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    Ataraxia Updates #7 - Client Fixes - King of the Skill - Chime Shop Updates - Tradeable Perk Boxes!!! [+] Store Sale Rotation - Enjoy 15% all Packages & 10% off of Charge Befriender for the next week! [+] General Changes - Alchemic Smithing now applies to Superheating ores - T90 Armour/weapons & T87 weapons will now degrade properly - Godwars Dungeon 1 drop rates have been nerfed - Protean items have been removed as the singular item from Mystery Boxes. You will now only get the Packages - Sirenic Armour now has Ranged Strength, hopefully it out dps' Void now, let us know. Working on Malev/Tectonic - Runespan Nodes now spawn more often and in more spots - Araxyte Pheromone now deletes after usage - Added Active potion timers, type ;;potions, ;;timers or ;;pots. Or simply go to your Combat Tab and right click the top left image - Daily Tasks will now properly award tasks less-.. Well, less-shit. - The Tool Leprechaun now notes Empty Buckets - Prayer Renewal expiring message will no longer be Filtered - All items in the future H'ween shop & Pumpkins have been made Untradeable. Sorry Kusiaka and others farming them 🙂 - Portables have been added to the Squeal of Fortune and the Platinum Donor Shop - Legio Spawn time has been lowered to 10 seconds from 60 - Super Compost has been added to the Donor Store [+] Portable Skilling Stations - You can receive these from Squeal of Fortune and the Plat donor shop - Portable Fletcher: 10% Extra Experience 10% chance to save logs when Fletching Unstrung Bows or Stocks 10% chance to save arrowheads/headless arrows when making Arrows 10% chance to save unf bolts/feathers when making bolts 10% chance to string two items at once when stringing bows/crossbows - Portable Forge: 10% extra experience 5% chance to create an additional bar when smelting 10% to save a bar per action - Portable Crafter: 10% extra experience 5% chance to save a gem when cutting it, excluding Onyx/Hydrix Tan hides at the same price as using the Tanner - Portable Well: Acts as a water source Provides infinite vials of water 10% extra Herblore experience 5% chance to make 2 potions - Portable Range: 21% extra experience Acts as a portable range (obv) 5% chance to create an extra piece of food - Portable Brazier: 10% extra experience 10% chance to not consume a log but still provides experience Provides the benefits of bonfiring with the best logs possible regardless of what log you use [+] King of the Skill - This is a great update that has been overshadowed by the 2xdrops weekend. - 50x Exp rate, you have 24 hours to get as many levels, experience as you can. - Every week the person who is 1st on the Hiscores will receive the King of the Skill rank on Discord & Forums and receive store credit. - The game mode works similarly to Ironmen. You're unable to trade, use GE, use Well/DXP. - Good luck, keen to see some competition, I for sure will be competing 🙂 [+] Perk Boxes - Every perk is now an item! You donate for the Perk, receive a box, redeem the box for the Perk & donation total. - It should be much easier to sell Donations now. However, anyone caught telling people to buy something then not purchasing it from them, this counts as scamming, and will not be tolerated. - Only redemption of the box will give Donation total. - We're aware of the issues with Squeal of Fortune & Ataraxia Coins, if you purchase them please message me. [+] Bug Fixes - Fixed typo with KK instance, saying Avarage not average - Fixed Mystery Box typo - Decimation now functions as a ranged weapon - Fixed total levels displaying 2596 instead of the max level: 2595 - We've made huge progress on fixing the "Death Tile". Expect a fix as soon as possible. Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, _jordan, Noele, Phippzy & Xenthium
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    Seeing Snowies diary tempted me to create one of my own. Got an overview of what goals I have in mind, as well as some silly stats. Number of Dumb Deaths - 2 Number of Dumb Deaths Refunded - 1 Current number of skilling pets - 8 Times I've wanted to kms - ∞ Times I've said hi to Dadmo (as of creating this) - 8 Current Goals 99 Thieving 99 Crafting 70 Dungeoneering 80 Runecrafting 80 Hunter Obtain Firemaking pet 80 Summoning Completed Goals 99 Woodcutting || Achieved - 24/10 92 Fletching || Achieved - 24/10 92 Firemaking || Achieved - 24/10 200 Trivia points for Agile set || Agile Set Obtained - 24/10 50 Trivia points for Guthix Halo || Guthix Halo Obtained - 24/10 Open 200 Crystal Chests || 200/200 - 25/10 The hunt for fishing pet: Bubbles || Achieved - 25/10 Working on 70 Melee stats through slayer || Achieved 25/10 99 Firemaking || Achieved - 27/10 80 Agility || Achieved - 31/10 70 Construction || Achieved - 06/11 100 vote points for Large Rune Pouch || Achieved - 08/11 Stats I shall be keeping this in text form to make it easier to update I will also be updating these once milestones are hit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attack - 77 || Constitution - 80 || Mining - 99 Strength - 71 || Agility - 99 || Smithing - 90 Defence - 71 || Herblore - 70 || Fishing - 99 Ranged - 82 || Thieving - 86 || Cooking - 99 Prayer - 92 || Crafting - 84 || Firemaking - 99 Magic - 82 || Fletching - 97 || Woodcutting - 99 Runecrafting - 71 || Slayer - 76 || Farming - 99 Construction - 70 || Hunter - 78 || Summoning - 73 Dungeoneering (Eww) - 46 || Divination - 99 || Total - 2194 Colour Legend for all goals Red = Goal not currently being working on/Taking a break Orange = Goal actively being progressed towards Blue = Current Goal Achieved Green = 99 Achieved Purple = Pet Short term/Easy goals ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base 75 Stats Dragonfire Shield Set || Melee || Range || Mage || 1 set of each Barrows armour (Excluding ROTS) || Dharok || Torag || Ahrim || Guthan || Karil || Verac || Barrows Defender Dragon Pickaxe Crystal Pickaxe Dragon Hatchet Crystal Hatchet Attuned Crystal Bow Firecape King Black Dragon Pet - Current Kills: 0 Finish Sorting Bank Colour Legend Red = Goal not currently working on/Taking a break Orange = Goal actively being progressed towards Blue = Current Goal Achieved Long Term Goals ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full Superior Void Full Bandos Full Armadyl Full Subjugation Queen Black Dragon Pet - Current Kills: 0 GWD1 Boss Pets || Graardor || K'rill || Zilyana || Kree'arra || All 3 Kiln Capes || Melee || Range || Mage || 10k Harmonic Dust 10k of each Mining/Woodcutting resources 10k Raw Rocktails Colour Legend Red = Goal not currently working on/Taking a break Orange = Goal actively being progressed towards Blue = Current Goal Achieved Current Bank ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I shall be updating this once a week Misc/Changing use Skilling Melee Magic Range Cosmetics/Skilling Outfits/Pets Potions Slayer Drops/Alchables Farming/Herb Ports Progress ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Achievements met/Interesting Moments ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've missed a lot of these, but here's some that I remembered to grab. That one time Bubbles almost died at Dagannoth Kings. Again. Cooking Pet - Ramsay Dragon Pick 99 Woodcutting Fishing Pet - Bubbles 99 Firemaking Runecrafting Pet - Rue Agility Pet - Dojo Mojo
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    In-Game Name: Promise Age: 19 Timezone: (GMT-5) Why do you want to be Support?: Truly, I've always wanted to help players, it's what I've been thriving to do(and will continue to do even if declined the support rank) for the time I've been a part of Ataraxia. What experience do you have?: Currently I don't have any experience as any role on any staff team. I feel as if I do however have plenty of experience in the community to help. I've been a part of the community since *i think* September of 2016 - when it was still Edelar - I do believe that my experience through ~2 years of playing the server in all has been a major help. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I feel as if I can provide a service to the community and to the staff team. (ignore this maybe - with being a dispatcher for a police department, which i love doing, and get to :help: police officers protect and serve their community - i feel as if my drive to help players better understand the server and better their play experience while playing) How much free time do you have?: I usually play anywhere from 5-8 hours a day. At the time of this application I've got a total of 182 hours played (with my date of creation being September 21st, that puts me at an average of 6 hours a day since then) Other notes: At the time of my application I don't have the forum post requirement; I do expect that to change within the next couple of weeks.
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    This thread will contain everything relating to the new Game Mode: King of the Skill Game Mode Restrictions - 50x Exp/0% Drop Boost - 24 Hours of Time Played before the account is banned - No Trading - No Grand Exchange - No Perks/Donations - No Well Bonuses/Double Experience Bonuses - Unable to use other Player's Divine Locations - Only Solo Dungeoneering - Only Solo Slayer - No Squeal of Fortune - No Vote Books There are Hiscores for the King of the Skill Gamemode where you can compete The person who tops the Hiscores each week/month (they will reset monthly (most likely)) will receive the following: - Individual King of the Skill Rank on Forums & Discord - $20 Store Credit to be first at the end of the week - $40 to the person who tops it at the end of the Month - Access to a Special Skilling Zone that only you can access. (This Zone is yet to be decided and will be available with media shortly) - A spot on the Hall of Fame of King of the Skill - Extreme bragging rights over all of the noobs of Ataraxia Should there be a poor number of players competing for the King of the Skill, these rewards will be altered. Hall of Fame These players proved superior over the other players of Ataraxia. Their spot will remain forever. 1. 2. 3.
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    I'm sorry to hear this and hopefully I can change you and your girlfriend's mind as I personally handled this situation. To further explain the AFK situation, I'm aware that many people do this and yes it may go unnoticed even, but the reason we have AFK training be against the rules is due to the simple fact that this can give us a notion of botting/auto clicking. I am not saying this was the case here, but as an example, if someone is found at a thieving stall completely unresponsive, but still thieving. He/She would be suspected of botting/auto clicking due to the suspicion. We have AFK Training be against the rules to simply minimize the confusion. As for this situation, your girlfriend was suspected of botting and was reported directly to me. I checked out the situation , found her to be afk, but she soon answered. I then went on to explain some rules and that was the end of that. No enforcement actions were done. Now, as for the flaming, I am truly saddened to hear this. We try our best to keep a friendly and good environment for the community as a whole. I believe we have done a good job thus far. I can assure you that we will do better in the future with handling flaming/harassment. I want to make it clear that this is not tolerated here on Ataraxia. I strongly encourage you and your girlfriend to give Ataraxia a second chance as I believe we have something great here and would hate to see you two miss out on it. Best, Uzi (Dawson)
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    In-Game Name: Opi Age: 24 Timezone: GMT Why do you want to be Support?: I believe truthfully that I can help people. Inside and outside of the gaming spectrum, this I feel is a winning trait to being a successful support, I would like to continue my elongated stay here on a professional basis, to help continue our strong comeback with some of my own individual skill-sets and general quirkiness. I would be dedicated to giving up my free time to explore ideas and brainstorming with a dynamic community such as ours on how we can engage more people in our events/advertisements furthermore enabling the less knowledgeable members of our community with the knowledge so that they may also help others; creating a brilliant environment for us all to be able to work together striving for bigger and better times! What experience do you have?: I have previously been a Support & Forums Moderator here on Ataraxia. Also had couple of moderator and 1 administrative posts on previous servers I have played with my overall 10-12 years experience with RS/RSPS. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I would be thankful at the fact I have been given this opportunity to support Ataraxia again a server/community I feel a decent passion for, which too you may sound weird but over the last 2+years it has been that I've been "here" but it's like someone said "It's a home away from home" and who wouldn't want to make their home even better if they could. How much free time do you have?: Weekdays 5-8h a day. Weekends anything up to 10-12h daily. Other notes: Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really hope I didn't bore you that much 🙂 If the colour scheme hurts your eyes please do let me know and I can change it.
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    Welcome to the first Developer Question & Answer Thread What happens here? Ask the Development team, myself, a specific developer (Noele, _jordan, Xenthium or Arham 4) a question, and they'll answer. Simple as that! No question is off limits, keep it fairly-server related though if possible. Example: @Jaedmo What are the future plans for Invention? To which i'd reply I want it. Let the questions fly. Feel free to tag the relevant person you're directing your question to 🙂
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    Order of The Ascension I. Introduction to Legiones Legiones, commonly known as Ascension Bosses. are a group of 6 Notoriously hard Bosses that are found in the Ascension dungeon. Which is located in oo'glog Monistary. There is an ascension NPC which will create your ascension crossbow with 1 of each signet, and a Dragon-crossbow. Each individual Legione drops their own signet, which will be shown below. II. Inventory & Gear Setup From Left to right, this is a gear setup, as range is going to be the most effective way to kill legione, as the further you are away from them, the less damage they will do to you. Helmet: Sirenic mask > Pernix cowl > Superior death lotus hood > Death lotus hood > Full Slayer Helmate > Armadyl helmet > Karil's coif Neck: Amulet of souls > Farsight blood necklace > Farsight sniper necklace > Saradomin's murmur > Amulet of ranging > Amulet of fury Body: Sirenic hauberk > Pernix body > Superior death lotus chestplate > Death lotus chestplate > Armadyl chestplate > Karil's top Legs: Sirenic chaps > Pernix chaps > Death lotus chaps > Armadyl plateskirt > Karil's skirt Gloves: Ascension grips > Pernix gloves > Swift gloves > Armadyl gloves Boots: Pernix boots > Glaiven boots > Armadyl boots Cape: Completionist Cape > TokHaar-Kal-Xil > Ava's alerter > Ava's accumulator > Any Skill cape > Legends Cape Ring: Archers' ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Archer ring Two-handed Weapon: Noxious longbow > Zaryte Bow > Royal Crossbow > Attuned Crystal Bow Main-hand Weapon: Ascension crossbow > Chaotic crossbow > Armadyl crossbow > Rune Crossbow Shield: Elysian spirit shield > Eagle-eye kiteshield > Armadyl buckler > Dragonfire shield (ranged) Crossbow Ammo: Ascension bolts > Royal bolts > Diamond bolts (e) > Dragon Bolts (e) > Broad-tipped bolts Aura: Vampyrism > Penance > Sharpshooter [of any Tier] III. Map of Monastery of Ascension iv. how to enter the chambers In order to kill the Legio's, you will need to kill the npcs around the boss rooms to obtain keys or purchace from other players Rorarius, Gladius, and Scutarius all drop these keys.
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    Absolutely, I'd try mirror Rs3's system and add a few changes. I'd love the preferable/blockable tasks depending on achievements (quests on rs3/osrs). As well as making it so there's task weights to eliminate shit tasks when you're 99, like it is currently. It's a big daunting task, but 100% something we need a Developer to put a good amount of time in to perfect. As we're an eco server, Slayer/pvm are essential. & We've located what causes it and have found potential solutions to it's fix. Will know more when it's tested. Fishing. When I started playing Runescape, I was 6 or 7. All I did was Fish at Karamja and talk to other people. An invent of lobsters took like 10-15 minutes. Those were the days. Fondest memories of Runescape for sure. Fishing without a care in the world. Yes, this is currently Arham's #1 task. It's a massive task but will be completely worth it. If you'd like you can ask him specific questions about it's progress. & Yes. This is 100% possible, we've received a few (hundred) suggestions to fix/add this. Will look into it in the near future.
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    Ill add my total pots made and next milestones: Pots made so far, excluding unfs as they do not count towards. So it would be double that.
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    Hello all, In an effort to maximize your enjoyment of the server and satisfy the community at the very best of our ability I would like to come to you all to see what sort of future updates you would like to see from us. We have been producing weekly updates which we hope you all have enjoyed, but we would like to incorporate the community even more with our updates. After all, these updates are all for you and your experience. Additionally, if you have already posted a server suggestion under the server suggestion section, please feel free to leave a link to the post. Please use this thread to reply to the following questions. 1: Future Update/Suggestion 2: Reasoning Thanks, Uzi (Dawson)
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    I will continue updating this thread, but as a normal ironman instead of a hardcore. I've separated the achievement tab, so you can see what I achieved while I was still hardcore. Hello everyone, I decided to make a thread dedicated to my HCIM. This will be an overview of my goals, my progress and of course my accomplishments. I will try to keep this as updated as possible throughout my journey here on Ataraxia. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playtime 275hrs ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Goals - Slayer for Sirenic Body - Chaotic Spear & Arcane Stream - Reaper Tasks for Hood & Ring of Death - 99 Divination (for larger daily divine location limit, makes hunter/farming more efficient towards maxing) As a Hardcore Ironman my goals always change, therefore I'll try my best to keep this list updated regularly. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Stats & Bank MAIN TAB SKILLING TAB unorganized HERBLORE & FARMING TAB PETS LOOT TAB POTIONS & MISC SKILLING OUTFITS & MISC COSMETICS & MISC ITEMS I DON'T USE ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Boss Log ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ports ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Accomplishments & Highlights
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    Hello everyone! My name is Faris a.k.a Genesis in-game. I am a 20 year old med school student from Bosnia(small European country). I have been playing RuneScape for almost 15 years now 🙂. I have been playing ice hockey since i was 6 years old! Other games i like to play are: Overwatch, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1, Hearthstone and Fortnite 🙂.. So that's pretty much it,just wanted to introduce myself. Cheers! 😄
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    Fight Caves: 90+ Def & Range, 50m Fight Kiln: 90+ Def & Range, 170m Discounts: If you got Summoning 99 the Kiln price decreases by 20m. Caves + Kiln, 200m (180m with 99 Summ) 3x Kiln, 425m (375m with Summ 99) + 1x Fight Caves included You can also pay with Rare Item Tokens: Caves: 1 (will give you 20m) Kiln: 2 Cave + Kiln: 3 (will give you 40m) 3x Kiln: 5 If your stats are below 90 Defense and Range pm me in-game/Discord/Forum to negotiate the price.
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    I started playing this server with my girlfriend. She is pretty new to runescape and because we don't have much time playing official server I showed her private server. We enjoyed this server so much, I teached her how skills work, how to PvM some bosses and we had really good time. She wanted to be as much efficient as possible, so I showed her what she can do while watching youtube for example, without paying too much attention to game. She mostly enjoyed to do semi-afk chaos dwarfs and divination (you probably have seen a lot of d picks drops from aurie 😄 ). I also told her that runescape, even rsps community is kinda friendly and mostly there are just a lot of trolls, but no toxic people. She was happy to hear that, cuz she have problem playing competitive games where are a lot of toxic people flaming... basically she takes everything very personal. So I though this is perfect game for her. But today some 3-4 people proved me wrong. They accused her for botting, because she trained divination while watching youtube on second screen and didn't respond to them. It's okay if youre not sure to report that to mod/admin and he will sort that, but I have no idea why they were rude to her, flaming her eventhough they couldnt be 100% sure she is botting. (btw she answered as soon as they tp her out. ) There were 3 people flaming her all the time and because she takes everything personally she started to cry and told me that this is the last time she is playing this game. I only know two names of flamers (Imodz, the flow). Also im sorry that I though Uzi was the rude one he only explained her rules about afk skilling, and did his job. Sorry for bothering you with this topic, but I really felt to share this and maybe those who flamed her should think of themselfs. Maybe she will give runescape second chance in the future, but I'm not sure if it's gonna be on this server.
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    That's honestly upsetting. We shouldn't be tolerating harrassment, let alone flaming. I highly encourage her to let a moderator or support know if this happens again, so that they can handle it. As far as the afk training goes, I think we all do it sometimes, but afk training is much different than botting. If she has any screenshots of the incident, please have her report it to staff, as we want to make sure to moderate their behavior for the future. I definitely encourage her to give the server another chance and we are trying our best to make a positive and pleasant community.
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    When we update cache in the future yeah, definitely will add them. & With RS3 there's not really a lack of content for us to work with, we'll slowly be catching up. But in the future we'll be looking at Telos, Slayer Updates such as Sophanem Dungeon and that'd bring Menaphos and Soul Altar runecrafting and heaps of new skilling methods. Something I'd love is Uncharted Isles, however, that'd be a HUGE project. There's so much to do, with our Dev team we can do it, but I don't think we'll ever have nothing to do 😛
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    You've definitely been with us for a while. Solid application, and you've definitely been active within the community. Glad to give you a shot, don't mess it up 😛 Your application has been: Accepted Welcome to the team, congratz 🙂 Regards, Jaedmo
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    1: Future Update/Suggestion - Ranged and Magic Turmoils. 2: Reasoning - Currently the ranged and magic turmoils incorporated in the regular turmoil don't boost like they should.
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    You guys are the best.
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    Here is episode two of my Hardcore(?) Ironman series. Hope you guys enjoy. The length of the videos gets progressively longer as the episodes will release, and I hope you guys enjoy longer progress videos. As always make sure to subscribe, like, and comment your suggestions for the series or possibly ideas for new content. Find episode two here - https://youtu.be/YAGrMLBUgAk Hope all of the obvious issues with episode one were fixed. Let me know of any issues you find that I may have missed. Thanks, Gary
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    Owner Jaedmo  How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Jaedmo has a love for Ataraxia and its community, and that hasn't changed since he first joined the community. His determination and dedication shows in the constant updates and interaction with us. Probably one of the best owners in terms of community interaction that I have dealt with. How can they improve?: The only thing I could really say is more online time, but seeing as he is the owner that could be tough due to other priorities. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 9/10 Administrator Uzi How has this Staff Member performed this month?: I love Uzi's dedication to not only his in-game duties, but also the forums. His content that he posts is almost always beneficial in some way, and he seems to handle a lot of the "knowledge base" information on the forums which in turn helps the community a lot. His promotion came quick, so I just hope the passion doesn't die now that he is an administrator. How can they improve?: I would say that at times Uzi seems to not notice things going on in the FC. I can understand that he is an administrator and that job should be for lower ranking staff, but sometimes he is the only staff on and the FC gets rowdy occasionally. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 8/10 Developer _jordan How has this Staff Member performed this month?: I like his interactions on Discord and how friendly he is. I do not expect a developer to interact with the community, and I feel that if they do that it is just a bonus. I would love to see them in-game more, but again I do not necessarily expect developers to be online like I expect staff to be online. How can they improve?: Log in more often, and maybe be more transparent with updates, but of course that would be up to Jaedmo I'd presume. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 7/10 Arham 4 How has this Staff Member performed this month?: For a developer Arham does login fairly often. When he does login he seems to want to help the community with questions about updates and things. It is quite hard to write a review on a developer, but I hope each of them can understand that. How can they improve?: Login more often and interact with us because you seem really open. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 7/10 Xenthium How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Do not feel it appropriate to write a review on Xenthium seeing as they haven't necessarily had the appropriate time to get settled into their position. I would however like to say good luck with the development role and I hope you do Ataraxia a great service. How can they improve?: Keep up the in-game activity and develop that content well. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: ?/10 Global Moderator Multiply How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Multiply has a meme about his activity and jokes about it with the community. Unfortunately, I would say that all jokes have a reason to exist. I do believe that Multiply deserves their position as a Global Moderator, but as a Global Moderator I expect to see much more activity both in-game as well as promoting forum activity. How can they improve?: Make more effort to get forum activity up. Post intriguing threads that promote community feedback. Log in more often and help out in the FC as well as just interacting with the community to promote healthy discussion in-game as well. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 6/10 Moderator Hot Milo How has this Staff Member performed this month?: My review of Hot Milo is probably going to be perceived as biased, and I it most likely is going to be influenced by bias because ever since I re-joined the server recently I have had friendly banter back and forth with them. I will attempt to put aside my bias though. Milo is active as far as I can tell, but they are 14 hours ahead of myself so at times it is difficult to properly assess their activity. Milo interacts with the community and helps in the FC which is always a plus, and all I can really expect from an in-game Moderator. How can they improve?: At times I can see how your interactions with the community could lead to going to far, but they very rarely do. Just remember your role and make sure to show us, the community, that you deserve your recent promotion. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 8/10 Phippzy How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Phippzy has been quite in-active from what I have been able to assess with my time zone. I am not sure which time zone they live in, but with my activity I would expect to be able to at least see them every day, but unfortunately that is not the case. I rarely see Phippzy login and when I do they rarely talk or help the FC. I am grateful for what Phippzy does with balancing of the server though. How can they improve?: Login everyday when possible, and interact with the community because we would love to interact with you. I see potential Global Moderator aspects in you, but unfortunately I feel as if you don't have the drive currently for it and I hope you find it. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 4/10 C J How has this Staff Member performed this month?: C J is sort of a middle ground for me. Since their promotion they have remained helpful when they are active. I would prefer to see them more often, but I am not going to ask a Moderator to be on constantly everyday because of course there are outside influences which can hinder that for the majority of us. How can they improve?: Promote a larger presence on the forums, so the community can better see your dedication. Your dedication certainly shows in-game, but unfortunately I do not see Global Moderator potential unless you start taking the forums and Discord more seriously. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 7/10 Support Arachnid How has this Staff Member performed this month?: Arachnid is extremely active in-game, and you can't really expect much more from a support member. They are interactive on the Discord, and I have seen them quite often helping players in the Discord as well as in the FC which I would more expect from a Moderator+. They show great potential for Ataraxia's future. How can they improve?: Please promote the forums more. I feel myself repeating this a lot with this review, but the forums are an important aspect to consider when being a support. Showing widespread dedication will only lead to good things for you Arachnid. Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: 8/10
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    1. Duo/Group Ironman 2. It would be amazing for content not only for regular players, but would also make for some cool YouTube content. I got the response that not even RS has this yet, but other RSPS's have it so maybe it is worth looking into. I think it could help bring some new players here as well.
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    I was told by a few people that I should make one of these, and even though it is extremely late I figured why not lets give it a shot. So, my name is Gary in-game and in real life and I have been with Runescape since 2002. I joined the RSPS scene likely around 2010, and have been in and out of it ever since. I played Edelar back when Vichy was the Owner and I absolutely adored the server. I became a support unexpectedly after a short period of playing Edelar and was eventually demoted by Vichy I believe because of how unexpectedly quick my promotion came. As far as previous servers I am not going to name names, but if you have played decently large servers in the past you may know me from various servers as ex-staff. I've known our beloved ruler, Jaedmo, for about six years and I knew him when he was nothing but a pup. To see where he is now is truly amazing. I am in the process of creating an Ironman (Ex-Hardcore) series based on Ataraxia and the first episode has been posted under the #youtube-videos section of the Discord, so make sure to check it out and leave feedback. (Please read the description and the post under #youtube-videos before posting feedback. Yes, I know how scuffed it is.) I am a fairly open person, so if you want to know more just PM me in-game, on the forums, or on Discord. (My Discord is Gary#1932) Thanks for taking the time to read, Gary
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    Introduction: So you want to dat void, don't ya? Then you came to the right place. I will be covering everything that you need to know about it! It's one of the best, if not the best hybrid power armour in game. :P Minigame: First of all, quickly about the minigame itself. U need 80 combat for the veteran boat (nobody does other ones). 5 players to start the minigame, 1 at the knight at the middle using 3x3 magic spells to prot the knight (burst, barrage) and everyone else killing portals as fast as possible once the portal shield drops (portal shield drop order is random). After all 4 portals have been killed game ends and u are awarded 14 points, 2x points on weekends and with minigamer perk (they stack btw), 5$ at the store! Void set: There are 6 pieces that u need to get for the void effect costing 1250 points (850 for set with 1 helm). U need to wear 4 pieces of the set to get the void effect, each of the 3 helms determines for which style u will be getting the bonuses for. Tip 1: get the void gloves for doing the Win 10 Pest Control games achievement. Upgrading: Firstly Elite Void. Take your void top and bottom and use them on the knight, 100 pts per. Next Superior Elite Void. This time u can upgrade all of your void pieces. Talk with knight (second option) to purchase void knight armour patch and use em on each of the void pieces u got (top, bottom, gloves and 3 helmets). 200 pts per patch, so 1200 pts to upgrade all of the pieces. In total u will need 2650 ( 2500 without gloves) points to purchase and upgrade your void. Tip 2: once u have it all completed do ::void to check the bonuses, should say 17.5% if everything's good :) Tip 3: void deflector is in game aswell 150 pts and can be upgraded with patches. Can be used to substitute gloves. Happy pc'ing :)