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  2. It will be on live server when the next update comes out. That, along with the many other updates above.
  3. still need the req lvl for it
  4. Thank you, everyday is a learning day no matter the player, and I hope to be as good as you was senpai ❤️
  5. When I first met you, you came off very approachable and overall pretty awesome. And you have a good idea of how the server works, the players in it and all the METAS for everything. +1 from me.
  6. Thank you for your support much appreciated, the activity will remain 😄
  7. Updated 19/11/19 - decimation price lowered - removed t90 and 80 defender - Lowered virtus price - lowered offhand glaive price Thanks for the feedback everyone
  8. Best of luck. If you maintain your activity I can get behind this
  9. Can’t support sorry. I rarely see you actually help other than just memeing urself and getting muted. Maybe take some initiative instead of just be “willing”
  10. Yesterday
  11. In-game name: Loure Timezone: UTC−06:00 (Central Time USA) Why do you want to be Support?: I want to become a support because i'm driven to provide nothing but top quality assistance you can wish for. Seeing that as i'm online everyday and active throughout the platforms that Ataraxia is connected to, I can prove how effective I can manage this community with professional acts of judgement on handling situations and giving players top of the line help. I can promise a professional attitude, and a mature scene when necessary. I may seem (unprofessional) at some points but I feel as I have shown my professional capabilities, I'm willing to do nothing but provide that assistance that you're looking for. I understand what's expected of the outcome if i were to be picked, I'll show my gratitude to all.(edited) What experience do you have?: As a previous "Ex-Staff" as you will, I've been selected to be a staff on Ataraxia a year ago. Also in my history,I've become a Moderator on a server long time ago with hundreds of players. As a previous staff member, I learned a lot of how to be a PROPER staff member, I definitely showed that part of me last time I helped out. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I have played the server for a fair amount of time, and with the knowledge I've collected over the years on this source, i am willing to share the help people are looking for. I'm willing to put more effort into making guides for new players so they can enjoy the server, as much as i have for the past 3 odd years. With my readiness to help and assist the Staff team in some quiet times, it will help the community gradually if i were there to be consecutively helping out everyone in the community. If i were to be nominated, I will be online everyday, and slowly work on guides that players are in need of, and make special organized events for the community to enjoy. How much free time do you have?: I can play up to 60 hours a week, majority of my time is afterschool and the weekends. I play from morning > to night on weekends. I play for about 6 hours after school which would be 4 P.M to 10 P.M Other notes: Yes, I've been punished for being immature and did bad things such as abused a bug, It was obviously was wrong for what I've done, but i have been following the rules and been more easy on how i act. I am sorry for all the rule breaking activity I've done and to annoy some people, I assure it will not happen. I understand, it's more a waste of time to apply - but i feel if i can have this opportunity to prove that i can am capable of doing the responsibilities you wish another player can do.
  12. Absolute mad lad. I love the 0 damage from teleport nulling, shows you just how lucky you were to escape with how many hitsplats you get. Thanks for putting in all the work Arham. Really makes me happy to see when our feedback is taken into consideration. This will be a very nice update once all this goes live!
  13. Love these updates, little quality of life updates like this is what puts servers above the rest.
  14. I have added all of these. Now, the teleport nulling damage suggestion was a hard task, and I'm not sure if it will work 100%. For about 95% of my test cases, they had it where the HP was not affected but it showed the hits. The other 5% was the HP being affected and showing the hits. I haven't had a single test case where I was successfully able to make these hits not appear, but they do appear to not *actually* damage the player. I hope we can find a better solution to this. It's sort of a complex task. EDIT: Take 2, did some changes and instead made it make the damage to 0. Perhaps a better result now? (3 more Grenwalls were added too) Here are pictures/GIFs of some more: Clicking pass-through will put you to the outside of the QBD portal entrance.
  15. I'm in love with this! Make PVM great again!
  16. Well color me impressed. Great job! Concise, easy to read!
  17. Perk Name: Instance Upgrader Perk benefits: Upgrades the instance portal in plat zone to include higher tier bosses and more slayer creatures. (Maybe make one in home/dz?). Perk price: 10-20$ depending on what will get added. Would you buy it?: Yes. Perk Name: Dungeon Diver. Perk benefits: The ability to make puzzle rooms skippable and 1-2 skill rooms skippable per dungeon. Perk price: 10$ Would you buy it?: Yes
  18. SomMC

    Slayer Guide

    Very nice and much useful when trying to quickly find slayer monsters. Thanks 🙂
  19. Very brief and simple guide which makes it easy to read, good job and i hope to see improvements to make this a pinned topic 🙂
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