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    Ataraxia Updates #12 - New Perks - Sophanem Slayer Dungeon - Donor Zone through Voting - LMS Hybrid Game Mode - Christmas Event!!! [+] Store Sale Rotation - All of the new perks are 10% off! Get them while they're cheaper! This includes: The Boxer, Aubury's Apprentice, Soul Siphoner & Favoured Familiars. [+] General Changes - Araxxor will now do more damage in general - Off-hand Shadow glaive, Off-hand Armadyl cbow & Dormant anima core are now sellable to Chime store - Creating an off-hand ascension crossbow counts for the achievement - Perfect ring will now notify you when doubling a drop in GWD2 - Robust glass machine is now instant - Typing ;;charges tells you the exact number of charges left on your Weapon - Green, Blue Dragons & Legione Bosses have been added to the PZ instances - You can now Sell-x to shops - You can now reset your Divine location daily limit with 15 Vis wax (once per day) - Reduced the amount of Armour patches gained in LMS. From 2 to 1 and only on the Rare table - Aggression pots have been added to the Squeal of Fortune - Players who vote 10 times in their first 48 hours of account creation will receive temporary accessibility to the Donator Zone, this expires after 7 days - You can view your current familiar details by using the hotkeys ctrl-f - Santa Hats of all kinds have been added to Mystery Boxes - You can now Spam click the bottom right herb in your invent to quickly clean them all - Ring nests have been removed from Woodcutting.. Who needs em. - You're now warned before Teleporting to Chaos Elemental - Hybrid (mage and melee) Game mode added to LMS, Range and Mage modes removed - You can now get Dwarf weed seeds from the Master Farmer - There is now an NPC at the Member's Zone that'll automatically fill your Clean herbs into your Vials of water for a cost of 10k/pot [+] Christmas Event - The same as the 2016 Christmas even with a few twists! Enjoy the same Riddles & Snowman slays without the Boss. - Talk to Santa at the event to join a SNOWBALL FIGHT - Winning team has the chance to win more Snow Energy, all types of Santa hats and more! - Losing team gets commiseration energy. - Kill bosses all around the game for the chance at a BIG CHRISTMAS PRESENT.. Then you're faced with this choice.. - A wand.. Cane.. Pet.. Or maybe the Christmas Dyed Noxious Scythe.. You decide. Merry Christmas! [+] Diamond Donator Zone - Robust Glass & Crystal Glass mining containers have been added - Stationary Portables have been added with a convenient banker - Dramen Tree and Blurite Rock added to Dz - Dream Tree & Protean bar rocks have been slightly nerfed - You can now talk to the Wise old man and pick out your new outfit, which grants an extra 15% experience when equipped - Added new Resource chest which functions similarly to the Potion Table however, gives Supreme overload salve effects [+] New Perks - $10, Aubury's Apprentice: 50% chance to save runes per spell cast - $10, Favored Familiars: No longer need Summoning scrolls to cast Familiar special attacks - $20, The Boxer: Grants you two different rewards per Mystery Box instead of just one - $15, Soul Siphoner: Makes Soulsplit 25% more effective in healing - Will be more perks in the future. Such as the Stargazer & The Skipper. Few issues with these two that are being ironed out. [+] Sophanem Slayer Dungeon - Sophanem Slayer Dungeon has been added! This is the Slayer dungeon that was brought with the Menaphos (shortly after) update on Rs3. Fight Corrupted creatures and Akhs for awesome loot. - They drop an assortment of items that you can store in the Chest or pick them up manually, your choice. - Something special about these creatures is that some of them require Slayer levels higher than 99! - For more information, you can find it all here: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Sophanem_Slayer_Dungeon - Collect Keys to the crossing for the upcoming THE MAGISTER Boss - Obviously we have no Virtual levels, so the level is done by Experience. Google: Runescape XP table to find the experience you need per level.. I could post it here but.. Effort. - Get to the dungeon through Training teleport - Slayer locations [+] Bug Fixes - Nex will no longer stop attacking after "NO ESCAPE!" - Spiritual mages now have the proper slayer requirement attached to attacking them - Fixed Zilyana & Primus safespot - Golden Karil's cbow will now properly have the Karil's effect in combat - Stopped shops losing stock even if players can't buy the item they're trying to - Pets will no longer disappear if dismissed with a full invent - Fixed Superior Morrigan's Throwing axe & Javelins trying to make 50 axes/javs. Now properly only makes 1 (Superior javs/Axes still aren't fixed, apologies) - Fixed RFD minigame having a portal to GWD2 - Vindicta - Teleporting to Member's Zone through quest tab will no longer teleport you to the old mz - Skillchompas will no longer not run out on Blurite ore - Overloads will now expire when entering LMS - Fixed Dagannoth issue.. - Diamond Zone stall will now properly stop you Thieving past a full Invent Merry Christmas Everyone! Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele & Loure (lol.) Enjoy!
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    In-Game Name: E36 Age: 25 Timezone: -08:00 Pacific Why do you want to be Support?: Since I started playing Ataraxia back in the beginning of 2017 I have continually enjoyed helping new players. I believe a strong staff team on a server is very crucial, especially when it comes to retaining a player's interest. What experience do you have?: I have been a staff support on Ataraxia in the past (before reset) and have owned/managed 3 servers of my own. I resigned as support from Ataraxia due to lack of time after my daughter was born. For work I'm a security supervisor. On a daily basis I respond to calls and resolve conflicts that are usually between two or more parties. I know how to work together as team to swiftly resolve any conflicts that arise. My overall experience has given me what it takes to be an effective staff member on this server. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I am trustworthy, fair, reliable and experienced. As support I would always act in a proper manner and treat all players equally. I would always approach conflicts between players with an unbiased opinion while remaining calm and collective. I will always go above and beyond to help players. I want to see the server thrive, and as a support I know I can bring a positive impact to Ataraxia. How much free time do you have?: I play approx. 8 hours a day, sometimes more. I am able to play at work, and at home, so my availability is pretty open. Thanks for taking the time to read my application!
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    Staff Updates 21st December 2018 @Hot Milo has rejoined us and has assumed the role as Global Moderator Milo is an experienced staff member and a very valuable member to our team. We are happy to welcome him back with open arms. @Bolinbear has been promoted to Server Support Bolin has been an active member within the community for a while now. This was a well deserved promotion and we are hopeful that he will be a good asset. Welcome and good luck. @E36 has been promoted to Server Support E36 has proved to us that he deserves to be a part of the team. He has been a helpful and active member of the community. Welcome and good luck. @C J has resigned as Game Moderator Unfortunately, CJ has decided it was his time to leave. He has been an incredible member to the team and we are grateful for his time here. Thank you for your dedication and good luck in any future endeavors. @Multiply has resigned as Global Moderator Unforunately, it was Multiply's time to go. He decided that he could not put in the time and effort that was needed. Thank you your time with us. @Gary has been demoted from Global Moderator Unfortunately, we have lost Gary due to some unfortunate circumstances. You were a model staff member during your active times here. Thank you for your time and hard work. @Opi has been demoted fromServer Support We thank you for your time and effort during your time with us. Good luck and thanks again. @Promisehas been demoted from Server Support Unfortunately, this was a short lived promotion. Thanks for your time and effort. Best, Uzi
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    I'd be glad to take on this task!
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    Magic has been buffed for KK, as well as Stab attacks.
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    Araxxor/Araxxi-Acid path Araxxor/Araxxi is an end game boss. When you loot it's corpse you can get spider leg pieces, weapon hilts(Araxxi eye, web and fang). You get random supplies and a pheromon which you can use to reset enrage on the boss. Pheromon has an effect aswell. While you have it in inventory araxxor adjusts to ur combat style, if you use range araxxor will be magic based. What gear to use: Range Best gear to use is Sirenic Armour. Pernix Armour and Superior Morrigans. As a weapon you have a lot of weapon's to choose from. You can use Decimation, Ascension crossbow and Noxious longbow. Boots: Flarefrost>Glavien boots > Pernix boots > Armadyl boots > Ranger boots Amulet: Farsight Blood Necklace > Reaper necklace >Farsight Sniper necklace > Saradomin's Hiss Ring: Ring of wealth (c) >Ring of death> Perfect ring > Archers ring (i) Gloves: Best gloves to use are Swift gloves, because they are good and free to get, and Ascencion wraps work aswell. Melee If you melee araxxor/araxxi its best to use Malevolent Armour, torva and superior vesta's It has high defences and as a weapon Drygore Mace> Noxious Scythe> Drygore Rapier>drygore longsword Boots: Emberkeen>Steadfast boots > Torva boots Amulet:Brawler's blood necklace > Amulet of Souls > Blood amulet of fury Ring: Right of wealth (c) > Ring of death>Perfect ring > Berserker ring (i) Gloves:Razorback gauntlets > Goliath gloves, because they are good and free to get. Inventory setup: Best aura to use as araxxor/araxxi is vamyrism aura, if vamp aura is on cooldown you can use poison purge. It's good to bonfire before you start the kill, becouse you will have higher hitpoints. And to Save on supplies to use overload at donator zones. Every time you do Araxxor/Araxxi they more enrage and it higher's the dmg they deal. That's why it's great to have an ely and divine spirit shield for the last fight you have to kill araxxi. Araxxor has 3 combat style: Blue leg tips = magic Green leg tips = range Red leg tips = melee How to start the kill To enter Araxyte hive u have to go under quest tab and bosses. The teleport is on the last page. When u get into the cave u have to cross the gap. After that you run south. When you get to the end click on the webbed entrance. When you start the kill you have to run east and burn the middle web. Acid path web location . When you burn the web, attack araxxor and wait till it burns down. After the web burned down you have to go further east and make Araxxor stand on the acid. While Arraxor stands on the acid he starts absorbing it, keep him there until the "absorbed" bar reaches 100%. When the counter is at 100 run up the ramp and wait till the ramp % is at 0. When the ramp % is at 0 you have to click the edge of the ramp and jump down. Click the ramp at this edge. When you jump down the ramp Araxxor heals up some of his hitpoints. To go to the last phase you have to decreas Araxxors hitpoints to 0 again.When you enter the last phase Araxxor changes its colour and Araxxi appears. When Araxxi appears use protective prayers. When you reach above 100% enrage equip your elysian or divine spirit shield and ascencion crossbow. When Araxxi gets below 1/3rd of its hitpoints she will start spawning a dark core that, if you don't dodge it, deals 250 poison damage. When you kill Araxxi you can loot it's corpse. After you loot it's corpse you can right click it and leave. What to be carefull about. While you're killing Araxxor he can shield himself with an web and it reflects half of you're damage back at you. While you're at the acid phase you need to be carefull about an acid spider minion. The minion can instakill you if you don't run away from it. Before it spawns it will tell you in chat and a message will pop up on your screen. The acid minion's range is the lenght of the ramp. The minion will spawn from this. I recieved a lot of help of Nurri with the edit of this guide, hes a great guy. If there is anything i forgot and should add to the guide please tell me down below in the comments.
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    In-Game Name: Chris Age:18 Timezone:CET (Central European Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour Why do you want to be Support?: I want to be support because i love to help new players, the community and everything about the server. i can be unprofessional sometimes but usually i ame very kind and concentrated about the game and helping other players. What experience do you have?: I have some experiance of being a support, because i have been an support on an rsps already. It had around 50-60 people and it was really fun. I have learned how to be a staff member. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: Have played this server for some time already and got a lot of information about this server. I have played a lot of rs3 and did a lot of endgame content. I ame online every day and have some experiance on this server. This is not my first 718 rsps. How much free time do you have?: I have a lot of free time. Im usually online for about 4-5 hours a day while being home. I ame at university from monday-friday and i can play ataraxia even in uni. O n weekends i ame online 10 hrs or even more. Other notes: I have played runescape for a long time and im sure i can be a good assistence to the staff team. Thank you for reading this post and have a great day :).
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    Support Application I already have a feeling/know that the support application's have probably closed by now by whilst it's still open it's worth a shot, So here goes. All template questions for the application will be highlighted in BLUE so you don't have to go through the trouble of searching for a question in a load of white text 😄 In-Game Name: Con V2 & Con Age: 22 Years young 😄 Timezone: My current timezone is GMT(English) - Yes i'm "British" Why do you want to be Support?: I'd like to be support because I have a desire to help people, it might sound sort of funny considering the position i'm applying for but ever since I started playing RS-PS's when I jump into one the first thing I do is obviously play the game but with more play time you acquire more knowledge about the game itself & then I always end up spending a great deal of my time each day answering questions that are asked in the Friends chat, So I guess I want to be able to further my help towards the server by contributing not only just with answering questions but by other things too. Also I have noticed lately that when I'm online the majority of the time there is no Support staff, Mod staff online so I imagine all of the Staff team are from different timezone's than myself so therefore I figured that by possibly having a Support position then it would open up the server to having around the clock staff online, therefore never having to worry about having staff online for if there ever was a moment where a argument broke out in the friend's chat or someone came online spamming the server with advertisements etc. Also another point being is that when a new person logs onto the server and see's a lot of player's but no Staff online it can kind of take the players interest away a little due to the fact if they need help in any kind of way at all due to being Bugged, questions, Black Screened then there's a chance that nobody will be there to help them. So the reason I would like to be Server Support is in fact to support the server. What experience do you have?: I have experience in quite a few different aspects to be fully honest, I have owned my own server's in the past with having a couple of members alongside me to form a team to further the server so therefore have had to deal with a lot of stuff ranging from donations, votes, helping people, answering questions about things to do within the server itself but also have a little bit of experience of being an Administrator of different server's. Where the most of my experience comes into play though is from moderating server's in the past and having to deal with conflicts between other members, Helping people of course & all the other stuff you have to do as a moderator, Infact I have two children one being a boy & the other being a girl so I also have a lot of experience with dealing with day to day childishness and defusing certain situations where people/children will be upset and resolving it as quick as possible. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: Well in all honesty you don't have to pick me over someone else, If someone else is better qualified for the position then by all means feel free but i'm an honest, hard working person who is committed to thing's that I have a interest in and gaming, RS-PS is one of those interests, I also see myself as being a fair & a more than approachable person. How much free time do you have?: At the moment i'm currently available on most days between 6-10 hours a day, If not more due to the fact of just recently leaving my work place and looking for another job. Other notes: - I have had 2 punishments, one being a mute & the other being jailed. These punishments was resolved & deemed unnecessary so I feel as if these should not affect my chances. Thanks for taking the time to read through my application Con
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    1. Anquish and Torment prayers: Instead of having Turmoil, Torment and Anquish in one, you should separate them, if you can't add more prayers, just replace it to prayers that no one uses for example Leech special attack and Leech energy. 2. Dying: Everytime we die, we should have to pay a penalty based on our gear (Not so expensive, just a money drain), of course if we don't pay, we have 2 options, pickup the gear in the place we died or get the money to pay (no gear degrading). (Ez new perk). 3. Misc rewards: Every X amount of actions (100-500?) you have a chance to get a reward, this could be Coins, lamps, Clue scrolls or Mboxes, this way you make sure that skillers will get gains too, not much like PvMers do, but should be decent. 4. Divination: I wish we could make Sign of life, Sign of death and these stuff that helps a lot of corse with limits because come back to live when you die is op.
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    hi i wanna report a broken clue scroll, the scrolls saids speak to ulizius wich is in canifis, but when you talk to utilizius u can't, theres no dialogue when you click to ulizius
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    As Milo stated, we're looking into tougher bosses that bring even better Weapons and Armour to grind for. These bosses will not be easy, and will require precision mechanics and teamwork to complete. That being said, there's quite a disparity between high level and mid-level PvM. The difference between someone in Bandos and someone in Torva is quite substantial. We don't want to limit those players too much. Nex and KK will be buffed.
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    Hello all, This is about 300 hours late but im D E F. IRL name is Mike. Been playing rs on and off since 2004 Moved for a job in a Nuclear Power Plant so I've got a bunch of free time and figured I'd look for an RSPS to occupy some time. Since joining I started in the novice game mode and really got into the game. I max'd novice and got 120 dung in a couple days and did some PVM. After awhile I decided it was time for something more challenging and changed to expert. That was a big step and took a couple weeks to max and get 120 dung on that game mode. After doing some more PVM I got bored again and figured it was time for something again more challenging. I'm currently playing on legendary and enjoying every minute of the grind. Server has a great community and staff and it's been nice hanging with you guys. Cheers All, Mike (D E F)
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    It'd be difficult to buff these mid-high end bosses to satisfy players. Normal mode > buy max gear > go bossing > of course it gets burnt out Ironman mode > gets t60 to get t70, t70 to get t80, t80 to get t85, t85 to get t90. These bosses are still difficult if your best in slot is only an attuned cbow / void. Chaotic longsword / tetsu. A majorty of pvmers don't even grind these top tier bosses for very long. As you'll notice the drops coming in-game. They're usually afking no food bosses for thousands of kills as opposed to the few who have 250+ nex/250+kk/etc There are achievements for the end game pvmer who really want to put the grind in to it. Final boss titles/pets/chime rewards.. I don't think a buff is required. If you're seeking a "sense of reward after achieving something" then you should probably try ironman.
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    Just posting pictures on what to do for christmas event. nothing fancy im lazy. Riddle #1 Dig Here Riddle #2 Dig Here Riddle #3 Use snowball on christmas tree Riddle #4 Get carrot from cupboard Use it on reindeer
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    I have now added it as a common LMS reward. You will get 2 aggression potions.
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    The T92 Khopesh weapon isn't in the drop table yet, but surely will be. Probably when the Magister is up. Nex: AOD is going to be tested soon. We just want to get rid of major obstacles in terms of content development before that. Telos is being developed on by myself, so is the Magister. I don't know when those will be finished, however, but I know Magister is a priority over Telos. Those are my top priorities developing right now.
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    Bolin's Support Application In-Game Name: Bolinbear (Bolin) Age: 27 Timezone: EST (GMT -5) Why do you want to be Support?: As a support, I would have more capabilities to help people and cover the gaps when we do not have staff on. It would allow people to specifically ask me questions and have a go to if they need help. Besides my time and money, I also want to be helpful with my knowledge and experience. What experience do you have?: Besides being a previous support on Ataraxia in the past, I feel my time, activity, and previous moderating experience on previous servers allows me to borrow from that and serve in this capacity well. I also serve in a real life mentor capacity at work as an assistant supervisor, and have experience with dealing with frustrated people who may not like what I have to say. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I feel like I am the most qualified candidate. I do realize I've applied twice previously, and since then I've been more active in chat, discord, and the forums, as well as actively talking to players and staff to improve the player experience. I know sometimes I come across as rude to a few people, but I'm also brutally honest, and I want to foster positivity and encourage questions. Since my previous application, I've also spent more time improving my knowledge of RS3 content, and trying my best to make things better for everyone. How much free time do you have?: I usually can spend at least 3-4 hours a day on the server, I'm more free on Sundays and Mondays when I'm not at work. Other notes: Everything aside, if I don't get picked this go around, I want to make sure that I still support the server through beta testing and with my time. You guys work hard to make the server what it is and have grown so much! I'm super happy to be offered a chance to be a part of it. -Bolin
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    All accepted. Applications are closed for now.
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    Game type: Hybrid Equipment: helm of neitiznot, ahrim's robe top, ahrim's robe, chaotic staff, amulet of fury, barrows gloves, saradomin cape, infinity boots, seers' ring (I), dragon bolts (e), (Ancients spell book) Inventory: 1 extreme magic potion (4), 1 saradomin brew (4), 1 super restore (4), chaotic crossbow, unholy book, dragon dagger, karil's leatherbody, torag's platelegs, abyssal whip, 500 death runes, 500 blood runes, 500 soul runes, 1200 water runes, rest of inventory rocktails percent chance: Replace ranged and magic boxing with this option, and make it 25%, reducing dharoks to 30%
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    I noticed the idea of having a group ironman mode added, which struck my old idea for a duo ironman mode. This mode would have to selected upon the selection of creating the account. My idea of how the dialogue upon making a new account would work is as follows Choose your game mode: > Ironman - Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Team Ironman > Team Ironman - Team Ironman, Team Hardcore Ironman - "Please enter the username of the player you would like to become paired with. NOTE: Once entered, this cannot be undone!" > Enter the name of the other account, which will have to be made at the same time. > "Waiting on second player to pair..." > Second player follows the same steps as the first player. Once both accounts have been entered and paired together, they will now be able to play. Some of the things that would now be able to be done with their partner would be dungeoneering, duo slayer tasks, using divine skilling locations, and of course trading. Team Hardcore Ironman - If one player dies then both players lose their hardcore rank, as it would not be fair for other T-HCIM players. Stats, donator status, perks, and hiscores will remain player-bound and will not be shared in any way. That being said, T-IM and T-HCIM being on the same leaderboards as regular IM and HCIM is still up for debate, as it can be argued that skills become easier with another player being able to help them instead of doing them on their own. If a separate leaderboard would be made for T-IM and T-HCIM, each player would have their own rank within the category, and not be combined with their team mate. * EDIT * I have been talking with Clumsy, and evaluated some more options for this game mode. We believe that having the experience rates set to x10, still unaffected by the well of goodwill. This allows for a more enjoyable ironman experience for you and your partner. Since the experience rate is faster than regular ironmen, I believe that the drop rate modifier should stay 20% for T-HCIM (since the risk of losing HC status is twice as high) and 12.5%, or 12% for T-IM. Donations should not be transferred to/from the account for any reason. The hiscores will be separate due to being a different experience rate. That's the first ideas that come to my mind on this topic. If you guys like this idea, let's show some support on this topic and leave some suggestions on what you think about this idea, or possible alterations to how the mode should work. Thanks for some of the ideas mentioned: @Not and @Dave
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    1. We tried to do this one time and the prayers ended up breaking so we figured it was easier tot have them all merged into just Turmoil. Maybe in the future we can give it another crack. 2. I agree, I think it'd be better if our items degraded like 10% or something when we died. 3. Random skilling NPCs sort of already do this, although I agree some lamps\mbox chances added to them would be really cool. We already get Hard clues form skilling so them giving clues would be sort of meh. 4. I hope we can do something with porters and that too, great idea.
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    When you get to high level gear, of course it goes stale after awhile that's why people leave. Currently Telos and AoD are in the works for the high end PvM players to keep them around. If you beat a boss X amount of times it becomes easy no matter what it is, and instead of being challenging it becomes tedious and time consuming. That's something that is not really "fixable" without buffing them. BUT, you've also got to realise there is ironmen who need to beat X boss to get the items to beat X boss. If we buff them so much it becomes way too stupid for an ironman to gain better gear. It's just a weird situation to try and solve. KK and Nex imo do need slight buffs. Nex would be harder if she didn't not follow normal paths, such as de-agroing you and attacking her own reavers. And KK, well. It just needs a bit of damage multiplier. Arraxor definitely doesn't need a buff, it gets progressively harder for a better chance at a drop. Just because 0% enrage is easy doesn't mean it needs a buff.
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    Congratulations on reaching the point of overpoweredness that comes with having everything Best-In-Slot. At some point, it's bound to happen once you've got the mechanics down, due to the well-known combat limitations that non-EOC has, especially when there's EOC-released items in the game. I'm against the buffing of any bosses for the following reasons: - A buff would mean, like you mentioned, a decreased availability of PvM'ing for those learning the ropes. A steeper learning curve will drive newer players away when they think they can only obtain good gear by purchasing it because they'll won't be able to get it from drops, resulting in an increased likelihood of them not sticking around very long. - What will this single buff do long-term? It might become more difficult now, but with Nex:AOD and The Magister (a bit more longterm) up ahead, there will be newer, stronger items, that will make the aforementioned bosses once again boring for you. Will you then request another buff? You'll end up in a vicious circle of releasing content and buffing all previous content "to keep things interesting for end-game players". What I could support though is a separate Hard-Mode version of those bosses in separate instances, along with perhaps an increased drop rate or something else juicy enough to make it interesting. However, that should only take place once the current projects have been finished and it can be more accurately determined what exactly is needed to fulfill your wishes.