead of 30% - Your Fight Kiln/Fight caves runs are now timed, this will hopefully be an Achievement feature to beat x-times when this is added to more Bosses - Books of Knowledge will now give a warning when stacking Bonus EXP time - You can no longer pick up items while Teleporting - EXP Boost will now show the expiry based on Time rather than Minutes - Bob barter and Druid have been added to the Platinum & Diamond zones - Aggression potion rewards from LMS increased substantially - Ring of Death, Amulet of Souls, Deathtouch Bracelet & Reaper necklace are now tradeable - Drop catcher now has description on ;;perks - Rax arrow drop amount has been increased from Corpse Spiders - Aggression potions added to Vote/chime shop - Blade of Nymora rebuffed, the nerf was too substantial and it has been edited to somewhere in between - Drop Catcher and the Skipper will now both be on the Store and properly functional - Removed Santa Hats from Mystery boxes - Ended the chance of a Big Christmas Present from high level PVM - Added Aggression potions to Mystery boxes - Slayer experience has been increased for creatures on task that have higher Hitpoints, hopefully this substitutes for Boss tasks - Added Hydrix bolt tips to Araxxi's drop table - Removed majority of the troll drops from NPCs, they were pointless, some were adjusted as they are still useful - Added Range strength to Reaper hood so it can compete with Sirenic mask - Khopesh of the Kharidian is now Tradeable - Added Seren stones to Diamond Zone - Added Morchella mushrooms to Slayer drop tables for Ironmen - Boosted Polypore dungeon stock - You can now chime Essences from GWD2 - Anima core pieces are now all the same prices when chiming - Morrigans weapons now sell for more chime - You can buy Proselyte and Initiate from Sir Tiffy Cashien at fally park - You are now warned when you're Away-From-Keyboard and going to be kicked for inactivity - Ectoplasmator full functionality - Barrows amulets added to skip barrows brothers - You can now only have 1 clue scroll at a time - Unholy Symbol and Iron boots added to unlimited stock in Grand exchange for Clues [+] Ectoplasmator - Ectoplasmator functions similarly to a Bonecrusher but it's for Ashes! - [+] Voting Shop Rework - The Vote shop hadn't been edited in too long! It's been revamped and hopefully encourages you all to Vote more! [+] Off-hand T90 Imbued Weapons - You can now buy the "Imbued Gear" from Hazelmere or Party pete and attach it to Off-hand T90 weaponry - This will make that piece (Imbued) boosting it's power level 07f0e2be29b5bb4e71a5f9cc342c46df.mp4 [+] Bug Fixes - 3rd Age Noxious Longbow no longer degrades to dust - All issues relating to leveling have been fixed, please notify us should you find anything - Aggression Potions now properly double with the Herbivore perk - Shift dropping an item twice will no longer destroy it - Decimation no longer turns into the noted version when degrading with perk - Morrigans Superior Jav/axe fixed Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Ask the developers questions here!
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    Since the last update and the recent magic buffs, I've been using it quite a lot but quickly had to realize that it still has a far way to go until it can compete with the best in slot setups for range at almost every boss. Magic has been weak for a long time now and even with the recent buffs it still falls behind range and even melee at most bosses. I will provide information and calculations as to why magic needs a buff and what needs to be done to bring it back to its former glory. Those are the three best in slot setups, crossbow, bow, and magic. I will only compare the t90 magic setup and not the t92 here. There are two stats that need to be looked at, accuracy and damage. Accuracy: This is the easier stat to compare as you just have to read the numbers and realize what a huge difference there still is. Now I gotta admit that I'm not fully aware of the calculation Runescape makes to decide whether your hit splashes (misses) or hits but I assume that it just depends on the stat you have in your attack bonuses and on the defense of your enemy. Range comes off huge with 202 more accuracy with the crossbow and 177 more with the bow. I think this is rather easy to fix and the setup just has to be buffed by about 200 magic attack bonus. Here you are able to see both setups without their weapons/ammunition to notice that the difference does not lie in the gear itself. The difference is in the weapons and ammunition. Crossbow weapon setup Bow setup Magic setup The mainhand of the range setup has a huge accuracy bonus of 200 and 255 whereas the seismic wand only has 65. Assuming the seismic wand would be buffed onto 200 to be on par with ascension crossbow since the wand also has an offhand the whole setup would still only reach 485. Obviously, this comes from the ammunition and since (at least to my knowledge) the spell doesn't add accuracy this accuracy needs to be either put into the offhand or the mainhand. The damage: This is more complicated to calculate due to the different numbers. What comes here into play is the attack speed of the weapon and the maximum possible dmg. The crossbow attacks each 3s. The bow attacks each 2.4s. Miasmic attacks each 3.6s. After testing for a while I've found the max damage to be: Crossbow: 1506 Nox Bow: 1386 Miasmic: 1595 This is not the absolute maximum you can hit, it can probably go about 10 - 20 higher for each of those setups but I think it's close enough to draw conclusions from it. To definitely say if one setup is better than the other we need to look at the damage in contrast to the attack speed, the crossbow can do 20 attacks in 60s, the bow 25 attacks and the magic setup roughly 17 (16.66). I could've tested each setup, pvm for 30min and count how much damage each does in a 100 hits but I prefer calculating it as I do not trust this method to be a 100% accurate. Calculating it: since we know the near maximum damage and the lowest dmg (which is 1) there is the question if the game rolls freely from 1 - (your max hit) or if there is a mechanism that lets you hit more often your above average than your under average damage. I personally have the feeling that this is the case but since I have no proof, I'll do three different methods of calculating. All are calculated with the number of attacks each setup can do in 60s. 1. Calculating how much damage your maxhit can theoretically deal. Crossbow: 1506 * 20 = 30120 Nox Bow: 1386 * 25 = 34650 Miasmic: 1595 * 16.66 = 26583 2. Calculating how much damage you deal with the average damage. Crossbow: ((1506 + 1) / 2) * 20 = 15070 Nox Bow: ((1386 + 1) / 2) * 25 = 17337.5 Miasmic: ((1595 + 1) / 2) * 16.66 = 13300 3. Calculating the damage assuming all of the hits roll between average and maximum hit. Crossbow: ((((1506 + 1) / 2) + 1506) / 2) * 20 = 22595 Nox Bow: ((((1386 + 1) / 2) + 1386) / 2) * 25 = 25993.75 Miasmic: ((((1595 + 1) / 2) + 1595) / 2) * 16.66 = 19941.5 To put these numbers into a perspective, the crossbow deals 13.3% more damage than miasmic, the nox bow deals 30.35% more damage than miasmic and the nox bow deals 15% more damage than the crossbow. There needs to be said here that one calculation would've been enough to showcase the % differences but I've wanted to show all three cases to also give a perspective for the pure dps numbers. Conclusion: Accuracy It is clear that magic needs an accuracy buff. The question is how much should be added. The crossbow setup is on 552 with an attack speed of 3s, the bow is on 527 with an attack speed of 2.4. Logic suggests that the one that hits faster doesn't deserve as much accuracy as the one that attacks slower,. The bow is 0.6s faster than the crossbow and gets punished by having 25 less accuracy. Magic is 0.6s slower than the crossbow and should therefore be rewarded with 25 more accuracy. Drawing a conclusion from that leads to a final magic accuracy number of 587. (I assume in this calculation that all bosses have the same magic and range defense unless for certain bosses that want to be killed within a certain way (e.g. forms of kk, different barrow brothers at rots etc.)) Damage The damage buff is a bit more complicated but I hope that my calculations show you how necessary it is. Range can be balanced onto the 2h and 1h weapons while for magic it'll always be the same, it does not matter whether you equip a 2h weapon or a 1h, the attack speed always is the same and the spell used will not differ. This means, at least in my opinion, that magic needs to be buffed to be on par with the nox bow setup. To do this the damage needs to be increased by about 30% but its a bit trickier than just adding ~40% magic damage to it. This is because of the other factors that come into play when it comes to your max hit such as your prayer, magic level and the basic damage of the spell. I need to admit that I am not certain to know all the different factors that lead to the final max hit but what I do know is that everything is a % number and it's all multiplicative. With that we don't need to know the exact composition, we can just add 30% to magic damage number on the stat board for the bis t90 gear. the current number is at 132%, adding 30% to that means calculating: 130% * 232% = 301.6% We need to add and then subtract the 100% to each of those numbers or otherwise, it will not work: 30% * 132% = 39.6% (doesn't sound right) So the magic damage number needs to be at 201% (or 202%). Now calculating what the maximum hit with this change would be 1595 * 130% = 2073.5. I am aware of how op that must sound but its all based on math and if I've made any mistake in my calculation, please let me know and correct me. Otherwise, this change would bring magic exactly on par with range excluding some external factors I will bring in now. 1. The bow attacks faster which can be immensely helpful in situations where a) example rots, multiple enemies with relative low hp, when the enemy is at 200, 500, 1k health a 2k hit is not needed but rather a fast attack to finish him off and b) at bosses like kk which have a time window where an animation/attack makes them invincible for a short time, the bow can come off clutch and do an extra hit where magic could not. 2. If you've ever used a brew while using magic you would've noticed how much more your current magic level affects your damage while range gets far better away with it. When I used a supreme pot and then drink 2 sip of brews my magic level is down at 101 and I suddenly crit at 700 damage whereas with range I can still deal around 1k damage. 3. Magic is aoe, this can be helpful when you are doing aod with 1-2 ppl to stack the minions, stack the brothers at rots or sometimes to aoe some minions at kk. It is a nice effect but definitely nothing that makes or breaks it (unless for future bosses which I'm unaware of). Suggestion: If the dream comes true and those or similar changes were added, where should they be added? The accuracy needs to be buffed by around 237 points. It is clear that the difference lies in the weapons, so change those. Give the mainhand and the offhand the accuracy buff. For the magic damage, which needs to be increased by 69% I'd suggest take a look at tectonic. Every piece only adds 6% magic damage, which is even compared to the current state, laughable. Coming off with an only 18% addition on the magic damage when the whole setup is 132% sounds minor, to say the least. It would not be very hard to increase this to 29% each which would then include that 69% added magic damage. I hope you stayed till the end, I'm looking forward to constructive criticism and feedback. Tl;dr: Buff magic accuracy by 237 points and magic damage by 69%. Thanks for reading! edit: range strength has been buffed by 5, this should not influence the max hit too much, maybe that magic now needs to be buffed by 70% and not 69%.
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    In-Game Name: nik Age: 22 Timezone: eastern us Why do you want to be Support?: i believe its important for private servers to have dedicated supports. not only to help new players get to know the server and feel welcome, but to also know how to help handle situations and aid staff however they can. ataraxia is one of my favorite pastimes and i would love to help out. What experience do you have?: ive been playing rsps's for over ten years now, so i think i have a good understanding of rsps communities and the expectations i would need to meet as a support. but ive played runescape since late 2007, and i feel like there isnt much i dont know. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: im a very active player. more than 700 hours since i started playing again 2-3 months ago. i am also a very dedicated and hard working individual. i feel like i would make a good support because im un-biased, kind, respectable, and a chill person. i can assure i would put a lot of time and effort into aiding the community and members of staff if i am selected to represent them. How much free time do you have?: i have a lot of free time, i dont work in the winter months. in season my job isnt on a set schedule, so i usually have a lot of free time as well. Other notes: thank you and good luck to other applicants 🙂
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    https://discordapp.com/nitro Follow the link above to see the benefits of Nitro on your discord account. I'm giving away a month of Discord nitro. Why? Because I feel like it. All you need to do is leave a comment below in this thread, it can be anything (I really don't care). The winner will be drawn on the 31st January (unless I get distracted). Good luck to those who enter!
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    Hey guys; I used to have a Goals page up but I think I ended up deleting it when I went through a lot of personal matters thinking I wouldn't be on for quite some time, and I finally decided I would make a new one! I'm gonna be listing my goals for my Legendary account, including skills/drops/etc. If you guys could think of any other reputable goals that I haven't or aren't in here, feel free to leave some feedback! All is welcome! I will leave an update section at the bottom so you guys can keep track of what all changes each time I update this post, which will probably be about once a week or so hopefully. ^_^ Current Account Info KEY COMPLETE IN PROGRESS NOT STARTED *** = Pet Achieved Skills 99 Attack (86/99) 99 Strength (77/99) 99 Defense (80/99) 99 Ranged (89/99) 99 Magic (76/99) 99 Prayer (84/99) 99 Hitpoints (87/99) 99 Summoning (61/99) 99 Runecrafting (3/99) 99 Construction (6/99) 99 Agility (50/99) 99 Herblore (99/99) *** 99 Thieving (75/99) 99 Crafting (99/99) *** 99 Fletching (99/99) *** 99 Slayer (93/99) 99 Hunter (3/99) 99 Mining (50/99) 99 Smithing (85/99) 99 Fishing (99/99) *** 99 Cooking (99/99) 99 Firemaking (85/99) 99 Woodcutting (84/99) 99 Farming (1/99) 99 Divination (33/99) 120 Dungeoneering (68/99) ITEMS / GOLD (Cash will be updated based on max stack ever) 100M Cash (134m) 250M Cash 500M Cash 1B Cash 2B Cash Dom Tower Glove Set Glacor Boot Set Upgraded Glacor Boot Set Superior Elite Void (All Sets + Gloves + Deflector) Chaotic Set Drygore Set Ring of Death Amulet of Souls Ports Armor Sets Ports Superior Armor Sets All T70 Armor Sets All T80 Armor Sets All T90 Armor Sets Fire Cape All 3 Kiln Capes MISC. All Boss Pets Easy Achievements (9/16) Medium Achievements (2/13) Hard Achievements (0/16) Elite Achievements (1/18) Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member ($50/100) Platinum Member ($50/250) Diamond Member ($50/500) 3 Forum Guides (1/3) 5 Forum Guides (1/5) 10 Forum Posts (5/10) 50 Forum Posts (5/50) 100 Forum Posts (5/100) These are all of the goals I wish to achieve at the moment; nothing spectacular but being a Legendary, it'll take a while! As I mentioned earlier, if anyone has any sort of feedback regarding other potential goals (Once I start bossing, I may introduce Boss KC's as a few), don't hesitate to say something! I'm practically always online for the most part, and I'm going to be a lot more active here on the forums, so if you see me, say hey! I'll respond, I promise! ^_^ ***Update Log*** Jan 9, 2019: Created a Very Basic Goals List; Much more to come soon! Jan 15, 2019: Updated Smithing/Firemaking/Woodcutting/Herblore; Wasn't on much over the bxp weekend but got my Venosaur
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    Ataraxia Updates #14 - The Skipper Perk ("Barrows Perk") - The Drop Catcher - Tons of your ";;suggestion"s! [+] General Changes - Prices for Dagonnoth king instances have been reduced. - More metal dragons at Platinum zone instances have been added. - Platinum zone instance spawns have been overhauled. - The Blade of Nymora has been nerfed. - The adamant full helmet now requires 30 defence. - The shortcut bank commands being usable at Kalphite Queen has been disabled. - A healer has been added to ;;bp. - The Nex grab mechanic happens half as often now. - A description of each perk inside the ;;perks interface has been added. - A Grand exchange clerk at ;;dz has been added. - A General store NPC at ;;pz has been added. - The vote book reward for bonus experience stacks now instead of resetting each time you use the reward. - Rise of the Six now have a counter added to it for how many runs one has completed. Unfortunately, all previous runs are not included. - The Sirenic hauberk now degrades. - Zamorak anima core & Sirenic chaps have had their Ranged strength rebalanced. - Araxxor KC now properly shows on the Boss Kill log, as well as the added GWD2 boss KCs. - The Anima core of Zamorak has had Range strength bonuses added. - The Feather of Ma'at Vendor amount has been increased to 100k for Ironmen. - Stardust is now limited to 1000, instead of 400. - Superior PvP armor is now tradeable. - Kree'arra experience for slayer tasks has been adjusted. - Added server KC announces for Rune Dragons, Edimmu, and a few others. - The Chests from AoD now open. - Sophanem Rare drops have been altered. - Lottery will now be displayed on the task tab. - Lottery will now take slightly less tax. - Slayer tasks will now give bonus points on the 50th and 150th streaks. - Slayer tasks will now give notifcations for all bonus points received. - Supreme overload salve now gives prayer renewal effects. [+] New Perks! - The Drop Catcher - Bring the drops to you instead of you going to the drops! - The Skipper (aka "Barrows perk") - Skip the maze for barrows! Get that money! - Note: These perks are not added up to date (prices are not correct, the Drop Catcher is not added) on our store, but will be added very shortly! [+] Bug Fixes - The issue with being unable to attack Legios has been fixed. - The issue where vials to flask decanting sometimes steal your full flasks have been fixed. - The issue where one is not able to attack certain dragons in Platinum zone instances has been fixed. - The bug where multi-spells can be cast on many people in single areas has been fixed. - The abyssal demons animations have been fixed. - The cyclops GFX/animation in GWD have been fixed. - The issue where using a ball of wool on an incomplete Hydrix would make an onyx amulet has been fixed. - The issue where buying gravestones would charge the player twice has been fixed. - The bug with deironing has been fixed. - Multiple Oziachs in Edgeville has been fixed. - Using overloads greater than or equal to 99 will no longer send an announcement. - The KBD entrance now works. - "2 Aggression potions" LMS reward will now give 2 potions instead of 1 Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Apply to be a beta tester here so you can test out the next patch updates before everyone else and help ensure we crush the bugs before they, well, matter to you! - Ask the developers questions here!
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    Blade of Nymora's stats have been readjusted pending another patch. Was nerfed too hard.
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    Thanks man! I'm gonna probably be posting an update after this weekend cuz there's quite a bit of progress I've got banked right now. 🙂 Just waiting 6 weeks for that x4xp weekend bby ^_^ Yessir! I'm gonna start on Hunter sometime soon but I cba to start on farming yet. xD
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    I look forward to your rise to GLORY. Don't skimp or wait on divine locations to level up Hunter and Farming. 😛
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    Good luck man. Should be interesting seeing your progress 😛
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    Looking good already man. Can't wait to see the rest of this stuff. Glad to have another legendary going for goals.
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    To add onto this, I think it would be an awesome idea in general for the character to use off-hand animations if dual wielding. Great idea @Nik 😄
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    Araxxor/Araxxi-Minion path Araxxor/Araxxi is an end game boss. When you loot it's corpse you can get spider leg pieces, weapon hilts(Araxxi eye, web and fang). You get random supplies and a pheromon which you can use to reset enrage on the boss. Pheromon has an effect aswell. While you have it in inventory araxxor adjusts to ur combat style, if you use range araxxor will be magic based. Gear: RANGE Helmet: Sirenic helmet > Reaper hood > Pernix cowl > Superior Morrigan's coif Body: Sirenic hauberk > Pernix body > Superior morrigan's leather body Legs: Sirenic chaps > Pernix chaps > Superior morrigan's leather chaps Weapon: Noxious longbow > Ascencion crossbow > Decimation Boots: Flarefrost > Glavien boots > Pernix boots > Armadyl boots > Ranger boots Amulet: Farsight Blood Necklace > Reaper necklace > Farsight Sniper necklace > Saradomin's Hiss Gloves: Swift gloves > Tracking gloves> Pernix gloves > Ascension wraps Shield: Divine spirit shield > T90 defender > Vengfull Kiteshield > Elysian spirit shield MELEE Helmet: Malevolent helmet > Reaper hood > Torva helmet Body: Malevolent cuirass > torva platebody > superior Vesta's Chainbody Legs: Malevolent Greaves > Torva platebody > Superior Vesta's Platelegs Weapon: Drygore Mace > Noxious scythe > Drygore rapier > Drygore longsword > Superior Vesta's spear Boots: Emberkeen boots > Steadfast boots > Torva boots Amulet: Brawler's blood necklace > Amulet of Souls > Blood amulet of fury Gloves: Razorback gauntlets > Goliath gloves > Barrow's gloves Ring: Right of wealth (c) > Ring of death > Perfect ring > Berserker ring (i) Shield: Divine spirit shield > T90 defender > Malevolent kiteshield > Elysian spiritshield Best aura to use as araxxor/araxxi is vamyrism aura, if vamp aura is on cooldown you can use poison purge. It's good to bonfire before you start the kill, becouse you will have higher hitpoints. And to save on supplies to use overload at donator zones. Every time you do Araxxor/Araxxi hey enrage more and more and it increases the dmg they deal. That's why it's great to have an ely and divine spirit shield for the last fight you have to kill araxxi. Araxxor has 3 combat style: Blue leg tips = magic Green leg tips = range Red leg tips = melee Starting the fight: To enter Araxyte hive u have to go under quest tab and bosses. The teleport is on the last page. When u get into the cave u have to cross the gap. After that you run south. When you get to the end click on the webbed entrance. When you start the kill you have to run east and burn the west web. After you burn the web run up the path. When you run up the path, araxxor will heal some of his hitpoints. At this point araxxor will start spawning minions, some of the minions aren't threatening and they will only heal araxxor or deal a little bit of dmg. The minion's you need to be carefull about are mirrorback spider's. Mirrorback spider's will reflect ur dmg back at you and will probably kill you. So when they spawn stop attacking. If you use a titan and the mirrorback spider's appear the dmg that the titan does wil get reflected back at you aswell. There is a chance of an acid spider spawning and when you recieve the msg you should run away from the green puddle. Acid spider(instant kill?s you). Pulsing spider(heals arraxor and arraxi). Imbued spider(Deals magic dmg to the player). Bladed spider(Deals melee dmg). Mirrorback spider(Reflect's your dmg back at you). After you get araxxor down to 1 hipoint's, you will proceed to the last stage of the fight. Araxxor will dissapear and Araxxi will appear. While you are fighting Araxxi and you get her to about 1/3 of her hitpoint's a dark core will appear and it will mark you and deal 250 poison damage if it hits, you can easily sidestep it. After you kill Araxxi you can loot her corpse. After you loot her corpse you can right click and leave the kill or use the portal next to its corpse. If there is anything i forgot and should add to the guide please tell me down below in the comments.
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    @Bolinbear @arham 4 nurri put in a lot of effort doing this I'm very pleased with how it turned out happy you both approve of his effort he kept asking chris and I stats of items he didn't have thank god its over 👮‍♂️
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    Not sure why you'd ever want to kill a spider, but this is a decent way to do it I suppose.
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    Thanks for your application. After further thought and discussion, I believe you could be a useful asset to the team. I believe people deserve a chance to prove themselves. Your activity and drive to help others has not gone unnoticed. Your application has been Accepted Best, Uzi
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    Owner Jaedmo How did this staff member perform this month?: Havent seen as much of you lately. How can they improve?: Only ingame activity at this point I'd say, other than that A+. Other notes?: Thanks for letting me spend my life playing a medieval childrens game at the age of 20. Rating out of 10: 9 Administrator Uzi How did this staff member perform this month?: Great! How can they improve?: - Other notes?: Our timezones are very different, but seeing as I've fucked my sleep schedule we've been online at the same time lately. You doing bits for the server, going above and beyond to help whenever. Thanks Rating out of 10: 10 Development Team How did the developers perform this month?: Considering we've gotten so much new content, I have to say you're doing a great job. How can they improve?: Give the beta team more to do. Other notes?: Thanks for letting the community have a say in what gets implemented and not. Rating out of 10: 10 Global Moderator Hot Milo How did this staff member perform this month?: Very good, you've taken on the role of global very nicely. How can they improve?: - Other notes?: Keep at it Rating out of 10: 9 Moderators Arachnid How did this staff member perform this month?: Great, you're always around it seems, even when you're not online, just a @ on discord and you show up 5 minutes later. A+++ How can they improve?: - Other notes?: sp0der Rating out of 10: 10 Support Loure How did this staff member perform this month?: ban How can they improve?: urself Other notes?: kid Rating out of 10: rip Vengeance How did this staff member perform this month?: Solid How can they improve?: nothing to say really, just keep doing what you're doing Other notes?: cant even hate on you not having a kree pet anymore.. Rating out of 10: 8 E36 How did this staff member perform this month?: Great, very professional, nothing to say. How can they improve?: - Other notes?: Always helps when able, very professional when it comes to the new boss masses and events going on. Rating out of 10: 10 Bolinbear How did this staff member perform this month?: Bolin has perfomed very nicely this month I'd say. How can they improve?: - Other notes?: Bolin is very serious about everything, which is a good thing, don't get me wrong. He's always striving to help out as many people as possible., make guides, etc. Rating out of 10: 9
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    Owner Jaedmo How did this staff member perform this month?: Haven't seen him around much in game lately. Miss you dad. How can they improve?: Come back from buying cigarettes please. Other notes?: I know you love the server and we love you. Rating out of 10: 9 Administrator Uzi How did this staff member perform this month?: Despite not being around in game as much Uzi is working hard behind the scene son improving events, something I've been asking for for a long time. And when he is on he's always quick to help which makes him realiable and approachable. Would kiss/10 How can they improve?: Be around more, ideally. I know it's a busy time though so we'll see how we go in the future. Other notes?: What a beast. Rating out of 10: 9 Development Team How did the developers perform this month?: A bit of a yikes, despite the great updates coming out lately with new content, the ball was dropped several times when it came to bugs. Nulls, making slayer unplayable, slayer xp being dogshit for the entire month, Nex bugging the F out. The return of the 50% glitch. All things that were kind of working against the updates and keeping them back from being great. How can they improve?: Do a bit more testing on the updates befopre pushing them out. I'd rather wait another week for content and have it ber good than get cucked by bugs that fuck me over ore than the previous patch did. Other notes?: Testing servers are gettign some more activity which is nice, though it is too bad it's usually in the middle of the night when you test stuff together so I miss out a lot as a beta tester. Rating out of 10: 7 Global Moderator Hot Milo How did this staff member perform this month?: He's online a lot. Can't say I've seen him do much yet. He's a presence though which is always good. He's a bit of a meme and not taken too seriously but he's ok I guess. It's always good to see a moderator present, especially for players who might have questions or concerns. How can they improve?: Maybe act a bit more like staff in public. Other notes?: He's a good boy Rating out of 10: 7 Moderators Arachnid How did this staff member perform this month?: Haven't seen spoder around as much lately but when he is online he's always fun to be around and active in fc. Always friendly. Well liked in general. How can they improve?: Be around more pls. Other notes?: Spiders aren't insects. Rating out of 10: 8 Support Loure How did this staff member perform this month?: RIP How can they improve?: RIP Other notes?: RIP Rating out of 10: RIP/RIP Vengeance How did this staff member perform this month?: Haven't seen him around as much lately and when he is online I don't really see him talking in FC. A bit too ba d cause he's an awesome dude and v nice and helpful. How can they improve?: By adressing my concerns~ Other notes?: Jesus, show me the whey. Rating out of 10: 7 E36 How did this staff member perform this month?: Friendly guy, he's online a lot which is helpful. Nothing much to say really. Good addition to the support staff. How can they improve?: Nothing I can really think of. Other notes?: - Rating out of 10: 9 Bolinbear How did this staff member perform this month?: A bit more activity would be great but when he is here I feel like he's friendly and approachable. How can they improve?: Be online more. Other notes?: - Rating out of 10: 8
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    Jaedmo How did this staff member perform this month?: Hmm, I feel as if Jaedmo does a fantastic job as the Owner of Ataraxia so I would say he performing perfectly. How can they improve?: Honestly, I think Jaedmo could improve by being a bit more active on the server. I know you have a real life outside of the game, developing here and there but I feel as if you could fit some more time in to be active daily on the server and be there to talk to other people just a little bit more but other than that which is a very minor thing, brilliant job. Other notes?: Great work, keep it up with every thing your doing. Rating out of 10: 9/10 Administrator Uzi How did this staff member perform this month?: I feel as if Uzi performed great to be honest. How can they improve?: Right third time lucky, Well from what I see is that some times you seem to log in and stand there whilst doing what ever it is you are doing and sort of come back and forth between what your doing and the server. So, I do feel as if you could be a little bit more active within the community answering questions, speaking to everyone & dealing with some things. I understand it's not your job to actually answer the questions etc but it would help the server tremendously if you was a bit more active. Also the discord server it could possibly help if you was more active within the discord server too but then at the same time you answer PM's quickly if you there/active within discord so i'm not exactly sure whether it's necessary Other notes?: Over the past 2-3 days I have seen more and more activity from Uzi so keep that in mind over what I have also said above this. Rating out of 10: 9/10 Development Team How did the developers perform this month?: They performed good, good updates and great content How can they improve?: Hmm this is a hard one really because they do such a fantastic job with all the updates and content they bring to us but I do feel that instead of throwing an update in there and it has some problems and then working them out afterwards try to iron out them problems beforehand I know it's not always possible to do so & Also there is quite a few suggestions on the forums that I have noticed that don't seem to get looked at, You may look at them and read through them but maybe you should drop a comment on the actually suggestion to allow players to get an idea of what you think of that suggestion whether it be a good or bad one, or maybe it's good but just need to change it slightly. Other notes?: Great job with all the updates/content, keep them coming Rating out of 10: 10/10 Global Moderator Hot Milo How did this staff member perform this month?: I feel as if Milo performed in a good manner within the community, he's a big help. How can they improve?: I can't see any way from Milo to actually improve he's a great mod, helpful, active, he's even very active on the discord channel and all the other good stuff he does that I can't remember at the moment. Other notes?: Great job, keep it up. Rating out of 10: 10/10 Moderators Arachnid How did this staff member perform this month?: Spooder has also done a good job with a few things I feel like I need to point out. How can they improve?: Spood you could improve by managing situations differently, I have no idea what your like with all the past things you have dealt with, you are a good mod but I do feel as if you may panic some times and make some harsh decisions which could impact yourself & the server too. Relax and take your time to come to decisions before you do them, if you need to pull the other people a side to a quite place and talk to them, get both sides of the story & some proof from them and then make your decision based on the proof/story. Also try not to abuse your power too much when muting think about whether they have actually done anything wrong rather than just muting straight away again it could impact you and the server. Other notes?: Act more professionally, Relax & think about situations and you will do great as a moderator. Hope there's no hard feeling about all this. Rating out of 10: 7/10 Vengeance How did this staff member perform this month?: From what I have seen good considering what I have said below How can they improve?: I don't know what timezone Veng is on so I cannot talk accurately but what I have seen myself over the duration of the past couple of weeks having all my late nights and all, I do feel like he could greatly improve on activity & when he is active to do more for the community i.e - help wise Other notes?: Again it's the same as Uzi, My feelings for what is said above still stand but over the past 1-2 days you seem to be more logging in more but not exactly active in the chat etc. Rating out of 10: 8/10 E36 How did this staff member perform this month?: Done a good job, Considering you have not been staff long. How can they improve?: As he is a new member to the staff team I don't really have much to say on E36's performance towards staff other than your a doing a great job with the help/activeness you contribute towards the server. One thing you could improve on though is to not be AFK as much because I do feel that some times you will jump on say hey, answer a few questions and then don't hear from you for awhile. Other notes?: Rating out of 10: 7/10 Bolinbear How did this staff member perform this month?: Great How can they improve?: Honestly I do not think that Bolin has to improve anything at all, he is very active within the community forums/discord and in-game which all staff should be so good job. Also when he is online I feel like he is a very helpful person and he is always active chat wise. Always willing and keen to help others & always willing to be active within the friends chat no only helping but also talking to everyone in general like he's just another player with no responsibilities at all. Other notes?: Well done man, Keep up the great work Rating out of 10: 10/10 I left Loure out of this because I believe he has been demoted therefor I do not need to actually give him any feedback at all. I do apologise if I hurt anyone's feelings these opinions made by myself are the way I think I see things, I could be completely incorrect to be honest but I am simply pointing certain things out that I see myself and other may also see. If you do obviously agree with me in any kind of way at all then the next step would be for you to obviously make steps to change up what you may be doing wrong and try to fix it. These opinions are not biased in any kind of way at all, i like everyone here at Ataraxia it's a great community. I try to get along with everyone and do not hate anyone so these are just my honest opinions. Thanks for taking the time to read this feedback, Hope I have not hurt anyone's feelings too much ?? Con
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    Support Requirements - 100 Hours game time (minimum, don't get 101 and instantly apply) - 25 Forum Posts - Been a part of the Game & Forums for a month - No previous punishments, if so specify in 'Other Notes' - Adequate Game Knowledge - The drive to help and assist people through their journey on Ataraxia. Please use this template when applying for Support:
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    very good updates as usual was a pleasure testing them 🙂
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    Support Application I already have a feeling/know that the support application's have probably closed by now by whilst it's still open it's worth a shot, So here goes. All template questions for the application will be highlighted in BLUE so you don't have to go through the trouble of searching for a question in a load of white text 😄 In-Game Name: Con V2 & Con Age: 22 Years young 😄 Timezone: My current timezone is GMT(English) - Yes i'm "British" Why do you want to be Support?: I'd like to be support because I have a desire to help people, it might sound sort of funny considering the position i'm applying for but ever since I started playing RS-PS's when I jump into one the first thing I do is obviously play the game but with more play time you acquire more knowledge about the game itself & then I always end up spending a great deal of my time each day answering questions that are asked in the Friends chat, So I guess I want to be able to further my help towards the server by contributing not only just with answering questions but by other things too. Also I have noticed lately that when I'm online the majority of the time there is no Support staff, Mod staff online so I imagine all of the Staff team are from different timezone's than myself so therefore I figured that by possibly having a Support position then it would open up the server to having around the clock staff online, therefore never having to worry about having staff online for if there ever was a moment where a argument broke out in the friend's chat or someone came online spamming the server with advertisements etc. Also another point being is that when a new person logs onto the server and see's a lot of player's but no Staff online it can kind of take the players interest away a little due to the fact if they need help in any kind of way at all due to being Bugged, questions, Black Screened then there's a chance that nobody will be there to help them. So the reason I would like to be Server Support is in fact to support the server. What experience do you have?: I have experience in quite a few different aspects to be fully honest, I have owned my own server's in the past with having a couple of members alongside me to form a team to further the server so therefore have had to deal with a lot of stuff ranging from donations, votes, helping people, answering questions about things to do within the server itself but also have a little bit of experience of being an Administrator of different server's. Where the most of my experience comes into play though is from moderating server's in the past and having to deal with conflicts between other members, Helping people of course & all the other stuff you have to do as a moderator, Infact I have two children one being a boy & the other being a girl so I also have a lot of experience with dealing with day to day childishness and defusing certain situations where people/children will be upset and resolving it as quick as possible. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: Well in all honesty you don't have to pick me over someone else, If someone else is better qualified for the position then by all means feel free but i'm an honest, hard working person who is committed to thing's that I have a interest in and gaming, RS-PS is one of those interests, I also see myself as being a fair & a more than approachable person. How much free time do you have?: At the moment i'm currently available on most days between 6-10 hours a day, If not more due to the fact of just recently leaving my work place and looking for another job. Other notes: - I have had 2 punishments, one being a mute & the other being jailed. These punishments was resolved & deemed unnecessary so I feel as if these should not affect my chances. Thanks for taking the time to read through my application Con
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    Getting t90 melee weapons requires a range setup, so not sure how that made any sense. It was more powerful then rapiers. That generally means its too high for its tier. I think you're upset that your primary OP weapon is no longer suitable.
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    It wasn't more powerful than the drygore rapier you're just parroting nonsense because the rapier was always stronger. It losty 50 str power. That's not a nerf, that's taking 1/3rd of it's strength. They made it worse than a chaotic rapier. I think you're just ignorant about the game. T85 weapons should be powerful. Not weaker than T80s.