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    Staff Updates 7th August 2019 @C J has been promoted to Global Moderator CJ was promoted to Global moderator due to his valuable commitment to Ataraxia. He has shown that he is well capable of making decisions and is insanely knowledgeable of the game. Always willing to get on in a heartbeat should anyone need his help. Top bloke. Congratulations on the promotion. @imagine dat has been promoted to Game Moderator Imagine was promoted to moderator after hours and hours of slaving as a Support. Since that time he has improved a lot and has a great knowledge of the server. He consistently showed us that he is putting in heaps of effort to better himself as a person and as a staff member. Congratulations on the promotion. @Krittur has been promoted to Server Support After seeing Krittur had applied we already knew he was someone we were interested in. He is always online and helping whenever he can, and now with Support he can project that even more. I see a lot of potential with him. Congratulation on the successful application. @kevinnothell has resigned from Server Support Kevin was promoted alongside Krittur but unfortunately decided after a short ride he wasn't as keen anymore. We respected his decision to resign and appreciate all the help he has given us in the space he was there. You were very valued in the team 🙂 Best of luck in future endeavours. @E36 has resigned from Global Moderator This was inevitably going to happen at some point. Anyone that knows E personally knows he is an insanely fun, enjoyable person to talk to and get to know. I fucking love this guy. No homo. He has been by my side on here for years, from regular players in Duel Arena to side by side as staff. We witnessed the destruction of version 1 due to his hands, and yet still kept him around. I remember being on call with him for hours on end with Uzi as his kids harassed him while we trolled and messed around. Unfortunately he has run into life issues and no longer can find the time to continue being staff on the server. He is by no means quitting! Not under my watch 😛 You've done a lot for this team, and server. A lot more then people know. Much love and goodluck with real life 💗 @Witt has resigned from Game Moderator Unfortunately Witt has resigned from Moderator due to not feeling motivated to log in anymore. He decided that he would rather step down and open a position rather then wait for the flare to get back into it. He put in a lot of hours and work for us which, of course, is super appreciated. Wish you the best outside of Atar. We'd welcome you back with open arms ❤️ @Debuff was demoted from Server Support While Debuff's promotion was short-lived, he did help whenever he was online. We appreciate all that you did. Unfortunately, we decided that Debuff wasn't fit for the purpose we were after at the time. Although, that being said in future I'm sure we can revisit 🙂 Regards, Milo, Jaedmo, Uzi and Node
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    Ataraxia Updates #29 - Pets interface/Massive overhaul - Boss Updates - Teleport Interface - New Perks - A metric tonne of everything!! [+] General Changes - Evil dust Prayer XP nerfed - You can now get Evil Tree skilling contracts, if you have killed at least 100 evil trees and you have at least 70 Woodcutting OR Firemaking. You must "Talk-to" the skilling masters to unlock them - The "Activate" option on corrupted slayer helmets will no longer equip them. Instead, it'll show your current slayer task - The "Tree Hunter" perk box has been fixed (no longer acts as a lootshare shard) - You can no longer reset slayer tasks when you have 0 points - Dragon 2h has been added to Giant mole drops - Corrupt dragon longsword has been added to Chaos elemental drops - You can now do Telos reaper tasks - ;;ticket now has a cooldown - Evil tree rewards have been adjusted back to a healthy medium - Dwarf trader thieving has been added, access them through the Teleport interface - You can now type ;;hidepets to hide all pets - Runespan no longer teleports you back to the start on login - Hardmode Bosses now count towards Reaper tasks - You can now receive Rise of the Six/Barrows Reaper tasks - Gemstone dragons are now a task you can receive from Kuradal - Potion timers have been added! Please let us know if there are any potions that don't pop up with timers, ;;pots to show/hide - Telos has been added to Kuradal's boss log - Dreadnip interface will now only open should you be able to use one - Dreadnips now have an attack animation - You can now decant into 4/3/2/1 doses through Bob barter - Added Teplin Macagan near Bob barter, he will decant flasks to flasks, potions to flasks and flasks to potions - The ;;cosmetics system will now only show you the items available to override your currently equipped items - Evil potions now count towards pots made - Added Crystal chinchompa hunting along with a heap of others such as: All deadfalls, all Kebbits, butterflies [+] New Perks - $8 Dungeon Architect: Dungeon Architect allows you to create a private instance in Dungeoneering. Up to one friend may join you. - $10 Pet Trainer: Pet trainer gives you the ability to add pet perks to Boss/Skilling pets. [+] Pets, Pet Perks and New Interface - New Pet Perks: Extra Arms - Tier 1/2/3: 2%/4%/8% chance to double resources gathered from Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting. 1%/1%/0% chance to lose the item you would've gathered. Efficiency Expert - Tier 1/2/3: 2%/4%/8% chance to save a material when cutting gems, Leather-working, Cooking, Fletching or Smithing 1%/1%/0% chance to use twice the materials when creating an item - Pet Perk Removals: Executioner's Demise has been permanently removed - Pet Perk Edits: Kuradamnn - Tier 1/2/3: 3%/6%/10% extra Slayer EXP on Task 2%/5%/10% chance for a Slayer kill not to count towards your Slayer task Overloaded - Tier 1/2/3: Your combat stats cannot be reduced below 25%/20%/10% of your level when drinking brews When sipping any Overload, you receive the bonuses of a Supreme Overload salve. (Tier 3 only) You no longer take damage when drinking Overload potions - We are still working on the Pet perks, more to come, more to edit. Stay tuned. - All pets you receive can now be dropped to add to your ;;pets Interface. - Through this interface you can; Summon, Favourite, Add Perks, Remove Perks & View your awesome collection - Here's some media: - When you receive a Pet perk, you now "Redeem" it in your Inventory, this gives you a credit in that slot. - You can then add it to an Unlocked pet (you've dropped it) - When adding it to the pet, it will show all of the perks your pet has in the middle of the interface such as this: - You can also now remove your perks and chop/change as you like... HOWEVER, each removal costs you 5,000,000 gp. So don't change too much or you might go broke.. (i know you all have like 2147m shards) - Another awesome effort by Shnek, this has been a long time coming. [+] Teleport Interface - You can open this new interface through ;;teleport, ;;tp, ;;t - It should be a much easier way to navigate the game - You can click it, Teleport to it, Favourite it for easier access and it'll open back on the last tab you had open. - Thanks to Shnek for this awesome interface, will be much better than the dialogue despite all of you memorising the number order for content you always do. [+] Boss Changes Nex (Godwars Dungeon) - Nex will now place a shadow trap at the start of the shadow phase inevitably - Nex's wrath attack on death has been adjusted to 5 tiles - You can now bring all pets/familiars into Nex encounters - Nex's Blood sacrifice attack now mirrors Rs3's: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Nex/Strategies - Nex's blood sacrifice heal limits at 1500 - Nex's ice prison attack is 100% like rs now Nex: Angel of Death - AOD will now have Killcount Rise of the Six - Rise of the Six will now have Killcount Vorago - On phase 2 if you fail to damage Vorago enough and lose the weapon piece you will now only have to shoot 2 gravity fields instead of 3-4 - Fixed multiple instances of Vorago glitching the stone spawns on p4 - Fixed p5 Vorago pushing you back too fast - Killcount on pet is now fixed - Fixed Hardmode "The End" rotation - The timer to knock down the weapon piece on p2 has been increased - Fixed stones on p4 spawning in walls - Added health bar/status to Vorago, displaying: Health, Energy balls left, Bring him down progress (p2), damage required percentage (p2), waterfalls left (p4/9) - Reduced damage required to bring him down - Reduced the push multiplier on p5/10/11 - If a player disconnects with a weapon piece it will now drop it - Damage cap increased to 1500 Araxxor - Araxxor minions can now walk underneath other NPCs - Combat definitions for a few NPCs added in Acid path - Araxxor will now follow players down the path properly in p2 - Araxxor's healing on the web ability will only trigger after the animation is completed - Araxxor will no longer pull you on p2 of the acid phase - Araxxor enrage resets every day - You can now roll your loot for a chance at the Araxxi pets Telos - Teleporting away from a fight now resets your Killstreak - Telos golems can now walk underneath other NPCs - Dying in a Telos instance without starting the fight will no longer reset your streak - Anima golems will no longer be immortal and stay alive - Dreadnips are now usable on p5 - You can now properly attack Telos from every side on p5 - Fixed Telos' spawn/death position on p4/5 - Added current/max health to the Health bar - Soothsayer will now swap your orbs [+] Bug Fixes - Evil trees should no longer randomly gain health - Edited typo in "the Ataraxian" - QBD drop collection KC has been fixed - QBD completionist requirement fixed - King Black Dragon's Visage drop now properly counts towards Drop collection - Araxxor drop collection now works as intended - Telos drop collection now works as intended - Tormented demon drop collection now works as intended - Fixed Collection log not recognising drops from Armadyl's minions - QBD reaper tasks will now work properly - Evil seed player limit now displays properly - Multiple Fight kiln instance fixes to avoid nulled encounters - Fix Evil tree not clearing after all rewards have been claimed - Mithril dragons no longer drop Prayer mixes - You can no longer heal on the same tick as ::killme to avoid death - You can now customise Hooded max cape - Nex will no longer teleport into the pre-game lobby - Nylessa added to Boss pets command - You can no longer trade in LMS - Players will no longer receive no coins on some occasions when opening Mystery boxes - You can now create pins that start with 0 - T95/99 Prayers will now properly work for Tokhaar-ket-dill, QBD and Legiones - Collecting loot from Sophanem dungeon Cache will no longer collect from Telos - Fixed A BUNCH of cosmetic item overrides in ;;cosmetics, please let us know any that aren't working still - Manual decanting works better with a new system - The Cooking burn formula has been reworked, you will no longer burn a ridiculous amount of food - Corruption sigil now adds properly to the Collection log - You can now complete Trivia in Runespan [+] Coming Soon 9 0 7 G I M Enjoy guys, apologies for the delay, lots of testing required for this patch. Credits: Jaedmo, Uzi, lare96, Xenthium, Node, Armark1ng & Shnek Ask the developers questions here!
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    Player of the Month - June 2019 This Title is given to the player who has been an outstanding member of Ataraxia for the previous Month. The winner will receive this fancy Icon for the Month: Player of the Month A nice Discord rank & best of all... Access to Diamond Zone for a month.. If you're already Diamond.. Don't worry. You also get $50 Store Credit. The Staff Team has voted and the Player of the Month is: @Tabitha You've been extremely helpful in-game, answering questions and helping newer players whenever you can. We hope to see your continued support to Ataraxia! Congratulations, Kind regards, The Staff Team
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    I suppose it's technically an item, yet technically not at the same time, but the remaining skilling pets for combat skills being added would bring me GREAT JOY.
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    In-game Name: Krittur Timezone: GMT-5 (Central US) Availability: 12pm-8pm or 11pm-3am Weeknights, Anytime on weekend.
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    Hey Everyone, to anyone interested, Im looking for someone that is keen with photoshop to make me a profile picture for my forums account as well as discord account. Something with my name imagine dat in it, similar but different from Will's profile pic on discord. Make it cool and interesting, and drop your results in the comments below, winner gets a divine spirit shield from yours truly. Goodluck. (By the way, PINK theme pls <3)
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    Nice to have you here, I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
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    Most of you are probably aware of our upcoming revision update to 907, and with that I'd like to ask what small, niche or otherwise standalone items you would like to see made functional and implemented while larger, more time consuming content is in development. So, what items fit that category? Something like the Amulet of the Forsaken for example, it's obtained through the already functional Barrows minigame and doesn't require any new area or boss to be also made functional in addition to it. To sum it up, really any item which either fits into existing content or was added to RS3 on its own (not part of a larger update that isn't currently supported on Ataraxia). You may list quest items despite them being part of a larger content update. Including a link to the item's wiki page and/or any other details is greatly appreciated. Replies pertaining to items that were added to RS3 as part of a larger content update will be ignored, you can expect to see those items added as part of the entire content update they were included with. Note: Cluescroll rewards will be noted down, but don't expect to see them until a later date as we may be doing an entire cluescroll & luck rework sometime in the future. *If an item you would like to see added has already been posted, please upvote the reply so we have an indication as to what items are more requested.*
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    Unfortunately the staff team has decided against bringing you on board as a beta tester. While we acknowledge you may be of help for us, we've collectively agreed that you bring more trouble to the table than good when summarizing your past play time. You're welcome to apply again in future if you believe you've truly reformed.
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    Ataraxia Updates #28 - Account Pins - Quality of Life changes - Bug Fixes - Evil Tree perk - Updates teasers!!! [+] General Changes - You can now destroy your evil tree instance by right clicking the portal or leaving your instance after collecting your rewards - Entling can now change colours - Blade of Nymora/Avaryss are now rarer from Twin furies - Twin furies HM now deal more damage on auto attacks - Spawns of Dung monsters doubled in every room - You can now do Gargoyles in Platinum Zone instances - All players can use ;;ports to enter Ports - Supports/Moderators now have a Yell colour - Soul wars server announcement has been removed as the minigame is inactive and non-functional - You can now have 10 Presets instead of just 5 - The following potions have been added and drinkable from flask: Super Saradomin brew, Regular/Super/Supreme/ Ranging potion, Magic potion, Combat potion, Agility potion, Super zamorak brew & Every antipoison - You can now use a toolbelted pickaxe vs the Dills in Fight kiln - You can now type ;;hidepets to hide every player's pets (and your own) - The Collection log now displays the amount of an item you've received, not just that you've unlocked it - Added Papaya fruit drops to Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, Evil trees and Skilling contracts - You can now do construction with "Quick-ids", meaning you can press 1, 2, 3, 4 to build the object relevant to the number! - LMS games no longer show the Rarity of the loot, people didn't attend lower standing ones, the rewards for all will be reworked soon - You can now claim the Evil title through ;;titles, completing 100 Kills on an Evil tree unlocks this - You can now "Repair-all" at Bob, rather than repairing your items one by one, Bob will detect all of the items and Repair them at the same time - Adrenaline potions now have an effect timer before you can use another one again - ;;g1-4 now has 1.3x experience to match the Diamond zone bonus - You can no longer use Quick chat in the Friends chat - You no longer require Completing floor 50 for Completionist cape (t) - Divination teleports now display the Level alongside the Wisp Teleport [+] Account Pins - Due to the issues with Players losing their items and accounts to hackers abusing the fact they haven't changed password, we've decided to add a Pin system - The Pin system will come into action when you log on your account directly after the update, you must type a Pin, this pin is then saved to your account. - When logging in from a different IP/Mac address (from the original pin location), you will be required to enter the pin before your account is playable - If you forget your pin, you may change it and recover it within 3 days. Alternatively, you may ask a Staff member to help you reset it. - This is all for the security of your accounts, like 25% of you used Maclock, so Lare has worked on this. - It is compulsory but don't worry, you'll get used to it and it'll help keep all of your accounts secure. [+] Evil Tree Perk - Was meant to be added alongside the Evil tree release - "Tree Hunter" - $10 : - 25% More XP from Evil Tree related actions. - 2x Better chance at getting evil herbs, bark, and seeds - Free banking when fighting the Evil Tree - Free teleports to the Evil Tree [+] Bug Fixes - Evil tree should no longer randomly disappear - Evil tree instances will no longer delete when you log out - Special energy will no longer drain into the negatives - Dreadnips are no longer usable in New-old Dung - Rune pouch can now use all spells with runes in the pouch, before a few didn't work - Superior ports gear is now repairable as it should be - When switching gamemode you no longer lose your Tool-belted Tools - Guards in Varrock are now Pickpocketable - You can now eat Kebabs - Fixed issue with a Shop overriding existing ones - You can no longer attack Kuradal's Slayer monsters off-task - Kalphite King minions will now disappear on death of KK - You can no longer enter LMS on a brand new acc.. (Before tutorial) - Muspah slayer has been fixed - Auras no longer reset when entering LMS - Fixed players having attack options after exiting a LMS game - Fixed the issues coinciding with Barrows/Telos/Sophanem and claiming the same stuff/abandoning - You can now jump the Stepping stones in Kharazi - You can no longer bypass NPC requirements such as Slayer level/Slayer task using Aggression potions - The Dungeoneering shop at home that you can buy Keepsake-able gear from has been fixed - You can no longer trade ^ that armour - Evil Dust is no longer dropped by monsters/sold in shops - ;;G1-4 rate of catching fixed - Gamemode titles now work properly for Ironman modes [+] Coming Soon Oh we also have new client loading backgrounds: https://imgur.com/a/iRYv2VI (Can't post them all) Not a huge update, but this past fortnight has done wonders for our productivity. We've now got a great system to focus on the important things and we'll be implementing this system in patches to come. Credits: Jaedmo, lare96, Xenthium & Shnek Ask the developers questions here!