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    Ataraxia Updates #19 - Skilling Champion - Fixed the Lag issue - Ataraxia Dollars - Uzi's Perk Shop - LMS Fixes!!! [+] General Changes - QBD has been made easier and less time consuming, and its dragon bones drop has been buffed - The flour bin has been removed from home. Ironmen can now get flour by talking to the "Flower girl" at the lumbridge mill. You can get there quickly by using ;;lumbridgemill - "The bonfire is keeping you warm." Message spam when bonfiring now gone - The Ectoplasmator will now drop from K'ril tsutsaroth, Tormented demons, Chaos elemental, Abyssal demons, Greater demons, Kalgerion demons, Aberrant spectres, and Banshees - Verac will now hit through melee prayers - Smithing debug message has been removed - The Sophanem creature kill count message is now filtered - Red topaz can now be obtained from gem rock mining - Gem rock mining has received a major buff - The Falconry and Feldip hills teleports now take you to the correct locations - The Prayer teleport now works - Craft <x> rune contracts will now complete by runes crafted - Smith <x> arrowheads contracts will now complete by arrowheads smithed - String <x> oak shieldbow contracts are now properly tracked - Herblore contracts have been expanded to include the creation of complete potions - Rocktails have been added to fishing and cooking contracts - Runecrafting XP receieved from contracts has been buffed - Double fish perk is now counted towards completion - Contracts will no longer be given that require you to complete something higher than your level - The points to give you 50% contracts has been increase to 250 from 100. - Experience in LMS is now locked, you will no longer gain experience while attacking players - Reflection prayers will no longer work in LMS - Fishing Colony now has fishing spots, a bank and a Teleport - Hill giant attack has been nerfed - Pyromaniac health boost has been lowered from 50% bonus to 25% - Great White Shark fishing & cooking experience has been boosted - Gregorovic will now drop 8-11 Uncut Dragonstones rather than 1 - Dreadnips are now cheaper, but require 200 KC to buy - Superior items are now tradeable - Player of the Month now has a title and an icon in-game, enable it through ;;settings > Appearance - Coal is now used from the Coal bag automatically - Ironmen can now get karambwan vessels from Bob. [+] Squeal of Fortune Changes - The new Rotation for Squeal of Fortune is the Divination Outfit. This means the following Animations are also in the Squeal of Fortune - Agile Divination, Powerful Divination, Powerful Conversion & Agile Conversion - Read up on the outfit here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Elder_divination_outfit [+] Uzi's Perk Shop - You can now find Uzi's Perk Shop at ;;home, Member's Zone & Platinum Member's Zone. - When going to dialogue you'll be offered a choice between the: Combat, Skilling, Utility, Perk Package & Squeal of Fortune shop. - This is basically our Store in the game. You can now buy "Ataraxia Dollars" from the store which transfer as $1 in-game. - This tradeable currency should make it easier to transfer Donations as you can now also use them to buy the Perks/Spins. - Hopefully this system makes all Donation trading easier. [+] Skilling Champion - The Skilling Champion is awarded every 24 hours! It will display how long until the next champion is picked and the current champion. As you can see here: - You can be the Skilling Champion by completing the most Skilling contracts in the 24 hours. - The rewards vary.. From 1000 Green dragon-leather.. To 10 Uncut Onyxes.. or even 1000 Elder logs. Become the Skilling Champion and reap the rewards! [+] Diango Rotation - Some cool items in the rotation this month: [+] Bug Fixes - Can no longer equip Balmung without 75 Attack - The Lag issue is fixed! It came down to one small addition to try and fix a different null, small mistake, big issue. All fixed and we're so very grateful that you stuck with us despite the issues. - Fixed people being able to sell Mystery Boxes back to specific stores.. You know who you are. We're aware the Update isn't huge and there were a lot of delays with it. With the lag issue key in our minds & irl responsibilities taking over, the past 1-2 weeks of Development have been slow. With Lare taking a few days off (extremely deserved) and myself working an annoying amount & having some family responsibilities. As well as Arham being the genius wonder child he is being extremely busy with Schooling.. It's been a rough week/two. The next few weeks should bring much better and juicier updates. And thankfully, the lag issue is fixed. Thanks for sticking with us, and over the next few weeks, we'll show you why you made the right decision. Thanks, Jaedmo Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan, Xenthium & Noele Ask the developers questions here!
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    Hey, So i've been gone about a year now. I want to try getting back into this, But super lost right now with like the new stuff & reset. Trying to find some familiar names to talk to people & get back in the groove of everything. My in-game names are Kyam & Hacker. I don't think i'll be playing on Kyam much though as i'm more interested in ironman style. Looking forward to meeting some new people.
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    Completely forgot. My bad, will edit the thread.
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    Slayer/Reaper - ;;task command teleports you to monster location Construction - % chance to save materials when decorating OR reduced cost to build Combat - Special attacks have % chance to increase attack speed I'd like to hear what everyone thinks of these. As far as the % chance and how much you would pay for the benefits. I need useful things to spend money on, and these would quickly be added to my cart.
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    Nice ideas but I think the ;;task perk should only be buyable and work if you have donated a certain amount. Bc it's so unfair to people who donated $250 and $500 to basically lose the entire boss/monster teleport. Or maybe the perk should be very expensive for non-plat/diamond/master donators, i.e. $100, and for those plat/dia/master make it a symbolic $10-15.
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    SKILLING PETS AGILITY - Dojo Mojo - 1/40000 --- CONSTRUCTION - Baby Yaga's House - 1/15000 --- COOKING - Ramsay - 1/20000 --- CRAFTING - Gemi - 1/20000 --- DIVINATION - Willow - 1/20000 --- DUNGEONEERING - Gordie - 1/5000 --- FARMING - Brains - 1/25000 --- FIREMAKING - Bernie - 1/20000 --- FISHING - Bubbles - 1/25000 --- FLETCHING - Flo - 1/30000 --- HERBLORE - Herbert - 1/30000 --- HUNTER - Ace - 1/30000 --- MINING - Rocky - 1/20000 --- RUNECRAFTING - Rue - 1/25000 --- SLAYER - Crabbe - 1/50000 --- SMITHING - Smithy - 1/30000 --- THIEVING - Ralph - 1/20000 --- WOODCUTTING - Woody - 1/20000 BOSS PETS General Graardor - General Awwdor - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- K'ril Tsutsaroth - K'ril Tinyroth - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Kree'arra - Chick'arra - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Commander Zilyana - Commander Miniana - 1/2500 (hard mode), 1/5000 --- Dagannoth Prime - Prime Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Dagannoth Supreme - Supreme Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Dagannoth Rex - Rex Hatchling - 1/2500 --- Kalphite Queen - Kalphite Grublet - 1/2000 --- Kalphite King - Kalphite Grubling - 1/2500 --- Chaos Elemental - Ellie - 1/2000 --- Corporeal Beast - Corporeal Puppy - 1/2500 --- Giant Mole - 1/2500 Giant Mole Hardmode - 1/1600 --- King Black Dragon - King Black Dragonling - 1/2500 --- Queen Black Dragon - Queen Black Dragonling - 1/1000 --- Nex - Nexterminator - 1/1000 --- Vorago - Bombi - 1/250 --- Vorago - Vitalis - 1/500 --- Legio Primus - Legio Primulous - 1/2500 --- Legio Secundus - Legio Secundulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Tertius - Legio Tertiolus - 1/2500 --- Legio Quartus - Legio Quartulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Quintus - Legio Quintulus - 1/2500 --- Legio Sextus - Legio Sextulus - 1/2500 --- Tztok-Jad - Tzrek-Jad - 1/50 Fight Caves --- Har'aken - Shrimpy - 1/50 Fight Kiln --- Gregorovic - Greg - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Helwyr - Lilwyr - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Twin Furies - Ava - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Twin Furies - Nylessa - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Vindicta & Gorvek - Vindiddy - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Vindicta & Gorvek - Rawrvek - 1/1000 (hm), 1/2000 --- Bill Dave Gavin Lana Pete Steve Barry Mallory Araxxor/Araxxi - 1/800~ Each MISC PETS Frost Dragon - Frosty - 1/2000 --- Edimmu - Eddy - 1/2500 --- Glacor - Enduring Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Glacor - Unstable Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Glacor - Sapping Glacyte - 1/1500 --- Automatons - Cresbot - 1/2500 --- I KNOW SOME SHIT IS WRONG SIZES, BLAME RSWIKI OK
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    wow ty for this. probs took a minute lmao
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    Did you already give up on hcim? 😄 Wb btw
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    Welcome back man. Hope you enjoy ironman mode as much as I do.
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    Can't provide links from work, but lately I've had 3 songs on repeat. Artist Paulson, "Just Shy" "Not by a long shot" and "Compromise" by Abandoned By Bears.
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    In-game Name: NemesisWhat is your time played?: 287HrsDo you have a lot of free time to test?: Roughly 8-10 hours per day, sometimes more.What content are you looking forward to testing?: Any late game PvM content that you guys are working on, But i'm also happy to test out skilling aspects and things such as minigames/events that may be in the works.How knowledgeable are you on late-game content, mostly bossing mechanics (Telos, Araxxor, The Magister, Nex: AOD)?: Having only recently fully quit RS3, I'm up to date with every boss + mechanic, as far as ED3. I like to keep myself in the loop in-case I'm ever needed for a +1 for close friends, so knowledge is a huge aspect for me.
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    Thanks for your feedback. The benefits of platinum and diamond players don't really apply to the rest of the community. Not everyone has $250-500 to spend on a RSPS. I'm sure there are a lot of people that would spend $10 on a perk that takes you to your task. Those locations are also public, so you're not getting your own private instance like platinum and diamond do. As far as the spec weapons being OP, you just make it a low percentage. I'm not proposing you be able to spam the special and instantly go up to 1mil dps. You can control the chance to proc, and the increase to make it balanced.
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    1. Every boss/slayer monster is easy accessible and diamond players have already access to one of this areas. NO support 2. I can agree on that construction needs a perk for sure. Something like use half of the materials when you build something. Support KINDA 3. This only affects a few weapons ingame and that would probably make them superior the the best ones. NO Support.