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    How2 is going to be a series of guides made by me. The main point of these guides will be to offer more in-depth guidance when it comes to relatively basic things. Hopefully you will find them informative and helpful. (this is my first ever written guide, so any feedback on the formatting, and overall usefulness would be appreciated) Hydrix Jewellry Amulet of Souls Soul Split has a 50% chance to heal 25-50% more. The Amulet of Souls is a very strong amulet for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players. Reaper Necklace Each successful hit adds 0.1% accuracy, stacking up to 3% total. The Reaper Necklace is the best-in slot amulet for ranged. This item is tradeable with other players. Deathtouched Bracelet You have a 20% chance of reflecting 25-50% of incoming damage back onto your opponent. This Deathtouched Bracelet is very strong gloves for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players. Ring of Death When you kill a monster you have a 50% chance of restoring special attack from it. The amount of special attack restored is based on the amount of hp your target has. The Ring of Death is the second best-in slot ring for melee, ranged, and magic. This item is tradeable with other players. ___ The Ring of Death can be combined with the Perfect' Ring to make the Ring of Wealth(c) It has the best ring stats in the game, it also has the passive effect from the Ring of Death, the Perfect' Ring, and the Slayer Ring. This is only available for Platinum Donators+ Crafting the Jewellry Level Requirements Crafting Level: 79 79 90 95 99 To create a piece of hydrix jewellry you need these items; Incomplete Hydrix 2x Onyx Gold Bar Use a cut Onyx on the Incomplete Hydrix You'll be left an Uncut Hydrix, proceed to cut it once, then you'll have a Hydrix Now we have to make an Onyx Amulet, Necklace, Bracelet or Ring. When you have your Onyx Amulet, Necklace, Bracelet or Ring use it on your cut Hydrix All that remains is to enchant it, go on the Normal Spellbook, and use the Lvl-6 Enchant spell Thanks for reading, hope it helped you out.
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    Ataraxia Updates #16 - LootShare - Pest Control Expansion - The Exterminator - Dominion Tower Expansion... DREADNIPS!!! [+] General Changes - Removed spam from Drop Catcher dialogue - ;;toggleperks command for toggling the drop catcher and arcane alchemist perks - Rare token trivia answer has been changed to 25 from 30 - Herbicide now works for noted herbs - Drop catcher will now pick up ghostly essence and AOD drops - Ectoplasmator will now count towards bones buried - Trisk Fragments are now picked up with the Drop Catcher perk - Hydrix has been removed from LMS Common loot & the price has been increased in the shop - Khopesh weapons finally have stats - Discord sync is now be fixed - ;;clue & ;;trivia will refer you to the relevant guide - You can now attack with a Scythe while 2 tiles away [+] Pest Control Expansion - Novice and Intermediate boats are unaffected by this expansion (excluding the QOL changes) - You can now start a game early if all players in the boat accept - Monsters are scaled to the boat level and team size - New mechanics have been added and the monsters/portals have been buffed - Rewards have received a large buff (agro pots, PVP armors, herbs, secondaries, etc. 👀) [+] LootShare - Rare drops will split between players in the form of "virtual shards". When you receive 120 virtual shards of an item, you will receive that item (physical shards will be added once we fix issues with the cache) - Common drops will be randomly awarded based on LootShare points/potential (LSP). Every time you don't receive a drop your LSP goes up - There is a delay of 2 minutes before LootShare will activate - Ironmen cannot use LootShare, sorry 🙂 [+] Dominion Tower Expansion - Every round of Dominion Tower will now grant you Dominion Factor, you can spend this at the store to gain BONUS Experience in Combat skills as well as flat experience! - You can receive a Fire Lycan pet for 20 million Factor..! - As well as buy Dreadnips. These little scarabs will fight alongside you when deployed! [+] The Exterminator Valued at only $7! - Boosts your damage in Pest Control by 25% - Double the amount of rolls on the Pest Control loot table (4 instead of 2) [+] Dominion Domination - This new perk follows the Dominion Tower expansion.. - Costing $10, the Dominion Domination perk grants the following: - Gives an extra boss killcount each kill in Dominion Tower (stacking with minigamer) - Gives 2.5x factor each kill in Dominion Tower. - Gives 25% more bonus experience from DT rewards - Gives 25% more experience to a skill from DT rewards. [+] What Noele has been doing - Noele has been working hard on an awesome logging system on the Admin CP of the Website.. - This includes: Ad Referral tracking, In-game logs tracking & Website registration tracking. - I'm sure I can't go into nearly as much detail as it's worth.. But here: - This will help the entire staff team have a place to track in-game activities and chat logs from the comfort of the Forums/Website. - On top of this, the Ad referral tracking will be extremely helpful for our upcoming Advertisement plans. We'll be able to trace where the best Traffic is coming from and tailor our advertisements towards the websites that do so. - We've also sourced some fancy new artwork: Just a couple to show. [+] Media Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Ask the developers questions here! There wasn't much this week, as almost all of this is Lare & Jordan's work. Arham has had IRL responsibilities. I have to personally apologise for my lack of activity recently, I've moved house and have been without internet for two weeks. The next few weeks we'll be tryharding getting Advertisements and awesome updates out for you all. Thanks for sticking with us. And a huge shoutout to Lare & Jordan for this week.. And of course.. Noele. Thanks to Jaedmo for writing these patch notes! ❤️
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    Ataraxia Updates #13 - Nex: Angel of Death - Lottery System - Events System - New Rare Item Shop! [+] General Changes - A new perk has been added: Arcane Alchemist. - Voting has been buffed; You now have a 5% chance of getting an extra 10 spins per vote & 2% chance to get Deathtouched dart! - Magic weapons have now been buffed. - New ;;calendar command to view the Ataraxia forums calendar. - Added Superior Zuriel's Staff & Christmas Scythe bonuses - Overloads now have notifications before they're about to run out - Feather of Ma'at can now be bought from the Grand Exchange at an unlimited amount. - Added the ability to open individual banks by commands. - Added an increase in rate to the familiar special bar for players that own the Familiar expert perk. - The Last Man Standing Lobby now starts at 2minutes, but then becomes 30 second intervals. - Sophanem slayer dungeon NPC Slayer EXP has now been nerfed. - More fire giants have been added to their appropriate location. - Tertiary drops have now been added to the drop table. - Kalphite King has now been buffed. - Nex has now been buffed. - Some of Araxxor's drops have been nerfed. - Sophanem Slayer Dungeon NPCs have had their drop table updated. - Tectonic bottoms now degrade. - Holy Overload now lasts for 12 minutes instead of 10 minutes with the Herbivore perk. - You can now no longer bank inside of RuneSpan. - The Christmas event is now closed. 😞 - Superior items are now tradeable. [+] Nex: Angel of Death After much anticipation, Nex: Angel of Death has now been added to the game! We suggest reading up on her mechanics beforehand over here. Perhaps you can write a guide of your own on the Ataraxia forums? [+] Lottery System Let the game of luck commence! Every 45 minutes, a lottery will be drawn that will select one lucky player to win the entire jackpot. Talk to the Gambler at home to contribute and play a game of chance! [+] Events System Check out Uzi's post for events coming this January! Do the ;;events command in game to see a list of events and ;;calendar to see the events in accordance to your time zone! [+] New Rare Item Shop! New year? New Diango! Head home and talk to Diango to redeem those Rare item tokens! [+] Bug Fixes - The bug where Morrigan's Javelin and Morrigan's Thrown Axe depleting when thrown has been fixed. - Users not being able to redeem donor boxes is now fixed. - The issue where people with $500 donated couldn't claim the ;;dz outfit is now fixed. - Nex going out of arena sometimes inside instances is now fixed. - Fixed cyclops animations. - Fixed duo slayer tasks not working on grouped Slayer NPCs. - Fixed the slayer helmet not working on grouped Slayer NPCs. - Fixed issue with Silverhawk boots losing all charges when equipping via Equipment tab. This should probably fix a plethora of other issues with charges on items. - Fixed the issue where multiple gold bars were used to make gold bracelets. - Fixed issues with vials being used on flasks. - The skill level icon upon levelling up should now show your new level, not the old one. - The issue where making Overload potions at a Portable well would not use the passive effect of saving a potion has now been fixed. These patch notes were... a pain; probably because I had to rewrite them twice. All in all, happy new years from the Ataraxia team! Let's make 2019 great! Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96 & Noele
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    Hey guys; I used to have a Goals page up but I think I ended up deleting it when I went through a lot of personal matters thinking I wouldn't be on for quite some time, and I finally decided I would make a new one! I'm gonna be listing my goals for my Legendary account, including skills/drops/etc. If you guys could think of any other reputable goals that I haven't or aren't in here, feel free to leave some feedback! All is welcome! I will leave an update section at the bottom so you guys can keep track of what all changes each time I update this post, which will probably be about once a week or so hopefully. ^_^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Account Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pet Trackers (Credits to Will) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comp Reqs ///// Comp(T) Reqs ***Will only be posting the Comp(T) Reqs from now on, as I'm already Comped*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KEY COMPLETE IN PROGRESS NOT STARTED *** = Pet Achieved ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills 99 Attack (99/99) 99 Strength (99/99) 99 Defense (99/99) 99 Ranged (99/99) 99 Magic (99/99) 99 Prayer (99/99) 99 Hitpoints (99/99) 99 Summoning (99/99) 99 Runecrafting (99/99) 99 Construction (99/99) *** 99 Agility (99/99) 99 Herblore (99/99) *** 99 Thieving (99/99) *** 99 Crafting (99/99) *** 99 Fletching (99/99) *** 99 Slayer (99/99) *** 99 Hunter (99/99) 99 Mining (99/99) 99 Smithing (99/99) *** 99 Fishing (99/99) *** 99 Cooking (99/99) 99 Firemaking (99/99) 99 Woodcutting (99/99) 99 Farming (99/99) 99 Divination (99/99) 120 Dungeoneering (120/120) 2595 Total (2595/2595) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS / GOLD (Cash will be updated based on max stack ever) 100M Cash 250M Cash 500M Cash 1B Cash 2B Cash (1805m) Dom Tower Glove Set Glacor Boot Set (Steads + Glaivens + Ragefires) Upgraded Glacor Boot Set (Glaivens) Superior Elite Void (All Sets + Gloves + Deflector) Chaotic Set (Rapier) Drygore Set Ring of Death Amulet of Souls Ascension Crossbow Decimation Bow Nox Weapon Set Ports Armor Sets (Tetsu) Ports Superior Armor Sets (Death Lotus) All T70 Defenders (Melee + Ranged + Mage) All T80 Defenders (Ranged + Melee) All T90 Defenders Fire Cape All 3 Kiln Capes (Melee) Max Cape Completionist Cape Completionist Cape (T) Master Quest Cape ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC. All Boss Pets (1/29) -- (0/8 Araxxor Pets) All Skilling Pets (8/18) Easy Achievements Medium Achievements Hard Achievements (11/16) Elite Achievements (4/18) Bronze Member Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member Diamond Member ($287/500) 3 Forum Threads 5 Forum Threads 10 Forum Threads 25 Forum Threads (12/25) 10 Forum Posts 50 Forum Posts 100 Forum Posts (69/100) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accolades and Achievements Player of the Month - January 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Honorable Mentions E36 One of the best friends I've made on this server. Always very helpful and friendly. Gz on well-deserved mod, bb ^_^ Hot Milo Another great friend; also part of our incredible staff team. Never fails to do a tremendous job. Will Is always drunk and is fantastic to have conversations with at like 2am when he's ever online that late. xD Hillbilly Let him leech 99 Slayer... Twice.. Once on Expert, and once on Legendary. xD Great friend and always has great conversation. 😛 Awls/Nut Such a nice guy, always fun to crack up with, and kept me driven to get my goals, even if I wanted to give up a few times cuz nex was being a little cuck. The Flow Flow's been there for me since Day 1, and has always been my go-to for bankstanding sessions. :PPP Great friend ^_^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all of the goals I wish to achieve at the moment; nothing spectacular but being a Legendary, it'll take a while! As I mentioned earlier, if anyone has any sort of feedback regarding other potential goals (Once I start bossing, I may introduce Boss KC's as a few), don't hesitate to say something! I'm practically always online for the most part, and I'm going to be a lot more active here on the forums, so if you see me, say hey! I'll respond, I promise! ^_^ ***Update Log*** Jan 9, 2019: Created a Very Basic Goals List; Much more to come soon! Jan 15, 2019: Updated Smithing/Firemaking/Woodcutting/Herblore; Wasn't on much over the bxp weekend but got my Venosaur Jan 22, 2019: HUGE gains this past bonus xp weekend. Added about 4 99's, got 2 or 3 pets including Crabbe ^_^, and been saving up some money for an ascension soon. Jan 28, 2019: Even bigger gains. A solid 50 hour increase in playtime, with plenty of progress to show for it. Maxed combat, obtained an asc bow, made some cash, achieved my glacor boot set (Time to work towards upgrades), and have hit 42m Slayer XP. Also added in 2 more sections to this thread. Feb 6, 2019: HUGE Update to the thread. Massive XP gains, and we've broke the 300 total level mark til Max. Also added in a few screenshots to make the goals a bit more visual instead of just text-based. Put in a lot of hours this past week, and the xp gains show. I've also hit roughly 70m Slayer XP and the grind to 120 continues. Plan on maxing within the next 2-3 weeks. Feb 12, 2019: Another massive update to the thread. Got another 2-3 99's, along with 2 skilling pets (Smithing and Construction). Also obtained my first boss pet, Chik'arra! ❤️ I've also broken the 100 Total Level mark before I max out my Legendary Account. It's been such a grind, and the last skills I have are the most "grindy" of them all. I start my new job the night of the 18th, so I'm going to try to max before then, but I doubt it. If not before, shortly after. I'll definitely be maxing over the x4 Weekend (Feb 22-25). Love the Support! Feb 19, 2019: Probably the most grind-heavy update to the thread I've made yet. I got Hunter, Mining, and Thieving to 99, along with getting 2 or 3 more pets in the last week. I've made some massive bank gains, and have even started my own HCIM as a side project, but this thread is about Craftwork. 😛 115 Total Levels until I'm completely maxed, 94 until I can obtain my Max Cape! We're getting so close! Thanks for the continued support with these goals. I plan on getting Farming to 99, and big chunks of Agility/Div done before 4x. Should be on track with my goal from last week of maxing over 4x weekend (Upcoming weekend). Also got plat this week. ^_^ Feb 28, 2019: I accomplished so much this week. With 4x XP Weekend being last weekend, I both maxed AND comped! All of my skilling grind is over, but not the action grind yet. Still got plenty of Comp(T) requirements to obtain. Achievement Hunting will also be on the list for the next few weeks. I managed to Comp my Legendary account at 487 Hours, which is a pretty good number to me. Huge gains on the Boss KC list, but no luck on Pet RNG quite yet; just gotta keep grinding and hope I can snag em some day. This thread will continue to get updated roughly once a week until everything on this list is green. We're slowly approaching that all-green thread. Just gotta keep workin towards it!
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    Player of the Month - January 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. Normally, this thread will be posted on the 1st of the Month every month. However, I wanted to notify everyone who plays that this will now be a thing along with the other .. of the Month titles. You'll receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Voting will be done within the Staff Team. The Winner of this month will be announced on this thread. Regards, Jaedmo
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    Introduction Alright guys. It's me. Back with a more detailed and very in-depth description of this event, with all the numbers worked out and everything. My Google Docs link will be included at the bottom so you can see the up-to-date changes I may continue to make after posting this thread. This is just to get this idea out in the open and receive some all around feedback from the community about this idea, to see if there's any potential flaws I could tweak, or any additions/removals that may need to be done. So I guess without further ado, here it is! What is Skilling Hour? Skilling Hour is an event that would take place 4 times a day, every 6 hours, allowing players to skill for a 15 minute session in a new area, providing them with a SLIGHT xp boost, less than that of ;;mz, to gain points based on the amount of skilling actions you perform in this 15 minute period. These points can be used to buy items out of the shop, including custom XP Lamps, Protean Packs, Small/Large Rune Pouches, and more! There are some higher priced items that will be well worth the time you'll spend participating in these events that you'll see as you read later down in this thread! This event was thought of in the hopes of bringing some of the community together for something other than a Boss Mass or LMS, or anything combat related really. This would be the first Skilling-Based community event in Ataraxia, and I would love to be a part of helping it come together and be implemented! Not only would players be able to grind for 15 minutes with some extra xp gain, but they would be rewarded for it. How does it work? Well each skill, because of the different rates at which you can perform actions, has a specific "rate" of which you acquire points. For example: Crafting can yield you roughly 1100-1150 actions in a 15 minute session, which would be granting you 10 Points per 45 Actions. While Fletching, only able to grant you roughly 300-350 actions in a 15 minute session, would grant you 10 Points per 13 Actions. Each skill was given a rate to make it to where, if you work at near max efficiency, you should be able to yield a point total between 200-300 Points per event. More realistically, 225-275. Each event would be a random skill out of the pool of available skills for the event. During that event, only actions for that skill would be counted and points awarded for. 60 Seconds prior to each event, there would be an announcement saying which skill had been chosen, that way all players planning to participate would have some time to get some necessary supplies if they weren't already in the bank. Once the announcement had been made, players would be able to use a command similar to ;;lms, that would teleport them to a waiting room with a 2-3 minute timer, allowing players to finish what they're doing, JUST like LMS. Once this "Waiting room" timer was up, all players in the waiting room would be teleported to the Event Zone, which would have all the skilling necessities you would need. Bank Booths, Trees, Fires, etc. No matter what skill is chosen, you would be able to do it in this zone. There would be a separate zone for fishing, also with a Bank booth added. Media will be showcased later in the thread. As soon as players are teleported from the waiting room to the Event Zone, the 15 minute session begins. Players will essentially "race" to see who can get the most points in a 15 minute period of time, for a bonus KotS-Like reward from a prize pool of a few items, along with a bonus 50 Points. The winner of this award would be recognized with a World Announcement, similar to if someone got a Pet Drop, or anything else. This incorporates a bit of competition into the event, rather than just a "I'm gonna grind solo and take my time" mentality. Also, the more efficient you are, the more points you earn, which makes getting shop rewards faster, which makes you happier. The items in the KotS-like reward pool currently are as follows: Medium Protean pack Various # of Random Portables (1-3) Small Amounts of Cash (20-30m per event) Viswax (15-20 per event) Chimes (100-250 per event) Mystery Box SoF x2 Ticket 250k XP Lamp (Tier 1 of event lamps)** Skilling Cache (Rarest KotS-Like Reward*** **This could be a 250k XP Lamp for the skill showcased in the event won by the player, rather than being a 250k XP Lamp for any skill, so the reward is more based around what the player did that event. Ex. If Kusiaka had the most points in the Fletching Event, and he won the 250k Lamp as a bonus reward, he would receive a 250k Fletching XP Lamp. ***Skilling Cache would include: -50x Uncut Red Topaz - Diamond -25x Uncut Dragonstone -1-3x Herb Boxes -100x Ores Adamant / Rune -250x Coal -50x Logs Yew / Magic Some skills, such as Herblore, would have a specific action that is the ONLY action that would count for points. For example, given Herblore, making actual potions would be able to give points, while afk-grinding mud runes would not, as it would absolutely and entirely skew the whole system. These points would be bound to your account and displayed in the Task Tab, similar to how Loyalty/Trivia/Vote Points are now. They would be spendable at a new NPC that would be located at home, slightly north of the ;;home teleport location, most likely on the other side of the Leaderboard, opposite Nastroth. What's the shop look like, Craftwork?? Glad you asked! The way the rates are set up at the moment, a player should be able to earn roughly 250 points per event. Shop prices are obviously just a rough idea of what they would be/how long it should take to obtain these items. So here's a list of the items I currently have and their respective prices. Keep in mind these can always be changed if a good majority may deem it "ridiculous" per se. Item Price (in points) Events Needed 250k XP Lamp -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event 500k XP Lamp -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events 1m XP Lamp -------------------- 750 Points -------------------- 3 Events Mystery Box -------------------- 200 Points -------------------- 1 Event SoF x2 Spin Ticket -------------------- 200 Points -------------------- 1 Event Viswax ----------------- 10 Points/1 Wax -------------------- 1 Event for Divine Loc Reset Small Protean Pack -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Medium Protean Pack -------------------- 750 Points -------------------- 3 Events Large Protean Pack -------------------- 1000 Points -------------------- 4 Events Small Rune Pouch -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Large Rune Pouch -------------------- 1000 Points -------------------- 4 Events Divine Herb III -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Rune Rock -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Magic Tree -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Box Trap -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Sumilicrum II -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Divine Rocktail Bubble -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Hard Clue Scroll -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Elite Clue Scroll -------------------- 500 Points -------------------- 2 Events Supply Cache -------------------- 250 Points -------------------- 1 Event Crystal Pickaxe -------------------- 2500 Points -------------------- 10 Events Crystal Hatchet -------------------- 2500 Points -------------------- 10 Events Herbivore Perk -------------------- 10000 Points -------------------- 40 Events Divine Doubler Perk -------------------- 10000 Points -------------------- 40 Events Again, this is just a rough sketch of what the shop would look like. The 2 perks are based off the amount of time it would take to get them via Voting, which would be 10 days of on-point voting on all 5 sites, every 12 hours religiously. This is the same concept. If you participated in every event, at near max efficiency, for 10 days, you would have either perk as well. The introduction of the Crystal Tools in the shop is just an option. It's a second method for players to obtain these tools without afking at Harps for 2-3 hours at a time. Yeah it'll take longer, and is spaced out, but you're actually accomplishing something while being able to save up for the tools. Also, for players unable to donate for ;;prif perk or who don't have a 2250 total level yet, it offers them a step up in equipment from Dragon Tools. How could this be expanded? Well if this event were to get implemented, my thought would be that maybe sometime later down the line we could create a perk or two for this event, benefiting players. Both of which would be added to the shop regarding their price in ;;store. I've got two ideas so far for potential perks, if this became as popular an event as I'm anticipating. Perk 1: % Chance to occasionally double points received in event. (20 points instead of 10 @ action threshold occasionally) ----- $5 Perk 2: Enhances the XP-Boost in the Event Zone, making the xp gain slightly more worthwhile for participants. ----- $5 These 2 perks could instead be combined into one perk, granting the player slightly more xp in the event zone, AND giving a chance to occasionally double points. ----- $9/10 These are the skills that would be easy to implement at the moment. I'm working on ways to figure out how to configure rates for the left-out skills, aside from Hunter and Divination, both of which would require either a hefty amount of NPC's making the Zone crowded, or a LOT of space to put each tiered object. Those are things I'm trying to find ways around. Smithing is also hard to configure a rate for, due to the varying amounts of coal needed to make different tiered bars. Also finding a way to work around that. There are plenty more options of expansion for this idea, which is the whole point of making this thread. I want everyone who reads this to leave some sort of feedback as to what you think about this idea in general, along with possible fixes, or work-arounds to the skills mentioned above. Or anything, even. ALL feedback is MORE than appreciated. I can't get this perfected without some help. ^_^ Media This first one is the intended zone for this event. I have coordinates for all, if this is seriously thought about and they are needed to start working on implementing objects into the zone. This is a very wide open area with plenty of room to work with. There are no pre-existing objects to remove, which makes the coding part easier, as there are no pathing issues we would run into. This next one is another possible zone for the event. It's also a wide open area, with no objects to remove. Plus there's SNOW! Who doesn't love snow?... Me and E36 were testing what some of the zone could look like, hence the Crystal Trees and Soul Altar in the picture. Finally, the last picture is what the event zone would look like if the chosen skill were Fishing. I feel it would be easier to add in fishing spots to an area like this, and it also just fits the whole "Fishing" vibe. This is just optional. Depends on what you guys think! Extra Notes This took a long time to produce and get information/numbers/locations for, so please do me a favor and at least leave SOME sort of feedback, whether positive, negative, or neutral. I want to hear what the community thinks of this idea, and if you guys would actually be willing to participate. I'm going to be leaving a poll at the top of this for you guys to vote on which of the two initial event zones you guys would prefer, just to get an idea, so I could start mapping out the zone with objects. Huge thanks to everyone mentioned below for helping me out with minor things, and keeping me semi sane while developing this idea. They are all great people, and offer GREAT ideas, if you ever have any suggestions of your own you may want to have some help with! ***I'm looking for a way to make this more competitive, aside from the KotS-like reward! Give me ideas!*** Credits Craftwork - Started construction the idea. Found skilling action rates, and converted to point rates per x actions. Xolifar - Helped with a good portion of the base framework. Assisted in finding approximate action rates, along with some input about the shop items. Ash - HUGE help; Revisions made to framework of the event. Helped avoid potential flaws and provided possible fixes. Helped with item suggestions and pricing. Insisted on the Specific-Action skills, such as Herblore, so players couldn't abuse the system by grinding mud runes for 30 minutes. Arachnid - Provided the idea of the 1h timer after LMS to prevent overlap. Great idea that I hadn't thought of myself. Assisted in some pricing. E36 - Helped a huge amount in finding coordinates for possible event zones, along with ideas of how they would look once objects were added in. Provided a bit of clarity as to how each zone would be mapped out. Will - Pretty much a brainstorming buddy through this process. We ran through ideas, and he helped establish what ideas would and wouldn't be too game-breaking, also what could and couldn't be abused. Xenthium - Helped provide some QoL changes to the framework, also allowing the event to be more unique to itself, and slightly more balanced. Edit Log 2/7/19: Changed prices of Divine Locations to require at LEAST 2 events, maybe 3 if you're performing under expectation for a single Location. 2/7/19: Changed price of Viswax from 20 points per wax to 40 points per wax, requiring a minimum of at LEAST 3 events, maybe 4, in order to have enough for a Divine Location reset. This is feesable, as most Ataraxia players aren't on for 8 hours at a time. It would most likely be done in different sessions. 2/8/19: Revised interval from 2h to 6h, changing frequency from 12x per day to 4x per day. This forced a change in prices due to how long it would be between each event. Got a dev's input and the frequency of 2h would result in players essentially expecting bonus xp more often. This provides more of a wait, and more of a uniqueness to the event. 2/28/19: Been a while since I updated this; I've had a lot going on. There have been plenty of additions/changes to this since the last time I did it. Added in the items I've configured for the KotS-Like reward for the highest scoring player each event, along with editing some minor things, just to make the thread more consistent with my notes. Public Suggestion Log Skylark Wolf -- Instead of points per actions, create a Stealing Creation-like system where you can deposit items for points. **In this sort of system, where making potions using herblore would cash in for maybe 1 point per 1 potion, ground mud runes would cash in for 1 point per 10, due to the speed difference, just to provide an idea about how this would work.** LOVE it
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    Ataraxia Updates #18 - Skilling Contracts - LMS Modifications - Decimation, Annihilation & Obliteration (i) - More Balance edits - Dungeoneering Fixes - New Skilling Teleports!!! [+] General Changes - Wyson the Gardener has been added! You can now exchange your Mole parts for Bird's nests, find him at Falador Park - The Barrows puzzle interface will now remain open during combat - Ghostly essence drop rate has been lowered from Pest Control - DFS rate has been lowered from Pest Control - You now receive "runes crafted" when crafting Soul runes - Hybrid LMS is now simply welfare gear (Mystic) - Gregorovic is now weak to Stab/slash attacks - Araxyte Arrows have been slightly buffed - Crossbows now attack 1 tick faster - Noxious scythe has been slightly buffed in accuracy - Xmas scythe bonuses have been changed to match the balancing changes - Reaper Hood has been adjusted to become best-in-slot - Buffed Ring of Wealth (c) to become best-in-slot - Helwyrs Magic defence has been increased - Twin furies Magic defence has been slightly lowered - Drygore Rapier/Longsword have had their Strength bonus slightly lowered - Reaper necklace has had it's Ranged strength bonus increased to match Farsight Blood sniper - Amulet of Souls has had it's Strength bonus slightly increased and had Ranged strength bonus added - Kalphite rebounder has now got 10% less Magic damage - Deathtouch bracelet has had it's Ranged accuracy boosted to match other Combat styles - Superior vesta's spear now shares the same spec as the regular spear - Slayer experience rates have been lowered.. Especially Sophanem slayer dungeon rates. - Ironmen can now use ;;spin & earn spins daily as well as claim Double keys tokens - Dungeoneering Gorajan equipment is now tradeable - Araxxor KC has been added to the Boss kill log - Lottery bets are now limited to 1 account per IP/MAC - Platinum Instances are now single combat only - Something a few of you may dislike, but it's for the betterment of the server.. Vote parties now only reward those who have voted in the last 24 hours - You can no longer light fires at ;;home - Sophanem NPC kill counters have been added - Ironmen can now collect flour from ;;home with Pots - Aggression pot effects will now expire when you die - Bonfire boost will now reset the timer when bonfiring while already boosted - Pets have been disabled in LMS - Zerker mode has been disabled in LMS, Pure-mode has been added & Boxing mode - You can now eat Purple sweets - Silverhawk Boot parts can now be converted to Feathers - "The End" rotation for Vorago has been temporarily disabled - Imbued gear is now 10,000 chime rather than 15,000 - Bork is now only assigned to you from the Reaper if you are able to do it, not if you have killed it recently. [+] Squeal of Fortune Changes - Uzi has been looking into ideas to liven the Squeal of Fortune a little bit. There's still ways to go, and it's still early days but this is what he thought of! - Whenever an Elite skilling set (Golem, Camouflage, Trapper, Gorajan, etc..) is rotated into the Squeal of Fortune, relevant Animation boxes for that Skill will be also. - So as the current rotation is the elite Mining set, Magic Golem, you can now temporarily receive: Headbutt, Chi-blast, Blast & Strongarm Mining animation overrides! Also, claiming the box will give you $2 towards your Donation total. - Squeal of Fortune is something we'll be editing a lot in the near future.. Tired of seeing shit stuff on it.. Amirite. [+] Skilling Teleports - Each teleport obviously has many more options within.. New ones include: - Prifddinas Fishing Area, Mining Guild, Desert Quarry, Rune essence mine, Prifddinas ore mine, Prifddinas Seren stones.. Best of all, Farming now contains EVERY Patch you'll need.. - This should help new players navigate the map in search for the best experience rates! Enjoy, thanks to E36 and Lare for their awesome efforts here. [+] Skilling Contracts - Speak to the "Survival expert" at home to obtain a skilling contract - Get rewarded every time you complete one (and achievements!) - You can reset your contract using points and viswax - Daily tasks are now obsolete and have been replaced by this - New perk "Skilling Addict" [+] Dungeoneering Fixes - Fix to Sagittarius being bugged on 1hp - Fixed Sagittarius doing low damage during the Arrow rain special attack - Fixed not being able to reach objects on the Dungeoneering doors - Fixed an issue with Gatestone taking laws when you spam click it - Hopefully fixed lever puzzle issues [+] LMS Modifications - Zerker mode has now been removed from LMS. - Pure mode has been added to LMS (@E36)! - Fisticuffs mode has been added to LMS (@Arachnid)! - Prayers have been enabled in LMS again! However, you can't use protection prayers. The new rates are: Dharok's (25%) Tier 80 (10%) Tier 90 (5%) Hybrid (30%) 1 Defence Pure (members) (20%) Fisticuffs (10%) Suggest new LMS loadouts here! [+] Decimation, Obliteration & Annihilation - Decimation, Obliteration & Annihilation now all degrade to Dust - You can no longer use the Decimation special attack on a regular Decimation weapon - You can now use the Imbued gear from Hazelmere at ;;market to Imbue them - This makes the weapon Imbued, giving it bonus accuracy & strength as well as allowing you to repair the item - This also allows you to use the Decimation special attack - The imbued versions are untradeable, meaning if you'd like the extra bonuses, repair ability & special attack, you must imbue it. [+] Bug Fixes - Nex instances and the issue with Nex spawning twice should be fixed - Soul Siphoner now properly heals 25% more.. Instead of doing 25% more damage.. Oops. - Hopefully fixed the Deadlock null (everything stops working within instancing). Arham nailed this down to an issue with performance in Dungeoneering. It should now be fixed. - ;;itemdrop is now functional - Helwyr will now work for the Trivia question: "Name one of the Heart of Gielinor bosses" - Araxxor pets... Have been fixed. - Fix to Lottery only giving free Investor bets - Strongarm Resting donation will now properly award you the animation override - Fixed a few more smuggles into/out of LMS - Fixed smuggles into Dungeoneering Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan, Xenthium & Noele Ask the developers questions here!
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    1. The addiction. The grind. The competitiveness. Those who've known me for a while will also know exactly what I mean 😉 2. @Uzi @vengeance @Clumsy @Ash @Noele @Jaedmo @Overpowered @killnubsftw @Tranquility @Dashie @Chris @Chloe @Arachnid @Hot Milo @Snowie @Craftwork @Snixie @Will @Feed My Ego You guys have all, at one point, made my day better when I really needed it. Thank you. ❤️
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    1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? Its still alive 2: Tag at least one other player who has made your Ataraxia experience enjoyable & tell us why! Id gladly put here myself, thanks Snix.
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    Staff Feedback - January Trying something a little different this month.. Anonymous feedback. The feedback has been great but.. I want you guys to rip apart my Staff team. And having it anonymous will help towards you guys being more honest.. Don't get me wrong, don't force it, if they're doing awesome, say it. Uzi and I will be reading the responses. So if you're scared of us just give us really nice feedback and then rip apart the rest of the staff. Fill it out here: https://goo.gl/forms/FTtetWB5Ob1CfJFk1 What's in it for you?: A random 3 people who complete the feedback will receive: - $15 Store credit - 3 Deathtouched Darts - 10 Mystery boxes ... Each Kind regards, Jaedmo & Uzi
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    I mean it's kinda different. There's changes we need to make or the server's going to die overtime. These changes won't pass on Polls, because simply players want stuff to be easy. Every update the past few weeks has been to make the server stay longer. That's what we're aiming for here, it's a long time and a good time, not just a great time and a short time. For example, I doubt the Plat zone instances becoming single would've passed, yet is 100% necessary if we ever want a stable economy. Same with the balance changes. People would've voted against nerfing range.. But we did it and now all combat is more balanced and better. I do agree, we should start Polling new content more. However, for changes that you're suggesting we should've added polls for, isn't the stuff we should Poll. Because it wouldn't pass despite it being a valuable and server-saving update. I do like the idea of adding polls for the future for what content should come first, and I'll discuss it with the Development team. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    In-Game Name: 2595 Age: 21 Timezone: GMT+1, Nationality: Dutch Why do you want to be Support?: When I first joined Ataraxia, I, like most other new players, had two questions. Do I like this server? And do I like the people on this server? Both of these questions were positively answered within my first five minutes of playtime. I was wholeheartedly welcomed by both the players and the members of staff that were online. I was guided by some experienced players until I grew stronger.. Up until the moment they kicked me out of the nest to see if I could fly by myself. Luckily, I was able to. It is that amazing feeling when you get back home after a vacation that I want to provide to anyone logging into the server. Whether they’re completely new, veterans that have been playing for years, and everything that lies in between. Making sure that people enjoy their time on the server is of utmost importance to me, as I enjoy providing the same experience that I have had, and am still having. Ataraxia is an amazing server with a loving and dedicated community, including the Staff and the Developers. I am extremely happy to be a part of this community, and would be excited to be able to take it to the next level. What experience do you have?: I have held staff positions on three different servers, the smallest one was slightly larger than Ataraxia currently is. Does size matter? Well, I guess it’s up to the gentlemen in this case to decide. While this number might seem low, each of these periods exceeded a year and a half, and would end the same day the server closed. I’d like to think this shows my dedication to the places I have considered my online home. In terms of RuneScape experience itself, I have played since 2008. I haven’t played too much for the past 2 years, but when I do, it’s RS3. OSRS, while it’s great to have it, just feels like a RSPS with the EXP rate set to x1.. Meh, I just couldn't be bothered playing it. I love watching it on Twitch, though. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: Every new person that enters the staff team carries a certain level of risk. Do they perform well? How do they affect the rest of the team? Are they here to stay? I, without doubt, can reassure you that these risks are non-existent with me. I am in good contact with the current team and the rest of the community. I’ve played since the old days where Vichy was still in charge, which has ensured me that I know most that there is to know. My current weak spot, and I am completely transparent on that, is End-Game PvM knowledge. Working on it! All other aspects of the game are incredibly solid. I am confident that I hold the characteristics that make a great player; comradery, trustworthiness, honesty, and some lovable banter when the time is right. With Ataraxia improving and growing at the rate that it currently is, I foresee a great many things, continuing for a long, long time. And I’d love to be a part in that. How much free time do you have?: At a bare minimum, 4 hours per day. There might be days where it’s a bit less, but there have been, and will be many more days where my playtime session exceeds 4 hours. I am currently still in university, so exams are unfortunately still a thing. Depending on how the procrastinating monkey in my brain feels, you might see me a lot more or a lot less in the days leading up to those periods. Don't worry, I never suddenly disappear. I hate those people. Other notes: Those who know me already know this, but for those who don’t: I am direct, in a truthful way. This usually works in my favour, but in rare situations it does work against me. I know that, and I try my very best to pay attention to this. I never intend to hurt or offend anyone with what I say, but it has happened in the past. I believe some banter is great, and an absolute necessity to bond with each other. The only condition that must be met, is the presence of mutual respect. When there's no mutual respect, toxicity lurks closely. I really, really dislike toxicity. Thanks to everyone in advance for reading this, whoever you may be. And to the Staffteam, thank you in advance if this application will be taken into consideration.
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    Christ, we're really trying to give you guys a good server, one that lasts a long time. The way it was going before this update, Range would be the only viable attack style. We balanced them. As for the uproar about Decimation.. Well I wanted to keep this as a surprise for next patch.. But apparently people are quitting over an item (maybe that's why it was good to nerf it...). Decimation was made so it degrades to dust for two reasons: 1. People used it over Noxious Longbow 2. People would make money just to buy one Now where we go from here which i wanted to keep secret is: Decimation's price is lowered as well as Annihilation & Obliteration. There is an item similar to the Imbued gear added to Hazelmere that you can use on the T87 weapons for an imbued version. With slightly increased stats, this item will never degrade and never disappear. Why have we done this? As I said, too many people made money just to buy this weapon. We added Hazelmere to add an Itemsink. Being able to buy the 2nd best range weapon (arguably the best) from a Player and use it forever without giving up one item is not what we wanted. This way, the untradeable attachment that you add to the items to make them non-degradeable requires people who buy the item for Gold to actually work towards getting their Decimation/Annihilation/Obliteration imbued, and what does that require? Them to chime some items. Everything we do is to improve the future of Ataraxia, myself and the Development team are here for the long haul, we won't stop updating if you keep playing. The economy was going in a bad way, this update will help that and future updates will be tailored to help boost the longevity of Ataraxia.
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    Since the last update and the recent magic buffs, I've been using it quite a lot but quickly had to realize that it still has a far way to go until it can compete with the best in slot setups for range at almost every boss. Magic has been weak for a long time now and even with the recent buffs it still falls behind range and even melee at most bosses. I will provide information and calculations as to why magic needs a buff and what needs to be done to bring it back to its former glory. Those are the three best in slot setups, crossbow, bow, and magic. I will only compare the t90 magic setup and not the t92 here. There are two stats that need to be looked at, accuracy and damage. Accuracy: This is the easier stat to compare as you just have to read the numbers and realize what a huge difference there still is. Now I gotta admit that I'm not fully aware of the calculation Runescape makes to decide whether your hit splashes (misses) or hits but I assume that it just depends on the stat you have in your attack bonuses and on the defense of your enemy. Range comes off huge with 202 more accuracy with the crossbow and 177 more with the bow. I think this is rather easy to fix and the setup just has to be buffed by about 200 magic attack bonus. Here you are able to see both setups without their weapons/ammunition to notice that the difference does not lie in the gear itself. The difference is in the weapons and ammunition. Crossbow weapon setup Bow setup Magic setup The mainhand of the range setup has a huge accuracy bonus of 200 and 255 whereas the seismic wand only has 65. Assuming the seismic wand would be buffed onto 200 to be on par with ascension crossbow since the wand also has an offhand the whole setup would still only reach 485. Obviously, this comes from the ammunition and since (at least to my knowledge) the spell doesn't add accuracy this accuracy needs to be either put into the offhand or the mainhand. The damage: This is more complicated to calculate due to the different numbers. What comes here into play is the attack speed of the weapon and the maximum possible dmg. The crossbow attacks each 3s. The bow attacks each 2.4s. Miasmic attacks each 3.6s. After testing for a while I've found the max damage to be: Crossbow: 1506 Nox Bow: 1386 Miasmic: 1595 This is not the absolute maximum you can hit, it can probably go about 10 - 20 higher for each of those setups but I think it's close enough to draw conclusions from it. To definitely say if one setup is better than the other we need to look at the damage in contrast to the attack speed, the crossbow can do 20 attacks in 60s, the bow 25 attacks and the magic setup roughly 17 (16.66). I could've tested each setup, pvm for 30min and count how much damage each does in a 100 hits but I prefer calculating it as I do not trust this method to be a 100% accurate. Calculating it: since we know the near maximum damage and the lowest dmg (which is 1) there is the question if the game rolls freely from 1 - (your max hit) or if there is a mechanism that lets you hit more often your above average than your under average damage. I personally have the feeling that this is the case but since I have no proof, I'll do three different methods of calculating. All are calculated with the number of attacks each setup can do in 60s. 1. Calculating how much damage your maxhit can theoretically deal. Crossbow: 1506 * 20 = 30120 Nox Bow: 1386 * 25 = 34650 Miasmic: 1595 * 16.66 = 26583 2. Calculating how much damage you deal with the average damage. Crossbow: ((1506 + 1) / 2) * 20 = 15070 Nox Bow: ((1386 + 1) / 2) * 25 = 17337.5 Miasmic: ((1595 + 1) / 2) * 16.66 = 13300 3. Calculating the damage assuming all of the hits roll between average and maximum hit. Crossbow: ((((1506 + 1) / 2) + 1506) / 2) * 20 = 22595 Nox Bow: ((((1386 + 1) / 2) + 1386) / 2) * 25 = 25993.75 Miasmic: ((((1595 + 1) / 2) + 1595) / 2) * 16.66 = 19941.5 To put these numbers into a perspective, the crossbow deals 13.3% more damage than miasmic, the nox bow deals 30.35% more damage than miasmic and the nox bow deals 15% more damage than the crossbow. There needs to be said here that one calculation would've been enough to showcase the % differences but I've wanted to show all three cases to also give a perspective for the pure dps numbers. Conclusion: Accuracy It is clear that magic needs an accuracy buff. The question is how much should be added. The crossbow setup is on 552 with an attack speed of 3s, the bow is on 527 with an attack speed of 2.4. Logic suggests that the one that hits faster doesn't deserve as much accuracy as the one that attacks slower,. The bow is 0.6s faster than the crossbow and gets punished by having 25 less accuracy. Magic is 0.6s slower than the crossbow and should therefore be rewarded with 25 more accuracy. Drawing a conclusion from that leads to a final magic accuracy number of 587. (I assume in this calculation that all bosses have the same magic and range defense unless for certain bosses that want to be killed within a certain way (e.g. forms of kk, different barrow brothers at rots etc.)) Damage The damage buff is a bit more complicated but I hope that my calculations show you how necessary it is. Range can be balanced onto the 2h and 1h weapons while for magic it'll always be the same, it does not matter whether you equip a 2h weapon or a 1h, the attack speed always is the same and the spell used will not differ. This means, at least in my opinion, that magic needs to be buffed to be on par with the nox bow setup. To do this the damage needs to be increased by about 30% but its a bit trickier than just adding ~40% magic damage to it. This is because of the other factors that come into play when it comes to your max hit such as your prayer, magic level and the basic damage of the spell. I need to admit that I am not certain to know all the different factors that lead to the final max hit but what I do know is that everything is a % number and it's all multiplicative. With that we don't need to know the exact composition, we can just add 30% to magic damage number on the stat board for the bis t90 gear. the current number is at 132%, adding 30% to that means calculating: 130% * 232% = 301.6% We need to add and then subtract the 100% to each of those numbers or otherwise, it will not work: 30% * 132% = 39.6% (doesn't sound right) So the magic damage number needs to be at 201% (or 202%). Now calculating what the maximum hit with this change would be 1595 * 130% = 2073.5. I am aware of how op that must sound but its all based on math and if I've made any mistake in my calculation, please let me know and correct me. Otherwise, this change would bring magic exactly on par with range excluding some external factors I will bring in now. 1. The bow attacks faster which can be immensely helpful in situations where a) example rots, multiple enemies with relative low hp, when the enemy is at 200, 500, 1k health a 2k hit is not needed but rather a fast attack to finish him off and b) at bosses like kk which have a time window where an animation/attack makes them invincible for a short time, the bow can come off clutch and do an extra hit where magic could not. 2. If you've ever used a brew while using magic you would've noticed how much more your current magic level affects your damage while range gets far better away with it. When I used a supreme pot and then drink 2 sip of brews my magic level is down at 101 and I suddenly crit at 700 damage whereas with range I can still deal around 1k damage. 3. Magic is aoe, this can be helpful when you are doing aod with 1-2 ppl to stack the minions, stack the brothers at rots or sometimes to aoe some minions at kk. It is a nice effect but definitely nothing that makes or breaks it (unless for future bosses which I'm unaware of). Suggestion: If the dream comes true and those or similar changes were added, where should they be added? The accuracy needs to be buffed by around 237 points. It is clear that the difference lies in the weapons, so change those. Give the mainhand and the offhand the accuracy buff. For the magic damage, which needs to be increased by 69% I'd suggest take a look at tectonic. Every piece only adds 6% magic damage, which is even compared to the current state, laughable. Coming off with an only 18% addition on the magic damage when the whole setup is 132% sounds minor, to say the least. It would not be very hard to increase this to 29% each which would then include that 69% added magic damage. I hope you stayed till the end, I'm looking forward to constructive criticism and feedback. Tl;dr: Buff magic accuracy by 237 points and magic damage by 69%. Thanks for reading! edit: range strength has been buffed by 5, this should not influence the max hit too much, maybe that magic now needs to be buffed by 70% and not 69%.
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    Ataraxia Updates #14 - The Skipper Perk ("Barrows Perk") - The Drop Catcher - Tons of your ";;suggestion"s! [+] General Changes - Prices for Dagonnoth king instances have been reduced. - More metal dragons at Platinum zone instances have been added. - Platinum zone instance spawns have been overhauled. - The Blade of Nymora has been nerfed. - The adamant full helmet now requires 30 defence. - The shortcut bank commands being usable at Kalphite Queen has been disabled. - A healer has been added to ;;bp. - The Nex grab mechanic happens half as often now. - A description of each perk inside the ;;perks interface has been added. - A Grand exchange clerk at ;;dz has been added. - A General store NPC at ;;pz has been added. - The vote book reward for bonus experience stacks now instead of resetting each time you use the reward. - Rise of the Six now have a counter added to it for how many runs one has completed. Unfortunately, all previous runs are not included. - The Sirenic hauberk now degrades. - Zamorak anima core & Sirenic chaps have had their Ranged strength rebalanced. - Araxxor KC now properly shows on the Boss Kill log, as well as the added GWD2 boss KCs. - The Anima core of Zamorak has had Range strength bonuses added. - The Feather of Ma'at Vendor amount has been increased to 100k for Ironmen. - Stardust is now limited to 1000, instead of 400. - Superior PvP armor is now tradeable. - Kree'arra experience for slayer tasks has been adjusted. - Added server KC announces for Rune Dragons, Edimmu, and a few others. - The Chests from AoD now open. - Sophanem Rare drops have been altered. - Lottery will now be displayed on the task tab. - Lottery will now take slightly less tax. - Slayer tasks will now give bonus points on the 50th and 150th streaks. - Slayer tasks will now give notifcations for all bonus points received. - Supreme overload salve now gives prayer renewal effects. [+] New Perks! - The Drop Catcher - Bring the drops to you instead of you going to the drops! - The Skipper (aka "Barrows perk") - Skip the maze for barrows! Get that money! - Note: These perks are not added up to date (prices are not correct, the Drop Catcher is not added) on our store, but will be added very shortly! [+] Bug Fixes - The issue with being unable to attack Legios has been fixed. - The issue where vials to flask decanting sometimes steal your full flasks have been fixed. - The issue where one is not able to attack certain dragons in Platinum zone instances has been fixed. - The bug where multi-spells can be cast on many people in single areas has been fixed. - The abyssal demons animations have been fixed. - The cyclops GFX/animation in GWD have been fixed. - The issue where using a ball of wool on an incomplete Hydrix would make an onyx amulet has been fixed. - The issue where buying gravestones would charge the player twice has been fixed. - The bug with deironing has been fixed. - Multiple Oziachs in Edgeville has been fixed. - Using overloads greater than or equal to 99 will no longer send an announcement. - The KBD entrance now works. - "2 Aggression potions" LMS reward will now give 2 potions instead of 1 Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Apply to be a beta tester here so you can test out the next patch updates before everyone else and help ensure we crush the bugs before they, well, matter to you! - Ask the developers questions here!
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    1. What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? The ever growing community and the absolutely wonderful staff/dev team we have in place, to make this server the best home I've ever been a part of. ^_^ 2. Tag at least one other player that has made your Ataraxia experience enjoyable and tell us why! @Will @Exoz @E36 @Arachnid @Hot Milo @Nut @Nemesis @the flow just to name a few. These players and staff members have made this home the best home I've ever found for a number of reasons. They're always so helpful and kind, and tend to always have the greatest attitudes. I love being able to talk to these guys about absolutely everything and consider them my best friends on the server. Thanks for all you guys have done, bros! ^_^
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    I suggested this already and I was told its being worked on, but i'm making this post in suggestion from other player to express there opinion/concerned. My idea was to add an in game $ currency you buy and redeem in game to sell to other player or store in your bank for when new perks are being released. A perk box shop would need to be implemented where you can only spend this tokens for perks as if you were buying online. When purchasing this token you will not be awarded towards your donation total, only opening a perk box can contribute to that. For spins, spin tickets can be added to the shop or a mod+ can accept tokens and just award you the adequate amount of spins. As some player suggested this and I fully support it as it can help them slowly achieve higher price perk and keep people who already have enough perks but still want to donate keep donating. -Katana
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    Staff of the Month - January 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The Voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! Just a quick note that Staff Feedback will now be done anonymously. We want more brutal feedback. Expect that thread in the next few days. Regards, Jaedmo
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    I can not choose one person,because they all help how they can, whatever i wanna thank you all for wasting you're time on us, the server and the community.You're all great, since i've seen E36 more than the rest, i'll vote for him, but i'll also want thank personally these people, who have been around and really like to help us nubs. Uzi,Jaedmo,E36,Keenan,Andreas and Arachnid (even the last is a bit noobie he tries)
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    The interface bug So when you train a skill that requires an interface and then switch to another skill that also requires an interface if you then just press once, you will have the old interface and not the new one. Dungeoneering outfit/Master Camouflage outfit Im not sure if this causes it but if you trade the "Warped Gorajan Trailblazer outfit" you won't be able to skip doors in dungeoneering. The auto 10 thievs from Master camouflage outfit doesn't work. Runespan If you logout in runespan you will loose all your points. If you logout you also spawn on the first floor if I remember correctly. Slayer pet Slayer pet doesn't count towards skilling pet title. Makes it impossible to get 18/18 Skilling pets title. Bank problems When you double click a item in your bank usually has to be the last item on that tab expect for the first tab. You will get a random item from a other tab. https://gyazo.com/e8a6382b36a85b5a9f127229d38b2bdc Sometimes when you are in other tabs and you click on a random item you get teleported back to the first tab. (No clue why and this only happens sometimes). Portable Fletcher You can't string bows on a portable fletcher unless you have a string even with the perk. Heroes (Thieving) If you right-click and left-click fast you won't get a xp drop. Not sure if this is intentionally but it should be changed. I will add stuff to this list. S
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    Hello my fellow Ataraxians, As you all may have noticed, the end of the first Event Calendar is near.. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has helped with both participating and hosting these events. It would not have been possible without each and every one of you. I believe everything went quite well and I am extremely happy with the results. That being said, I want to get some more feedback from all of you to improve going forward. In this thread please reply to the following. 1: Would you like to see this becoming a consistent monthly occurrence? (Yes or No) 2: How can we improve going forward? (Event Suggestions/Feedback) Please keep in mind that the following changes will be made if these events do continue. 1: Lootshare for Boss Masses 2: Adjusted event times to accommodate all time zones. We hope that you all enjoyed this last month's events as much as we did! Best, Ataraxia Staff Team
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    Ataraxia Updates #15 - Off-hand T90 Imbued weapons - Ectoplasmator - New Perks in Store - Barrows Amulets - Aggression Potions added everywhere!! [+] General Changes - All seismic wands now degrade properly - Razorback gauntlets now degrade properly - Decimation now degrades properly - Hardmode Twin furies will now drop 1-3 seals - Hardmode Greg now drops 1-3 seals - Hybrid game mode is now Staff of Light instead of Chaotic Staff, hopefully this leads to some more interesting games - ;;checkcreation command, allows you to check when you created your account - Scattering ashes now counts for total bones buried - You can now check Superior PvP Armour's charges - King of the Skill accounts can no longer use Last man standing - You can now use Karil's pistol/off-hand pistol to make a Corrupted repriser - Decimation has got a new Special attack, use your Special for a whirlwind of arrows thrown at your opponent for devastating damage - Supply cache will now give 2 Aggression potions - Voting has been buffed, you now have a much higher chance of receiving the Deathtouched dart & Spins, as well as a 40% chance to get a Mystery box instead of 30% - Your Fight Kiln/Fight caves runs are now timed, this will hopefully be an Achievement feature to beat x-times when this is added to more Bosses - Books of Knowledge will now give a warning when stacking Bonus EXP time - You can no longer pick up items while Teleporting - EXP Boost will now show the expiry based on Time rather than Minutes - Bob barter and Druid have been added to the Platinum & Diamond zones - Aggression potion rewards from LMS increased substantially - Ring of Death, Amulet of Souls, Deathtouch Bracelet & Reaper necklace are now tradeable - Drop catcher now has description on ;;perks - Rax arrow drop amount has been increased from Corpse Spiders - Aggression potions added to Vote/chime shop - Blade of Nymora rebuffed, the nerf was too substantial and it has been edited to somewhere in between - Drop Catcher and the Skipper will now both be on the Store and properly functional - Removed Santa Hats from Mystery boxes - Ended the chance of a Big Christmas Present from high level PVM - Added Aggression potions to Mystery boxes - Slayer experience has been increased for creatures on task that have higher Hitpoints, hopefully this substitutes for Boss tasks - Added Hydrix bolt tips to Araxxi's drop table - Removed majority of the troll drops from NPCs, they were pointless, some were adjusted as they are still useful - Added Range strength to Reaper hood so it can compete with Sirenic mask - Khopesh of the Kharidian is now Tradeable - Added Seren stones to Diamond Zone - Added Morchella mushrooms to Slayer drop tables for Ironmen - Boosted Polypore dungeon stock - You can now chime Essences from GWD2 - Anima core pieces are now all the same prices when chiming - Morrigans weapons now sell for more chime - You can buy Proselyte and Initiate from Sir Tiffy Cashien at fally park - You are now warned when you're Away-From-Keyboard and going to be kicked for inactivity - Ectoplasmator full functionality - Barrows amulets added to skip barrows brothers - You can now only have 1 clue scroll at a time - Unholy Symbol and Iron boots added to unlimited stock in Grand exchange for Clues [+] Ectoplasmator - Ectoplasmator functions similarly to a Bonecrusher but it's for Ashes! - [+] Voting Shop Rework - The Vote shop hadn't been edited in too long! It's been revamped and hopefully encourages you all to Vote more! [+] Off-hand T90 Imbued Weapons - You can now buy the "Imbued Gear" from Hazelmere or Party pete and attach it to Off-hand T90 weaponry - This will make that piece (Imbued) boosting it's power level 07f0e2be29b5bb4e71a5f9cc342c46df.mp4 [+] Bug Fixes - 3rd Age Noxious Longbow no longer degrades to dust - All issues relating to leveling have been fixed, please notify us should you find anything - Aggression Potions now properly double with the Herbivore perk - Shift dropping an item twice will no longer destroy it - Decimation no longer turns into the noted version when degrading with perk - Morrigans Superior Jav/axe fixed Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, lare96, Xenthium & Noele - Ask the developers questions here!
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    Skilling contracts Recently, a post was created with the aim to boost GP profits from skilling. I kind of hijacked that topic with a small suggestion, and after valuable feedback from @lare96, @E36 and various others, I have decided to work on the details. This is the result. Enjoy! The purpose of what I am about to suggest is to draw more people to skilling, and to make it not “feel like a waste of time” because you’re not out there bossing and making money. Skilling should be decently rewarded, both in EXP as well as in GP. It should not be competitive with PvM and/or Slayer, but it should be brought closer. In addition, the vast supply of skilling resources (Bars, Logs, Bones etcetera) should be reduced, to make gathering these resources a thing newer players (and skillers) could do for money. Currently, the only thing for money that is non-combat is thieving. And let's be frank, it's quite shit. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see added, or perhaps even changed / removed. The addition of “The Master Skiller” Location: Home All donator zones Right click options: - Talk - Assignment/Contract - Rewards The amount of tasks a player can obtain per day is unlimited, just like with slayer. Possible Contracts: Processing tasks, such as smithing, herblore, fletching, crafting, cooking, should be way more common than gathering tasks, in order to boost a market for the supplies. I myself was thinking a 66.67% chance for processing, with a 33.33% for gathering. - Gather ... Produce (Herbs / Trees) (No other produce, nobody uses them) - Create ... (specific name) potion - Mine ... Ore - Smelt ... Bar - Smith ... Item - Cut ... Logs - Light ... Logs - Fletch ... Arrows / Bolts - Fletch ... Shortbows(u) / Shieldbows(u) -> need to find a way that this doesn’t block people with the fletching perk - Craft ... Item (dhide, molten glass, jewellery) - Fish ... Sea creatures - Cook ... Sea creatures - Make ... (Furniture name) - Catch … amount of creatures Task completion Rewards: - Base point reward: 10 - Every 10th: 25 - Every 50th: 75 - Every 100th: 125 Furthermore, when a player completes a task, EXP scaled off of players level (and gamemode) will be rewarded. Rewards from the Skilling Master - Summon me senpai ( 250 points ) Unlock Summoning tasks: When a summoning taskis received: Infuse 125 (specific) Pouches, upon completion, 50% of the used charms shall be reimbursed. Why 125? That's 5 full inventories when taking the charm, spirit shard and pouch into advance, and makes it easier to code the charm reward. This should be useful for those without the Treasure Goblin perk that for constantly fall short on charms. Not so useful for skillers that want to remain a level 3, hence the optional unlock - Aint got no time for that ( 200 points ) Block all lower tier assignments. This Blocks all assignments requiring a skill level lower than 40. - Aint got no time for that either (250 points ) Block all mid-tier assignments. This blocks all assignments requiring a skill level between 41 and 70. - Give me more! ( 400 points ) Extend all Assignments by 50%. The Assignment completion points remain the same, but all additional EXP reward increases by 50%. - 30 Access tokens ( 100 points ) These tokens will be used for the skilling zone described below. Each token will drain at a rate of one per minute, showing a similar mechanic to the Warrior Guild cyclops room. - Runespan Top Floor teleport tabs. ( 50 points each ) We all hate that walk from the Bottom floor, to where we actually want to be, right? - 100 Chimes ( 50 points ) Right, what is one of the reasons that people PvM? Chimes for days. I do not intend to make skilling as good as, or close to, PvM for chimes, but I like seeing chimes in here as one of the reasons to make these assignments worthwile. - 1000 Harmonic dust ( 150 points ) Want to get those Crystal tools, but don't have access to Priff? Or can't be bothered afking harps to get dust? There you go. New Skilling Area: Location: TBD Mechanic: Similar to the warriors guild. The Access Tokens, bought as a reward from completing assignments, are to be used for this area. They will of course be stackable and take up one inventory slot. The access tokens will automatically drain at a rate of one per minute. When you no longer have Access Tokens in your inventory, you will automatically be teleported to ;;home. Most importantly, what will this Skilling Zone include? - A farming area, containing a Tree Patch, Fruit Tree patch and 2 regular herb patches that speeds up produce growth to 0,25x RS times, as opposed to regular patches. Additionally, produce planted in these patches will not(!) be able to die. - A blood rune altar, a couple steps away from a bank chest. Perhaps with a chance of granting double blood runes? idk - A gem mining rock that does not deplete. This rock will have grant a low chance of obtaining an Uncut Onyx, and yes, an even lower chance (How does 1/20k sound?) of obtaining an Incomplete Hydrix. - A construction Dining Table spot that doesn't actually build the table. No more right-click removing! - Something for hunter -> Puro Puro impling spawns in a dedicated fenced-off area - A summoning obelisk that has a 10% chance of saving your charm when creating pouches. - A fishing spot that lets you eat the fish like fury shark would but a lower level spot like monkfish or so for not too much of a EXP boost while fully afk, until the character decides it’s time to take some rest - Trees that do not deplete, up to yew. And a couple magic trees that do deplete - A resource that awards the player with randomly given dragonhide, similar to the rocks and trees in ;;mz that award ores and logs respectively - The potion flask resource thing plus the pottery parts to turn them into potion flasks. (not the crystal flasks) While being present in this zone, Random Event NPCs will spawn at an increased rate in this, and have an increased GP reward. In the current situation, you can just ignore those NPCs and they de-spawn automatically.. They do not stop people from auto clicking etc, while they have such a great potential. As a slight rework as to their overall mechanic everywhere in the game, I suggest the following: If you ignore the NPC for more than two minutes, they will automatically teleport you to a caged area (NOT Jail) where your movement will be tracked and pinged to a Support/Mod/Admin. Perhaps to a separate staff-only discord chat, if such a thing could be synced? Two pings will be sent. 1) Player_Name has been teleported to the cage. 2) Player_Name has shown movement in the cage. Now, in order to boost the market for skilling supplies even more, I suggest a gradually implemented nerf on a bunch of PvM drops. The huge amount of resources currently being pumped into the game is near infinite, and makes them pretty much worthless. I suggest a 10% nerf per month, for the upcoming 4 or 5 months. I will aid / set up a list of all the OP supply drops. i.e. those Dragon Bones from corp.
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    I like this idea. Ideally, I'd rather scrap dailies completely since the code is a mess and redo it as "skilling slayer." Idk how you guys feel about that though But I could just keep both as well. Another idea I had was to add rare "high level" random events where you can get some goodies.
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    Hello everyone and welcome to my guide for: Nex: Angel of Death Here in this guide, we will show you the gear, combat styles, phases, and strategies for our newest Ataraxia boss! As always, my guides are always in need of improvement, and please, if you have any additional information to add, please let me know! Gear: There are two different setups to use, Range and Mage. I prefer Range, but you are more than welcome to use Mage, it is just as effective. I do not recommend doing this boss with less than 4 people, as every member will have a chance at loot and will make kills easier. Range setup: Head - Sirenic Helm/Superior Morrigan's Coif/Pernix Coif Body - Sirenic Hauberk/Superior Morrigan's Body/Pernix Body Legs - Sirenic Chaps/Superior Morrigan's Chaps/Pernix Chaps Boots - Flarefrost/Glaiven/Pernix Boots Weapon (1h) - Either Ascension w/ t70-90 repriser or Ascension w/ Vengeful Kite. I do not recommend dual asc. Weapon (2h) - Noxious Longbow/Decimation w/ Araxxi/Dark Arrows. Amulet - Farsight Blood Necklace/Blood Fury/Amulet of Souls/Farsight Necklace Ring - Ring of Death (c)/Ring of Death/Archer Ring (i) Cape - Completionist cape (t or reg)Enhanced Fire Cape/Max Cape/Ranged Kiln Cape Bolts - Ascendri/Ascension/Ruby (e) w/ Diamond (e) Gloves - Swift Gloves/Tracking Gloves/Pernix Gloves Aura - Vampyrism Aura/Sharpshooter Aura Inventory - Titan Pouch (w/ scrolls), 5 sara brew flasks, 2 restore flasks, 1 supreme/holy/overload, rest rocktails Mage setup: Head - Tectonic Mask/Superior Zuriel Hood/Virtus Mask Body - Tectonic Robe Top/Superior Zuriel Robe TopVirtus Robe Top Legs - Tectonic Robe Bottom/Superior Zuriel Robe Legs/Virtus Robe Bottom Boots - Hailfire/Ragefire/Virtus Boots Weapon (1h) - Praesul Wand w/ Imperium Core/Seismic Wand w/ Orb/Wand of the Cywir Elders w/ Orb. You can also swap the orbs with the t70-90 Rebounder or Merciless Kiteshield if you want to be more tanky. Weapon (2h) - Noxious Staff/Superior Zuriel's Staff (I haven't specifically tried this out yet) Amulet - Arcane Blood Necklace/Amulet of Souls/Reaper Necklace Ring - Ring of Death (c)/Ring of Death/Seers Ring (i) Cape - Completionist cape (t or reg)/Enhanced Fire Cape/Max Cape/Magic Kiln Cape Runes - Max Spell you can carry (recommend blood spells for Healing) Gloves - Deathtouch Bracelet/Celestial Handwraps/Spellcaster Gloves/Virtus Gloves Aura - Vampyrism Aura/Runic Accuracy Aura Inventory - Titan Pouch (w/ scrolls), 5 sara brew flasks, 2 restore flasks, 1 supreme/holy/overload, Runes, rest rocktails Where is Nex: Angel of Death Found? Outside of the normal Nex area, and there is a hidden door in the lobby. This is an instance-only boss, so only one person should make an instance, and the rest can join in. It does not cost anything to make this instance. You can also easily get here as a Diamond Donor with ;;bp command. Before joining, make sure you are bonfired as well to the maximum. This is essential. Also you can pray mage if you are new, soulsplit if you have experience. Alright we're in, now what? PLEASE spread out so that at least one person is in each corner of the arena. This will help mitigate damage from reavers at the beginning as well as avoid the icicles that come in the middle of each quadrant. Kill the reavers that spawn while keeping away from the middle of any of the quadrants, the reavers that spawn can heal Nex, and also deal 300 damage per reaver that gets through to Nex, you must kill these to move on to the next phase. Next, after the reavers are killed, continue to DPS Nex until she says: At this point you want to keep moving. Nex will drop three shadow orbs that will deal constant 300-400 damage per game tick, and you must avoid these at all cost. At about 80k health, Nex will spawn 4 amalgamation stones, kill these quickly for their respective minions to be spawned: Smoke - Fumus, Shadow - Umbra, Ice - Glacies, Blood - Cruor. The order of these minions killed will determine in what order to take out pillars later. Please take note. Minion Umbra Glacies Cruor Fumus Pillar location SE NE NW SW Please dispatch minions in this order: Fumus, Umbra, Glacies, Cruor. This will make it easier for you in the fight ahead. After the minions are dispatched, Nex gains 3 abilities: Vindicta Fire - Run to an adjacent wall opposite the direction of the smoke. Standing in the smoke will deal 150-200 damage per game tick. Smoke Pool - Ignore this mechanic, it deals minimal damage, 150 at most. Ice Prison - Spread out, free trapped players to mitigate bleed damage, DPS nex down as much as possible - please communicate if frozen, otherwise you will be hit constant 200-300s over 5 seconds if you are not freed in time. After Nex hits 25k Health: Start killing the 4 corner pillars in the same order you killed the minions (Smoke, Shadow, Ice, Blood). The previous abilities are discarded and replaced with a few deadly mechanics: Elements InstaKill - The BIG one I see everyone mess up. Nex will say in chat to one targeted player: "Nex has marked you to take the full force of the elements!" and a blue bar will appear above your head. You MUST run to the middle of the arena and stay within the blue circle or else you will be INSTAKILLED. Once the blue bar fills up, it will be replaced by a second bar. Run out of the blue circle and go to an already defeated pillar to drop an element bomb, which will hit 300s if you stand in it. DO NOT by any means leave this in the middle during the kill. Virus Crystal (Smoke Pillar) - This virus after 10-15 seconds will disable your overloads and drain prayer. Please watch out for this mechanic, as this can seriously impact DPS. Shadow Traps (Shadow Crystal) - Nex will spawn shadow traps very similar to regular mode Nex, but usually 3-4 at a time rather than an individual one. Please run from these as they will deal constant 300-400s if you stand still. Freeze (Ice Crystal) - Similar to Ice Prison, communicate if frozen, and have players free you. Blood Heal (Blood Crystal) - Allows Nex to heal. That's pretty much it. After all 4 pillars are destroyed, DPS Nex down to 0, and get your loot from the middle of the arena. Everyone will at least get one drop! That's it! You made it through an AOD kill. Usually kills will take 5-7 minutes with a good team, sometimes less. Please let us know if you have any questions, and I'll work on adding more images and gifs to the guide 🙂 -Bolin