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    The post's text has been made smaller. Please let me know if the new size is reasonably sized now, thank you.
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    On my phone it looks fine but I will edit the text to be smaller when I'm able. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I use a TV as a monitor so it's hard to judge that kind of stuff.
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    pls can you make the text 72 or more cuz people are blind.
  7. Wait this is a thing?

  8. Welcome to the server and forums! Hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to say hey in game 😄!
  9. Welcome, I can relate to the assassin rogue type characters. I hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to meeting you in-game!
  10. Not much to say about me other than that I like punk rock music and usually like rogue, assassin, ranger, ninja characters in my games.
  11. i have been using blood barrage and i have spend over 300k blood/death runes and about 150k soul runes, right now i am 96m magic xp away and out of blood/death runes so about 400k in total hopefully
  12. If Naruto is so good why is it one of the lowest anime watched by people over the age of 8 seriously if Naruto is the garbage my kids are gonna have to watch I am gonna start recording power rangers and ninja turtles for them !
  13. You still don't reach the requirements. But I'm happy to overlook it. Your application has been: Accepted You're extremely active and helpful, polite and overall a great candidate. Glad you're not going away for a month this time. Congratulations, Jaedmo
  14. In-Game Name: Couchy Age: 19 (20 in 5 Days) Timezone: Australia Eastern Daylight Time ( GMT+11 ) Why do you want to be Support?: Being a representative of the staff for Ataraxia is always something i have appreciated, and I understand the commitments and responsibility it entails. Being able to represent the staff team on Ataraxia has always been meaningful to me, it is not something to be taken for granted. A place within the staff team puts me in a position to push further evolution of the server. As a Support I would placed in a mediator position to ensure clear accountability and communication for both the staff team and the player base. I want to be Support so that i can represent Ataraxia and it's community, and have deep contribution towards its future development.. both in content and player base. What experience do you have? Before the reset of the server, I was an active player moderator and before a support before that. I have been a support for this server twice, initially resigning from the role due to unfortunate real life circumstances, and the second time I was demoted from the role of a player moderator as the server reset was initiated. (however i was inactive at the time due to work commitments (to get the job i'm currently in). I have a deep knowledge of the game and It's always something i'm looking to improve. Why should you pick me over someone else? I feel that my timezone is in an effective place and I understand the responsibility of the role. I believe I am generally more active than the average player, and I am always willing to go out of my way to assist anyone who needs it. I work hard to be patient, empathetic and accountable as a player, and I can definitely transfer these skills directly into a support role. How much free time do you have? At the moment I am reducing my extra curricular commitments outside of the workplace, I am a musician and play occasional gigs on Friday and Saturday nights (1-2 times a month), and currently work five five-hour days a week (Monday -Friday) and I am happy to advise the exact times privately. Outside of this time frame, unless I am doing personal things (family events, gym etc...) I have the ability to get online and play. During my work hours I will have access to the forums and discord at virtually any time, so in reality I am almost 100% accessible unless I am asleep. Other Notes: I always work hard to create strong bonds with each member of the community, and to contradict what I noted on my previous application.. I now feel completely comfortable with the player base. I believe I've cemented myself as a part of the player base now and I strongly feel I am ready for the next step. Thank you 🙂
  15. +1 from me, can see you being a great support
  16. Best of luck with your application. +1 from me, you're always helpful and easily approachable when you're online
  17. In-Game Name: Perfect Age: 22 Timezone: US Central (CT -6)Why do you want to be Support?: I like to challenge myself and genuinely enjoying helping people so I feel like it would be a great opportunity to push myself and keep learning new things in the process! What experience do you have?: None in the aspect of being staff on servers. I've been an assistant manager and manager in real life jobs though so I know what it takes to be apart of a staff team. I also made my very first Runescape account in 2007 and have continued to play over the years sticking to RS3 so I know quite a bit about the content evolving it and around it! Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I do my very best and go out of my way to help when someone needs it! I believe fully in myself that I could fit the role needed and be the best I could be while continuing to build relations with the community on the server and helping it grow and expand into one of the top servers I personally feel like it should be especially with the amazing content the dev team keeps pumping out. How much free time do you have?: Typically I have 8-12 hours during the weekdays when I'm not working and I don't work at all on the weekends so all day and night during that time!Other notes: I currently have 346 hours of in game time, I made my forum account a bit after I made my in game account and although I don't think I have the post count I've been pretty active on the forums ever since I created my account! Accept or decline thank you for taking the time to read over my app!
  18. 320 episodes of filler is more anime in filler than ive watched in total yikes
  19. It has like a 50% filler rate give or take a little! There's 220 in Naruto and 500 in Shippuden so 720 total so no you only need to skip like 360 episodes 😂
  20. I'm considering doing this for some magic xp aswell. What spell & how many runes have you used?
  21. Princess Mononoke is definitely one of my favorite Ghibli films! And I agree lol everyone knows Naruto at this point zzz
  22. so 10 eps out of 10948875487586943?
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