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    What's upguys, hope you enjoy and if you do please hit that subscribe button, like, and turn on post notification to be notified when the next video goes up or I go live!! ENJOY as always!! 🙂
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    Great video as always man! Also I heard your friend in the background talking about the protection prayers in lms just so you guys know you aren't supposed to be able to turn them on in lms 😂. Keep up the good work though looking forward to #4!
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    Ty will do 😄
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    Even following the guide, I cannot get Rune-server to go green. Still, very detailed and helpful guide. Thank you so much for making it.
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    nice guide, very helpfull for new & old players.
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    Many thanks for this guide! We appreciate you taking the time and effort to make such a detailed guide, hopefully this will help many 🙂
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    Very well done man, i'm looking forward to see more guides!.
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    Congratz man!, sick to see another cape in-game.
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    Enjoying the series so far! Keep the grind and the videos up 😄!