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  2. In-game Name: Krittur Timezone: GMT-5 (Central US) Availability: 12pm-8pm or 11pm-3am Weeknights, Anytime on weekend.
  3. Post your applications here.
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  5. Nice to see that finally a light has been shown on these problems publicly. Be nice to see everything once its done, good luck
  6. Staff Updates 14th July 2019 I know, I know, the post is long overdue. Please don't slaughter me. @Uzi has been promoted to Co Owner This shouldn't come a surprise to anyone, Uzi has been here since the relaunch and has sacrificed a lot of time to help, whether that's players, Staff and Developers. He is, and always will be a model for what staff should be. So congrats on the promotion, you deserve it. @Node has been promoted to Administrator Node is a great help to Ataraxia, he is our System Admin but yet does more work than a system admin should, all for no reason other than to help us out. So with that he was promoted to Administrator. Great to have you back on the team Node! @Kirito has been promoted to Global Moderator Kirito has proven time and time again how valuable he is as a staff member and player. He has constantly gone out of his way to come up with new ideas, leading projects that are BTS and still hanging out in-game actively. Incredibly grateful to have him on the team. Congratulations on the promotion Kiri, you deserve it. @C J has been promoted to Game Moderator CJ has returned as a Moderator. He was an insanely good Moderator when he left so I'm sure you will all see him around and get to know him if you haven't already. Welcome back to the team CJ, it's good to have you back. @Sandy (Swish) has been promoted to Server Support Sandy is a loyal player to Ataraxia and very, very knowledgable and friendly. We offered this position to him and thankfully he agreed. We are happy to welcome him to the team with open arms. Congratulations! @Nemesis has resigned from Administrator I know a few of you are aware of Nemesis' sudden resignation. Unfortunately there was a problem within the staff team that went unrecognised for a period of time which eventually led to a situation which caused Nem to decide to leave the staff team. He was an incredibly active, community driven Admin and it's a shame that this is the way it went. Thank you for all you did, and all the great banter within the staff team. I wish you the best in your future endeavours for whatever it is you are doing from now onwards. Much love. ❤️ @Benny Mulder was demoted from Game Moderator Benny was a great staff, very community driven. Unfortunately certain events piled up which led us to demote him. Thank you for all you did during your time with us. It never went unnoticed. Regards, Milo, Jaedmo, Uzi and Node
  7. when does the poll close for sotm/potm and how is potm chosen?
  8. Sad days indeed, he will be missed. On the other note, looking forward to these qol updates and fixes though.
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  10. Sad to see you go Arham. No mentions of Nemesis though?🤔
  11. Thank you for your commitment and hard work Arham, fantastic dev. Good luck with whatever you go on to do next 🙂
  12. Best of luck on your future endeavours @arham 4 you'll b missed hammy
  13. A lot coming our way for Ataraxia bois stay tuned.
  14. Quite a big announcement coming.. So enjoy the read: Over the past few weeks it has become apparent that the future of Ataraxia rests on the next month. The Development team, Administrators and I have been discussing the options for the future. We know that you all want Group Ironman, and don't worry, you will get it. However, the server just isn't in the place that I/we want it to be for that release. I plan on making the GIM release huge, YouTubers, Advertisements etc. I want it to be the biggest we've had, not many servers have GIM and especially not a 718. I know it'll bring players back, I know it'll bring a tonne more traffic. Simply put, the server isn't ready for it. There's been so many underlying issues in the base code of Ataraxia that have been overlooked by myself and the Developers (to my direction). I decided early on that we can just add content and the playerbase will increase, as it has. But it's not good enough. There's so many issues that we need to fix before I'm ready to invest a few thousand into the Advertising of GIM. The server needs to be capable and ready to handle the traffic we will receive. There's so many bugs that have been hanging around for months, and it's about time we tackle them. We have a steady playerbase & Runelocus rank and I appreciate all of you maintaining that. Over the next few weeks, the Development team's focus will be on improving the base game of Ataraxia, ensuring that all issues are ironed out. This will include: - Fixing bugs that have been extremely long standing - Reworking the Pet perk system to be handled better - Reworking a few Store prices and Perks - Reworking Skills that aren't amazingly coded (Hunter, Divination etc) - Reworking Instances - Getting a new Website & Theme, reworking the Hiscores & Store layout - Reworking Bosses that are dodgy, coded by external people (Nex, Kalphite King, RotS, Vorago, Rax) - Rebalancing the combat on Ataraxia to ensure it's not too "easy", I attempted to make it easier towards the beginning of Ataraxia, however, I overdid it, E36 will be attempting to balance the combat system once more - Virtual levels (not really a bug but, would be cool right?) What does this mean in the short run? Well, this may not mean consistent patches. Bugs will be hotfixed to the game in chunks and there won't be designated patch days/notes. Instead it'll be a collation of all Bugs fixed over a certain period. You won't be receiving new content for a few weeks. Don't worry, we have so much stuff lined up for after this, we just have to focus on making the game a better place. I want Ataraxia to last years, and the way we're going is just overloading the server when it can't handle it. This is a good thing, stick with us and you won't regret it. ----- Now, on a less-positive note. Unfortunately, Arham has decided to resign from his position of Development Manager. With most things in life, you lose motivation. Arham has sadly lost the spark that used to drive him for Ataraxia. It's not a bad thing, these things happen, Arham will still be around and he'll still impact the way Ataraxia continues, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Arham has been with us from the beginning of Ataraxia, when he received a message from Noele asking him to join. This was without a guarantee of money, throwing him into a terribly-coded source, making him work with someone he didn't know (me) and he did it. And holy fuck am I glad he did. Ataraxia wouldn't be here without Arham, the pure intelligence and positivity he brought to the Development team was unparalleled. His efforts over the past 10 months have been incredible. The success of Ataraxia truly lays on Arham's shoulders and that's without over-exaggeration. I thank him so much for everything he has done for Ataraxia and me. He's an incredible Developer and person and I'm so glad I met him. This kid has more potential than all of us, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. He's smart, kind, intuitive, trustworthy and overall a top class person. I have no doubts that he is going to go on and do something great. And it'll be a proud moment knowing that I worked with him once upon a time. Thank-you for everything Hammy, Ataraxia is always here for you, as am I Jaedmo
  15. Unfortantly i only play ironman so, yeah cant do that
  16. Just now seeing this, but nice guide bro. Will be helpful for people not accustomed to this boss. Well done!
  17. Just a idea for donating like have payment wall for people that cannot use paypal, like myself...that bought Vape Stuff and got banned for supposly breaking there TOS ahha
  18. Update looks absolutely beautiful!
  19. Ataraxia Updates #27 - Evil Trees Skilling DND - Dungeoneering - New Account Interface - Rare Item Token Store Rotation - Voting Fixed - Presets & Bank QOL!!! Once again, screenshots aren't working, Pls click Gyazos i try hard when I write these and I'll know if you didn't click them. Edit: POG I GOT THEM WORKING [+] General Changes - Dreadnip stuns no longer stack, the stun will apply for the first person to use it. You can no longer perma-stun late-game bosses - Corrupted ore now stops smelting after 60 ores, rather than the previous 28 - Greater Berserker aura now gives 15% boost - Drop catcher changes and Construction changes from the previous update have been removed due to popular demand - 100m Experience announcement has been removed, it is rather pointless with the 120 announcement so soon after - Telos enrage leaderboard now shows the player's KC - Barrows amulets now automatically activate if you choose to enable the effect - Novice experience announcements have been removed from announcements - Zaros Godsword special attack now requires 60% energy rather than 80% - Sirenic's defence is now better than Refined anima core of Zamorak - Giant mole has been added to Boss teleports - When examining a Player you will now be able to see their Game mode - A variety of Herblore secondaries have been added to Unlimited on Grand Exchange - Duo-rax is once again functioning, you can now tackle the Spider with a friend! - Adrenaline potions have been nerfed - You can now click the Golden ticket received from LMS for a 1/999 chance at a Black Santa hat, 1/998 chance at a Christmas cracker. You have approximately 25% chance to receive 5 Mystery boxes and a 74% chance to receive 2. Don't quote the math - You can now repair Refined anima core with the relevant essences - Many potion combinations have been added, too many to list - Ectoplasmator now has a cap of 10,000 charges instead of 5,000 - Telos enrage multiplier has been drastically reduced in relation to Rewards, we're aware that too many weapons have come from this and I know a sink that'll work, which will come next update [+] Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion - Will spawn every 4 hours - You can 'fast travel' to the tree's location by typing ;;eviltree or speaking with the Evil Tree Hunter at ;;home - Join someone's Evil Tree instance by talking to the Evil Tree Hunter at home. Start an instance using a new item obtained as a drop from the trees - Adds new training methods for Firemaking, Woodcutting, Farming, and Herblore - New potions, 1 of which can be used for Farming, Firemaking, and Woodcutting training - New perk 'Tree Hunter' - New pet 'Entling' [+] Tier 92 Weapon Edits - You can now Dye all T92 weapons to receive their coloured variants - These dyed versions share the same Bonuses as the uncoloured version - T92 weapons now all degrade to a broken state, you can repair them at Bob for a hefty amount of GP - The Seren Godbow's special attack has been edited.. Well, nerfed slightly, while we realize it's the best bow in the game, the maximum accumulative damage of all arrows was far too high. Not wanting to give it a flat nerf, we decided on having your maximum hit reduce by 10% for each arrow fired. I.E first arrow can do 100% damage, second 90%, third 80% etc... [+] Preset Interface and Bank QOL - Look, it's clear Shnek deserved Developer of the month, and you guys should thank him for this! About time we got it - Firstly, you are now able to set custom removal amounts through the "1x" button - You can set a quantity and 1 click on an item will remove than many from your bank - This should make Herblore, Farm runs, whatever else you kids do for fun easier! - Preset interface! - On the screenshot above you can see a Button on your bank that looks like a Box and has a + next to it - You can click this to open this interface above, in which you can set and save different presets for whatever you would like to do - Uses of this would be Bossing/Slayer setups and it allows a quick transition between the load-outs! - This has been a suggestion for about 3 years, and finally we have someone capable, Great job by Shnek! [+] Tune-able Max Guild Combat Portal - You can now tune the combat portal in the Max guild to a wide range of bosses and slayer monsters. - Diamond+ members can use the portal free of charge and no cooldown will be applied. - This is a thing on Runescape 3 and Xenthium did a great job adding it, while many of you may use the Platinum instances/;;bp, this should add some nice QOL for those who aren't Platinum/Diamond! [+] Starter Interface - This was added last patch however, I don't know why I missed it...! - Shnek added this interface for new accounts! [+] Collection Log Edits - Collection log bugs have been fixed such as: - Gregorovic & Vindicta and Gorvek not counting drops - Araxxor & Twin furies Killcount fixed - Vorago & QBD added - All 6 Legione bosses added - Rune Dragons added [+] Rare Item Token Rotation - Captain Deathbeard makes a return along with some pretty cool animation-changing items, take a look: - Thanks to Uzi again for this! Genuinely have no idea how he finds these awesome items. [+] Voting Update - Votes have been reverted back to the original state, Runelocus you receive 2 points, the other 3 you receive 1 per. - Voting was a long task, and luckily we have such a dedicated Admin, Node. - He worked for over a week on the Voting issues and finally, I can confidently say, it's fixed. - You will now receive your Votes and Vote rewards from every available site! We have removed one, unfortunately, but their system was outdated which resulted in your Votes not counting. - Also it's the start of the month, vote. [+] Dungeoneering - We recently polled whether or not you guys want Old Dungeoneering, or New, or both. The result of the poll was a vast majority asking for both. - Unfortunately, new Dungeoneering's issues still aren't resolved, however, in the meantime, you can do the new-old Dungeoneering by typing ;;dung - You go room to room, killing 20 creatures in each and the further you go the more experience and tokens you receive - For obvious reasons, Aggression pots have been disabled in this Dungeoneering - The good thing is, you can use your own gear, rather than Primal etc. - As such, Dungeoneering items have been removed from the Vote shop, Dungeoneering requirements have been re-added to Max Cape and Completionist cape - It's not ideal, but it will have to do while we do extensive testing on Full Dungeoneering. It's not worth the issues at this point. [+] Bug Fixes - Players who are Jailed and AFK are no longer sent to Bob and leave jail - Sayln the Shark is no longer tradeable - Prayer renewal now properly says 6-12 instead of 5-10 - Corrupted scorpions now properly drop noted gems rather than un-noted - Telos no longer drains your special attack lower than 0% - You can no longer use ZGS spec at 50% energy despite it requiring 80% - You can no longer use Quick prayers to enable protection prayers in LMS - Anima core of Zamorak legs bonuses fixed - Dyed T92 weapons special attack now works - When examining a player it now properly shows their Time played - Zaros Godsword attack options reworked, it should hit as fast as and be as effective as a Scythe, but better obviously - You can no longer use T99 prayers in LMS - Fish barrel no longer gives cooked food Oh we also have a new client background: Credits: Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, Xenthium & Shnek Ask the developers questions here!
  20. Thanks to all who took some time to give us some feedback. The 3 winners are: @Morty @Will @Empi Please message an admin + to be awarded. Best, Uzi
  21. Staff of the Month - June 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new golden Discord rank for the month. and to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! Kind regards, Nemesis
  22. Hello letspk, I really like the fact you put so much time into your thought process and what you think might better the server. We do have a discord with different sections on it like polling, suggestions, and update teasers. I was wondering what would be different if we implemented your idea? In the suggestions section players are free to suggest anything and everything they want added. The developers, owner, and admins all make sure they read the suggestions whenever they're posted. We try to implement any player suggestion that is doable and wouldn't break the game mechanics. We also have polling, which is where we ask you, the player, what we should focus on as a team. This is where the player has the biggest say in what we should be doing to better Ataraxia as a whole. You guys as the players steer the development team in the direction you all want it to go. If you guys do or don't want something added you can vote on it there. We also poll changes to existing content as well there. Great hearing from you, Kirito
  23. Ok this might not be well liked or it may be loved but ithink that the servers updates and such should be based on what the players want, heres how i see it working we have one person that looks at peoples suggestions for updates fixes or changes and sees what players on the forums think about it and than they make a ople with the ideas and sees if the ideas are like by most of the server, if theres a problem where its 50/50 or if there are 4 ways that it should be done the person who is in charge of this would look through them and try to make a combinations of some parts that all sides like and see how the community thinks of the combination idea. The reason that im sudjestion this is bec we were talking about a update that happend last patch and people started talking up on how it feels like that when they put in the sudjestion no one really pays any attition to it and tbh i dont think that is a thing that should be happening the community should be able to have more of a pull on what updates and things happen im not saying let the players rule the server but to do this so people can get their ideas heard and it would prolly help get more players when they find out that a server owner/ staff team is taking their community ideas. Also if the person who would be in charge of this could be argueing ideas with players to get a better understanding of what everyone wants. If this idea is a good one and you guys would like it make sure to let the staff and owners know. if it goes through i would like to be a possible canadate for this if at all possible thanks everyone for reading this long idea. have fun and goodluck on your gains. Letspk
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